Bowser was bored out of his mind. He needed something to do NOW, or he was going to go insane. Unfortunately, Bowser had something of a one-track mind. When he tried to do anything, it had to do with capturing Princess Peach. So he decided to try again. However, before he could try to come up with a suitably devious plan, he was interrupted by a knock on the door to his private thinking room. "What it is?" He bellowed, angry that anyone would interrupt his precious thinking time. Even if he hadn't actually been taking advantage of it.

"Message for you, sir," a Goomba said.

"A message?"

"Yes sir, from Mario."

"Mario? Let me see that!" Bowser stormed out his room and grabbed the note. "You have been invited to Princess Peach's birthday party? FOOLS! I'll take this opportunity to slip into the palace unnoticed!"

"Are you sure, sir?" the Goomba asked. "It could be a trap."
"Hah! These morons could never plan a trap." And with that, Bowser hurried to Princess Peach's Castle. As he reached the gate, he began pounding on the door. "It's me, Bowser! Let me in!" he said. As he continued to bang the door, a cage fell down around him.

"Thank goodness," said Princess Peach. "Now we can enjoy the party in peace."