Janie shifted in her seat. She was going to have to go up and turn her paper in soon, but she wasn't sure about it. It wasn't terribly long, in fact, it wasn't long at all. None of the students were told how long it had to be, so she had just written what she felt like she had to write. Now, however, she wasn't all too sure about turning it in. While she wouldn't be the one reading aloud to the class, which she was happy for, she wasn't sure about how people would take to hearing about her family, about her parents. She glanced down at her paper, looking at the scribbled words and closed her eyes. This was only the second day in school, and these papers were meant as sort of an introduction. It was the third that they had done.

My Family

My name is Janie Potter. I live with my Daddy. My mum died when I was little, my dad tells me all the time that I look like her, and everyone in the family says I'm exactly like her. When I was little my Papa came to live with us, too. Papa makes my Daddy happy, and Daddy makes my Papa happy. Daddy's name is Harry, and Papa's name is Draco. People always tell me storied about Daddy and Papa from when they were young; they say that they never liked each other before. Like my Uncle Ron said, he found Daddy and Papa kissing.

My Papa, my Daddy. My father, my dad.

Papa's not the best cook. But he tries. He's always asking me what I remember about my mummy, I tell him that I don't remember much. But it doesn't make me sad. I'll see my mummy again someday. I tell Papa that I love him just as much as I love Daddy. Papa always says I'm lying. Then he tells me to go to clean up and go to bed. I think he's a bit silly. Papa is always trying to get me to be more of a 'lady', Daddy tells him to leave me alone when he does. It's funny. Sometimes, just to make him mad, I'll walk in side covered in mud! But then Daddy tells me to go get cleaned up, and Papa looks like he's going to cry because of mud!

Auntie Hermione and Uncle Ron just had a baby. I don't know how to spell his name, but Daddy said he'll teach me how to spell his name. I know that it starts with an 'S'. Papa says the baby was named after a star. Why would you name someone after a star? Auntie and Uncle are so much fun, too! They fight as much as Papa and Daddy to, only its better, because Uncle gets scared of Aunt real fast.

Then there's Auntie Kate, Grandma Cissa, and my cousins, Patience and Senna. I can't stand my cousins. Papa said that they're really my aunts. I don't believe him. They're not old enough. Papa can't stand them, either. Auntie Kate is always trying to make fun of Papa, Daddy thinks its funny. And Grandma Cissa, oh, she buys me a lot of pretties! But she can be mean, but I like the pretties, so Daddy tells me to be nice to her and act like a 'lady'.

I'm Janie Marie Potter and I live with my dad and my other dad.

The ten year old opened her eyes just as her teacher called her up. She slouched in her seat for a moment before sighing. So what if the other students didn't like her family? They never met them! She loved her family, and that to her, was all that matter. Nodding her head she slipped off of her seat, and began her walk to her teachers desk, taking her paper with her. Janie handed her teacher the paper and stood in front of the desk as it was read aloud. Knowingly, Janie smiled. And that was all she wrote.

My father. My dad.