A few days passed since the terrible war for the Freedom of Hogwarts. Everything was settled down and back to normal. The Four Hogwarts Founders were staying behind the walls of Hogwarts, wandering in their ghostly forms and greeting students.

And the last day of school came.

All of the students were in the Great Hall, wishing each other a happy summer break. Some were exchanging addresses and laughing about what they were going to do the next year. Even the Slytherins were opening up to the other students of the Houses. Now that they saw who their Founder truly was, and who he was in love with, they were willing to change their opinions.

Well, almost all of them were.

Darien was standing with his parents in the Great Hall, smiling at all the friends he had made over the year. He was happy to be going home, but sad that he would be leaving his second home. He couldn't wait till the new school year. He wondered what new adventures he was going to have in the next year. And he hoped that it would be interesting. He knew it would be. Especially with the Hogwarts Founders deciding that they would stay in the castle. Slytherin had already promised that in the next year, he was going to continue teaching Darien the art of Divination. He even had permission from the Lupins and Professor Dumbledore.

"Well, the first year has ended." Rex said as he faced Darien, Lionel, Leoni and Sam, all were smiling. "Would you guys write to me?"

All four of his friends smiled as they nodded. "Of course, Rex." Darien told him. "You're our best mate, and the face of our group. I'll write to you everyday, if you want."

Sam nodded as she gave Rex a hug, who blushed pink. "I'll write to you too, Rex. I guess I'll write to you and Lionel too, Darien. I'm definitely writing to Leoni." She said smiling at the Ravenclaw girl. Lionel just rolled his eyes as he folded his arms. "Fine, fine. You can write to me. But just don't kill….." He stopped when Sam gave him a threatening look and he cringed. "Um…sure I'll write to you too, Sam. You're pretty cool." He told her. Everyone smiled and shook their heads. Darien looked over when he noticed Draco, Harry and Ron walking towards them. He grinned at them before walking over, his eyes still on the white haired wizard. "Draco, so you're still here."

"So I suppose you will be moving out of our home then." Remus said holding out his hand to Draco.

Draco nodded as he took Remus' hand and shook it. "I'm afraid so. I think I'm able to take care of myself now. Plus someone needs to look after our House elves. They're probably running around wild in my family's manor, trying to figure out what to do." He looked at Darien, smiling gently. "Darien, I owe my very life to you. Without your help, I'd still be a soul-less man." He reached over and put his hand onto Darien's shoulder. "Thank you so much. If there ever comes a time that you need my help, give me a call or anything. I will help you with anything you need. I promise."

Darien nodded before he threw his arms around Draco, embracing him. "Anytime, Uncle Draco."

Everyone smiled as they watched Draco Malfoy embrace Darien back before he pulled away. His eyes flickered back up to Hermione, gave her a nod then he turned and walked away.

"Well, another year at Hogwarts has gone and passed." Harry said shaking his head. "Next year should be interesting, huh?"

Remus tilted his head, yet still smiled. "Harry, Ron, you are both still welcomed to come visit. Why don't you come to dinner with us on the Monday after next? Our family would love to have you." He said, putting his arm around Hermione. His eyes then flickered over to Darien's friends. "In fact, you're all welcomed to our home over the summer. Anytime you want to come visit, feel free. Our fireplace is always open to flooing."

"We'll have to see what happens, Remus." Harry told the older wizard.

Ron nodded as he tilted his head, letting his long red bangs fall over his blue eyes as he looks at Remus and Hermione. "Yeah. We'll have to see. This summer might be really busy. We're still trying to hunt down all of the remaining Death Eaters. And Taurine Whitman is still on the loose too. He's been causing trouble of course. But we should have him anytime soon."

Darien and his friends glanced at one another before they looked to see Ian Whitman and his goons walking by. But as Darien looked at him, Whitman looked back and he narrowed his eyes almost threateningly. "Ian Whitman." He muttered under his breath.

