Chapter two…

Angel giggled as she poked Jack "Aw common luv those this 'ere me I am one o' your catches"

"Ahh I don't know Cap'n Dean, Do ye wanna be more tha' that?"

"Aye" she said smiling "but me ship is me own"

"Aye" he nodded "So, how do ye think Will an' tha' lady friend off yours are doin'?"

"Who Zana? I don't know Jack, I hope they will be together but I don't know."

"Aye they looked nice"

"Aye" she smiled as she curled up against him trailing to scars on his chest.

She was not the most beautiful girl, she had been once but life at the sea had changed her in many ways. Her own back was adorned with scars and marks and yet he had not thought twice about making love to her. She liked Jack a lot and knew that if this continued she would fall completely head over heels for him.

As Will peered out over the sea he smiled "So why did you never sail?"

"To wobbly" Zana laughed "I don't know, she did not like me I guess. I was always sick or underway, it was just not for me."

"So why then did you settle here" he asked looking in her eyes

"Because this is the most beautiful place I ever saw. Yes it has pirates but it's so laid back. Nobody freaks if you don't feel like doing your hair or make up, they just take you the way you are."

"True" Will said smiling as he pulled her closer to him. "Miss Fuller I would love to get to know you better"

"And I you Mister Turner… What would Angel think" she giggled

"She would be happy for you and me, I might just have gotten to know her but she has a heart off gold"

"That she has" Zana laughed as he crushed his lips against hers and kissed her passionately.

It was well in the day when Angel walked on deck stretching "Aye goo' morning luv" she smiled as the sea rustled happily against her ship. As she stepped out on the beach she saw Zana and waved at her. "Oy, how's your night been?"

"Nice" Zana smiled "I like Will"

"Aye he is a keeper" she winked

"So you do know" Zana asked surprised

"I know everything" Angel nodded and then she placed a hand around her friends shoulders "I am happy fer ye. Will is a great man, with the kindest heart I have ever seen."

She smiled as her father walked up to them and laughed when he padded her on the shoulder "'ello dad"

"Morning Angel, Zana"

She waved as he walked off. She had missed him terribly even though she never really knew him she still missed a father more than anything in her life. Stepping into the faithful bride she ordered two glasses off juice and lunch. "Ye hungry Zana"

"Yes" she smiled thankfully. Thank you"

"Ye heard it mate, lunch fer two"

"Make that three" Will said as he stepped in and immediately after being knocked over by Jack the bar keeper was told to make it four.

"Aye" he nodded before stepping into the wannabe kitchen he had created for the Bride.

"Sorry 'bout that Mate" Jack laughed as he picked Will up and sat him down next to Zana. "But your always in me way"

"Thanks" Will smiled as he kissed Zana, and heard several whistles coming from around the room. Laughing he looked around and saw the stunned faces off Angel and Jack

"My and they say I am a ladies man" Jack snorted as he looked at Angel who started laughing happily

"Aye Jack, you are"

"Aye and your me lass"

Angel blushed and looked at Will, she never expected Jack to actually admit it out loud. "I thought that were the Sea"

"Aye she too" Jack smiled "she too, she's me bonny lass"

Angel laughed as the bartender dropped four plates on their table and walked away without a word.

"Oy, I pay fer service ye know" She muttered as she plucked fork in her food and started eating hungrily "Eat away, me treat"

"Better" Zana laughed as she too started eating her lunch. Not much later the only thing heard were there satisfied and hungry grunts as they enjoyed their meal.