Hi there, I've been thinking long and hard and came up for this poem, ENJOY!

Ash: And review



She waited for them to return

Because they had left her

Waiting at his door

They'd be back by four

As they entered the room

They called out her name

She would have replied

But something had caught her eye

There stood two new faces

He smiled, "Max and May."

The girl grinned at her name

Suddenly thoughts jumped to her brain

Replacement was what she thought

Because of who they brought

The girl stared at him

As her thoughts hardened

Surely they have committed a sin

By replacing her like that

Boy was she mad

Then he and the other two left them alone

And for a moment, it seemed like no one else was home

The girl reached out her hand and smiled.

"It's nice to have another girl around, Misty."

And just like that

The thoughts disappeared

She took the girl's hand and returned the smile

"Like-wise May, That's good to hear."

Ash: Nice poem

I told you I've been thinking. Now this poem has no intentional pairings. So don't say "Why didn't you make it AshMisty." This poem is to show that these two can be friends without Ash. Thank you now review!