Birthdays Past

PG 13 (Just in case)

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Author: Vampires Toy

Summary: She didn't jump to conclusions when her parents left a day ahead for a meeting, or when all her friends seemed to forget her birthday, but when the day is gone, and no one's even said one lousy 'Happy Birthday Sakura' does this mean they don't know or don't care? And what happens when Sakura's parents don't return? (NOTE: Not Sakura-hating fic) PG 13 in case XP


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My eyes shot open, the sunlight shone gentle warmth on my face and I immediately smiled. March 28th 5:00 AM read my clock. I sat up and let out a loud yawn rubbing my eyes with one hand and slamming off the alarm clock with the other.

Today was going to be a great day! So what if I had to get up early? My parents were taking off work today to see me off to training and see me right when I get home so we can go straight to dinner!

I hopped up and ran quickly through my morning tasks; brush my teeth, shower, dry my hair, get dressed.

I could almost taste the large breakfast my mom said she'd prepare for me! Bacon, eggs, sausage, pancakes, and waffles! My mouth began to water as I ran into the kitchen.

"Mom?" I asked looking around, no one, no food, no mom, no dad (Nooo! Waffle!)

"Dad?" I asked walking into the living room slowly, no one. My face fell slightly and I tried to keep myself calm while walking through the other rooms of my house. Could they have been kidnapped? Or maybe killed? I made a face at the horrible visual I got, and did a quick peek into their bathroom, relieved to find that no body parts had been spewed everywhere by a serial maniac.

I went back into the kitchen and saw a small yellow note on the fridge. I grabbed it and opened it quickly, frowning when I realized that it was just my mom's usual goodbye note;


Have a good day today and be a good little ninja for your instructor. Your father and I will be in the Hidden Grass Village for a two days but we've left money for you so you can get some take-out. We love you very much sweetie,

Mom and Dad"

I read aloud to myself.

"I guess the meeting was more important than they thought or they wouldn't have moved the trip back to today." (WHHYYY!). I sighed, maybe it was a trick, it had to be….they told me, promised me they'd leave TOMORROW. I panned the room, no breakfast, no gift either.

"It's just a trick." I muttered to myself (It better be!)

"They couldn't have forgotten about today…oh! Maybe they have an even bigger surprise planned for me? Maybe dinner at a nice restaurant? (If they had time to make reservations at all ') Or maybe a new dress? A dog? (I really want a puppy) maybe a trip to somewhere exotic? (Would take too much time out of their work schedule) Oh! They might just hide something wonderful in my room with a note attached to it to tell me where to find them, and then we might eat dinner under the stars and catch up on things! I could tell them about how my ninja training is going! They haven't heard much about that, or anything really…(wishful thinking, settle for take-out and a movie?) that's good too.

I smiled, that's it; they're just trying to be creative! Well, ok then, I'll let them think they have me fooled (boohoo) yes! I can't wait!

By the time I got to training my spirits had been lifted high. Today would be a good day after all! (even better, I bet my teammates have surprises for me too!)

"Good morning Sasuke-kun!" I grinned sitting next to him; my high hopes must've raised my nerve (and lowered my IQ).

"Hmmpf." His usual reply. I frowned slightly but kept the grin on my face, I knew he had SOMETHING for me! Even if it was just a smile or a "Happy Birthday Sakura", but he didn't do anything out or the norm, he didn't even look at me while we waited for Naruto and Kakashi-sensei.

My heart cracked and my only optimism was that Naruto and Kakashi (or maybe just Naruto ') would definitely have remembered!

"Good morning Sakura-chan!" Naruto grinned. I smiled in return,

"Good morning Naruto!" I smiled, "Good morning Kakashi-sensei!"

Both looked at me strangely, and even Sasuke-kun turned to look at me (finally!).

"Well, seems you're in a good mood today!" Kakashi grinned, thankful I'd spared him one of my 'late' speeches. Naruto cheered behind him, confident that I was finally falling for him (not so fast Romeo…).

"Yes, a very good mood." I grinned. He nod and Naruto pointed a finger at Sasuke yelling something about 'I've beaten you, rival!' but no one made any motion or movement to otherwise acknowledge me.

"Today we will be doing some training, everyone against each other." Kakashi began.

(Oh no, it's a survival exercise! I suck at these…)

"You'll each have a chain with something different hanging on each; I'll have one as well so we can all play nicely together."

(NOOOO! Not him too! Agh! This day isn't going as I'd planned…)

"Alright? Here, once you each have your chains I'll give you all half an hour to go and hide or whatever. When half an hour is over, feel free to begin collecting the other chains, I will then also be on the playing field. Ready? Go!"

So we scattered. (Why……)

I ran as far away from Naruto and Sasuke as I could, they were definitely my first threats. I knew, however, that they'd either go for each other's chains first or both come after mine (since I'm such a dumbass easy target….) they'd want their energy saved up for Kakashi. So if I could just find a good hiding place, and maybe wait till one of them is worn out, I might have a chance.

I jumped down behind a bush then decided a tree would be safer. I bounced up and sat on the highest tree limb I could find; if I could see them at all times I'd know when to run. (What a cowardly way to think…) But I was so weak, I couldn't do much else (man this day sucks…) but I know at least my parents will eat dinner with me tonight (my friends didn't even remember) I shouldn't jump to conclusions….

But they really did forget, there's no way they're planning a surprise party while we're all the way out here! I don't even want a party! Just one damn 'Happy Birthday'!

I sat calmly in the tree for an hour; curious when I realized that the forest didn't seem disturbed by any signs of fighting. Could Kakashi have won so quickly? No, not against Sasuke-kun….or even Naruto.

I began feeling nervous; I was sure half an hour had passed! I looked into the sky, I wasn't sure if I could read the position of the sun correctly, but I didn't have a watch. I gave up after two minutes of trying to remember where the sun was when we split up to now. Hmm, what's taking them so long? Unless they're all coming after me (oh great) but my guard was up, I would've noticed them near me. (Time to explore, yay) enough sarcasm! Suck it up Sakura, I thought to myself, its no big deal! Just go and find them, and should you be attacked, just do your best. Maybe if I pretend to lose even quicker, Kakashi-sensei will let me go home. (No! stay! Fight your heart out!) but I'm having such a crappy day… (Fighting relieves stress!)

Vampire Toy: OOOOOH! Heh, piece of crap? Well, thanks anyways for reading, what will happen next? We'll see XP chapter 2 coming soon if this get enough reviews lol.

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Naruto: WHYYY!

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Naruto: Your plot is mean.

Sasuke: No, it just sucks.

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Sasuke: LOSER!

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Ace: Gya! You little-

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Sasuke: Your weird and you suck.

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Sasuke: I have my reasons

VT: Yeah, you're an ass

Sasuke: No I-

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