A/N: Hello, everyone! The story goes on, this time it's about Remus and Hermione's son, Darien Fenrir Lupin. In this chapter, it's all a dream at the moment. I'm still working on the first chapter so be patient with me. But for now, read the Prologue.


It was dark all around him. He couldn't see outside the beam of light over him. Just blackness. A void of darkness nothing. He turned slowly in every direction to see what there was. His dark brown hair fell over his multicolored eyes as he turned. His heart was beating rapidly against his chest. He didn't know what it was but he was scared of something. But what?

He turned again finally facing a dark hooded figure. He gasped softly stepping back. He didn't know this person. He had never seen him before in his dreams. He had dreamed several things but this one……it felt more real and terrifying. He could feel a eerie aura coming from this hooded figure. Something was not good about it.

He backed away as much as he could as the figure came closer and closer. Only stopping outside the ring of light. He could see the wicked blue eyes glaring at him. He couldn't see anything else but those cruel blue eyes. "Your sanctuary will not keep me away forever, Lupin." That hiss snaked out of the harsh lips.

The boy shook his head as he felt his heart grew heavier. His skin prickled as he felt a coldness fall upon him. He shivered just staring at those eyes. "Stay away from me! Don't come near me!" He demanded. The hooded figure laughed wickedly. A hand rose and reached for him.

When the light touched the hand, it showed the creature's true form, but only by the hand. It was a bony hand of a skeleton. He pressed his back against the invisible wall behind him. He could not go through the line into the darkness. He shook his head fearfully. "N-no! Stay back!" He begged. The skeletal hand stopped only inches from his face then pointed up with one finger.

His amber-blue eyes slowly followed and fell upon a silver white orb slowly peeping behind the clouds. Then pain filled his body. He doubled over and felt like his skin was on fire. He cried out clutching his stomach. He then looked at his hands with wide eyes. They were transforming into hairy claws. He cried out in pain and shock. "Wh-what's happening to me!" He gasped. He arched his back as the pain grew unbearable.

He heard his cloths ripping at the seams. He was transforming into something. He howled with pain which deepened into a wolf's howl. He threw back his head and felt his teeth growing which hurt more. He gasped as the pain started to reside but he felt tired. "Look at the monster you are." He stood straighter but not full. For some reason he couldn't. He was now looking at a mirror. But the reflection was not his own. It was a monsters. "NO!" He howled in a wolf's howl.

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