Author: Sparta

Series/Sequel: Star fire Rangers:

Youth and wisdom

Rating: R

Disclaimer: Not mine, no money, no harm, no foul.

Summary: SG1 celebrated after defeating Anubis, Jack gets some new neighbours and the SGC gets a new enemy.

Timeline/Spoilers/AU. Power ranger and Guyver (movie) crossover. Set just after the end of series 7 Stargate, a year after the end of Power rangers Dino thunder and 11 years after the Guyver movie.

Authors note: I haven't seen any of series 8 or Atlantis. Last time I watched Jack was an ice cube. I know he and Sam are promoted. I live in England so I haven't seen the end of Power rangers dino thunder yet. As for Guyver other then the bad guys in the movie they don't tell you who created the Guyver.

Youth and wisdom

Change of power

They couldn't believe it,

It was over.

Anubis was gone.

Jack was on his way to recovering after Thor removed the repository of the Ancients from his brain. So as usual SG1 where being kidnapped SG2, the rest of the marines and the medical staff and carried off to a local bar.

The night was like any other to the outsider but to all involved it was another near miss and this time they almost lost Jack, Bra'tac and Hammond. How many times would they keep getting lucky? How many more near misses would they have? Theses were the silent questions that were on the minds of all there but no one would ask them ever.

That's just the way it was.

As the night drew to a close and everyone attempted to find their way home under the influence of alcohol, painkiller in Jacks case and Teal'c for everyone else. On earth they slept high above the earth on the moon something was stirring. Amongst the rubble and debris a once forgotten enemy searched for survivors. Suddenly a body rolled out from under some of the rubble.

Kneeling down the stranger picked up the half dead first prime and carried him off to the palace that was on the moon.

"Ha'rak wake up you lousy excuse for a first prime. Anubis is dead, you betrayed your god. Speak now, prove I saved your life for a reason" yelled the stranger as he slapped the first prime.

"Who are you? And how can my master be dead he's a god?"

"He was not a god and as for me I am the reason your master learned how to glow in the dark. Now that he is gone you will serve me or die, serving me would be the best chose and you will be rewarded with the change to get revenge for your master."

"I will serve you to take my revenge on SG1"

With that Ha'rak bowed and then stood at his side.

"You will also have five others to assist you"

Suddenly from the shadows came five figures dressed in metallic armour

"These are the psycho rangers, I rescued them from the scrap heap and modified them a little. They have twice the strength of any man and move faster then any human. As we speak a silver ranger is being constructed. But first! Now Anubis is gone we shall take his place. Any Goa'uld that gets in our way will be destroyed. Come it's time to go to work" With that they left the room and headed to a dragon-like ship.