"Now that's someone I won't miss." Lionel said resting his arm on Darien's shoulder and leaned against him.

Rex also nodded with Sam and Leoni. They all watched the three climb into a coach and it rolled away. "His da is still on the loose." The little Gryffindor sighed, sounding just a little nervous. "And now that Ian knows that I'm here at Hogwarts, I wonder what would happen."

Darien looked at Rex with a little sympathy but then he ruffled the littler student's hair with a smile. "Ah, don't worry, Rex. We're all friends. We look out for one another. And you heard Uncle Ron. The Aurors should have Taurine Whitman anytime soon. I'm sure he'd never come to Hogwarts looking for trouble." He then looked off into the distance, with a frown. He wasn't sure about that though. Trouble always seemed to come to Hogwarts, welcomed or not. But he knew one thing for sure. Whatever would come to Hogwarts, he would face it with Gryffindor Pride, and with his friends. Together, they could conquer anything.

Far away from Hogwarts, in a very dark mansion, dark robed figures made their way into the house, all had hoods pulled over their faces and silver masks of Death Eaters. There were at least five of them and they were going to the mansion after receiving strange invitations from someone claimed to be a Dark Lord.

The Death Eater leading the small group led his companions into a dimly lit room, which actually was a large library. The house reminded all of the Death Eaters of a haunted house and the eerie feeling they were getting, they almost believed that it was a Haunted house. Inside the room, the only light was from a large fire built in a large fireplace. The flames were, suprisingly and shockingly, black as a raven's wing. They danced in the fireplace, hot as the fires of hell. And facing the fireplace, someone was sitting before the fire.

"I suppose you are the one that has summoned us here." Came a cold drawl of one of the Death Eaters. "Who are you and what do you want from us?"

The man in black robes did not move or speak but stared into the black flames. His dark eyes just staring at the dark light while his head tilted a little, as if he was going to look at the Death Eaters. "What I want from you," he spoke in a very dark and sinister voice. It almost made the Death Eaters flinch from how cold it was. "Is your assistance to full filling something I should have done a long time ago. Before I announce who I am, name yourselves."

The first Death Eater made an impatient sound before he reached up and took the mask off. He was a very handsome man, yet deathly pale and thin. His hair was blonde and falling around his face in waves. His eyes were an acid green though and he had white facial hairs, the beginning of a goatee. "Why should we tell you who we are?"

And before he even knew it, he was on the ground screaming in pain.

The man in the chair hadn't looked at him but merely took out his wand and cursed the man with the Cruciatius Curse.

"I am your new master, ladies and gentlemen. I am a Dark Lord, more powerful than you ever seen. And I know for a fact that you have once heard of me." The Dark Lord spoke in a cool tone. "For who hasn't." And then he stopped, putting his wand away before he stood up and turned towards the Dark Eaters, who were paralyzed with fear. They finally could see him.
He was somewhat handsome man, with a sharp angled face and an angular nose. His head was surrounded by pitch black hair and fell over the blackest eyes they had ever seen. The whites of his eyes could barely be seen because of the black color of his pupils. However, he was disfigured by a long scar running over his left eye and trailed across his bottom lip. This man had been in a terrible fight, with who they didn't know. But it was clear that they did not want to anger this man. So they told him their names.

The man on the floor announced that his name was "Taurine Whitman." But he finally stood, deciding to bow down to this Dark Lord. "Then, my lord, who is it we now serve?" He asked sounding only a little bitter but not wanting to push his luck.

The Dark Lord smiled coolly as he nodded in satisfaction. He looked each over, as if seeing how valuable the Death Eaters would be. But then he nodded in more satisfaction as he lift his head higher. "I am the greatest Dark Lord in history, the warlock who has fought against the almighty Merlin, greatest sorcerer of history, and creator of the Dark Ages." He smirked coldy. "Beliar De Diablo. I have escaped from my Hell prison and I come here to wait for the freedom of my most valuable and trusted servant, Caligo Umbra."