Revenge is sweet

A week after they moved their new friends in SG1 where back to work.

Newly promoted Jack sat back in what used to be General Hammonds office. It was strange to him, he thought back on all the years he'd stood in this office and argued, challenged or defied Hammond's orders.

Now it was his turn,

Jack walked over to his bookcase and took down a photo of SG1 just after their first mission. Jack laughed to himself before sitting down at his desk with the photo. Jack put his feet up on the desk as he started to read through his mission reports.

"Nice to see something's don't change" laughed Ferretti as he entered.

"Hey Lou how's the new lot?" asked Jack

"Fine how's the new position?"

"Give me an army of Jaffa any day" laughed Jack

"Missing the old team?"


Suddenly the phone interrupted their thoughts


Hello is General Hammond there?

"Sorry he retired this is General O'Neill"

This is Mrs Crescent Head teacher at Colorado high, I'm calling to inform you that Jon Neill has been expelled due to a number of things. The biggest being he was teaching his fellow student how to use high explosives in chemistry. Would you please sent someone over to pick him up?

"Ok we'll be right over" said Jack as he put the phone down

"Come on we're going for a ride?"


"Mini me has just got himself expelled for teaching his classmates how to use explosives"

"What can I say he's you. Let's go" laughed Ferretti

20 minutes later they arrived at the school, Jack got out and followed by Ferretti they walked through the halls to the heads office.

"General O'Neill?" asked a short woman in her 50's

"Yes, I'm so sorry about this. Where is he?"

"He in my office" said the woman as they went into the office.

Jon was sat on half on half off the table but shot up straight when he saw Jack.

"You have some explaining to do mister" said Jack sternly as Jon looked down

"Sorry dad" said Jon a hint of mischief in his voice

The head missed the look Jack shot Jon when he said that. Ferretti all but chocked as he tried not to laugh.

"Dad?" asked the head

"Yes, I'm sorry due to the nature of my work it was thought best not to put my name on his records and seeing as his mother left, that's why the Air-force number is down" said Jack

"If that is all I will take Jon home now, come on Jon get your thing we're going" said Jack as Jon smiled and followed behind.

Once outside Ferretti burst out laughing

"Dad?" yelled Jack

"Sorry it's all I could think of, how about you and his mother left crap? Anyway when did Hammond leave and who'd put you in charge of anything?" laughed Jon as they got into Jack's truck and headed back to the SGC.

Meanwhile on a planet somewhere far out in space SG11 where out mining when suddenly loud explosions rang through the site.

"Solider what going on?" yelled one of the soldiers

"I don't know Colonel, looks like tunnel 3 just collapsed"

Suddenly the camp was hit but they could see what was attacking them. When suddenly out of flames five armoured creatures appeared and stood before them. After SG11 emptied their P90's into them and it didn't affect them they turned round and opened fire on them.

Back at the SGC after almost 5 hours overdue Jack sent SG2 and SG3 to find out what had happened. Almost as soon as they had left SG2 returned with the only three survivors of the attack. All three where rushed to the infirmary to try to save their lives. Jack headed up to the briefing-room followed by SG1 and SG2.

"What happed Lou?" asked Jack as they entered the room

"I don't know? We arrived, the site looked like the fallout after a nukes gone off. Nothings left Jack, as for bodies it looks like that time with the unas, the bodies are on display like a warning. SG3 are trying to find all of them and bring them home" said Ferretti

Suddenly they where interrupted by the base alert going off

"Unauthorised off world activation, receiving SG3's IDC"

Jack and the others raced to the gate-room just as SG3 returned with the body of SG11. The gate-room fell silent. For almost 3 days a sombre atmosphere, it was worse for Jack as he arranged the memorial and then wrote and sent the letter home to the families of the dead.

"Jack you ok?" asked Daniel as he, SG1 and Jon entered the room.

"Gorge once said to me that the worst part of this job was writing letter home to the families of the dead. He said what he wrote was never enough in his mind. Now I understand why" said Jack sombrely.

Daniel watched as Jack carried this burden alone, wishing he could just go up and reassure him but he knew he couldn't. Daniel knew better then anyone just how much this would eat him up. The other left, Daniel smiled before leave he and jack would talk later. Jon remained, sitting down Jon looked at Jack.

"You ok?" asked Jon

Jack walked out his office and looked down at the Stargate.

"Look down there Jon, everyday I went through that. Never thinking of it I'd come back only thinking that we had a world to save. Now I sit up here and I see why we drove Hammond so mad. I fear for them and worry and it's worse for me because I know my team and I wish I could help them" said Jack as he looked at Jon

Jon couldn't say anything to that all he did was nod

"Come on Jack, talk to them and then me, you and Daniel can go home" said Jon as he put his hand on Jack's shoulder before leavening Jack with his thoughts.