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Last Chapter:

"Think again."

Danny gasped and looked up the same time Vlad did. Vlad's eyes widened. As soon as he looked up, the only thing he saw was a figure swinging on what seemed like a vine or rope attached to a tree. The figure's foot collided with his face and he fell back, releasing Danny as well. Danny looked up at the person standing above him and gasped.

Just refreshing your memory. ONTO CHAPT 16!

Amity's Hero

Chapt 16- Amity's Hero


The Goth girl looked down and smiled. Danny was expecting her to lend him a hand and help him get up, but she dropped to her knees and embraced him. Danny began to choke as she hugged him tightly and began talking.

"It's been only a few hours and I already miss you!" she exclaimed. "There's nothing to do anymore! I spent three hours lying in bed and thinking about all the fun times you, Tucker, and I used to have. Especially that time when we were five and I had a crush on you."

Danny's eyes widened at that last sentence. Sam gasped and covered her mouth immediately. They stared at each other for a few seconds until Danny decided to break the silence.

"Uh . . . I never heard that."


They stood up and Danny paused. She wasn't wearing her usual skirt and shirt. She was wearing an all black tank top with black capris and her usual boots.

"Uh . . . what's with the new clothes?" he asked.

"I heard about the attack on Amity and how you kidnapped me so I decided to get a ride over here. You don't expect me to fight in a skirt do you?" She smiled and Danny shrugged.

"Actually, I don't expect you to fight."

"Try to stop me," she dared as she grabbed his hand and ran down the cliff and toward the town.

"No but seriously, you liked me?"

"Shut up."

"Danny!" Tucker shouted. The ghosts were winning and many people were looking for shelter. They were definitely outnumbered.


Tucker turned around and saw —


Sam ran over to him. She was still holding Danny's hand.

"Whoa, what were you two up to? Another fake-out make-out?" he asked, seeing their hands. Sam scowled and released Danny. "And what happened to you?" Tucker added when he saw Danny's bleeding cheek.

"Plasmius got a new power. He can destroy—"

"—Whatever he wants with a single touch," Sam finished. Danny stared at her questioningly.

"How'd you know that?"

"I was there genius. By the way, nice attack."

She held out her arms as Danny had done and said, "It's time for the halfa to fight back!" before breaking into fits of laughter. Danny blushed.

"It was cool though," Sam said when she finished laughing. "It's the fact that Plasmius flew into a mountain that's funny."

Danny smiled triumphantly.

"Come on, we're losing BIG TIME," Tucker said. He ran further into the street and Danny and Sam followed. When they had a clear shot of most of the ghosts, Tucker began sucking them into the GRC. Some of them put up a fight, but they were eventually caught.

Danny flew into the air to attack whatever ghosts were too hard to catch for the people on the ground.

As soon as he was high enough to attack, people began shouting. His first thought was to dodge incase someone was aiming the GRC at him, but he heard cheers instead. Danny gasped. He wasn't imagining things. People were actually cheering for him! Then he noticed a few that were still shouting insults at him and a few others that ignored him and continued to fight. Maddie reached into her pocket and took out a small camera.

Danny looked up and saw a slim ghost with many piercings headed toward him. It was dressed in black and had a pale appearance. He could tell it was Goth before it died. It shot a blast at him which he easily dodged. It turned around and attacked him from behind, but Danny became intangible and the blast missed again. There were a few flashes from below and Danny looked down. He saw his mother lowering a camera and then something collided with his injured shoulder. He screamed in pain and fell.

"Danny!" Tucker shouted. The ghost dived and Sam and Tucker ran to cover their friend. Sam powered up her ecto-energy gun and Tucker held up his GRC. The ghost stopped and flew back up.

"Danny, you can't battle. You're too weak now. Go home and take a break. Tucker and I will hold the ghosts off for a while," Sam said. Just then, there was a shout behind her and she looked over her shoulder. Tucker flew into a row of trash cans and two ghosts laughed. "Okay, I'll hold the ghosts off," she corrected.

"No! We can't let them win," Danny argued.

"We won't let them win if you can fight."

Danny looked down. He hated when Sam was right. She helped him up and he phased back into human form.

Danny ran back home. He had to be careful since ghosts were flying everywhere. He saw Star and Paulina trying to fight a few of them. Actually, Paulina was trying to avoid any contact with them. Star saw Danny in human form and ran over to him.

"Danny! Where were you? We need help. And what happened to your face?"

Danny sighed.

"Okay, in order. I was getting my butt kicked in the mountains behind the town, so do I, and Plasmius caught me off guard."

Star gave him a confused look.

"I never knew there were mountains around the town. And why do you need help? You're half ghost! And who's Plasmius?"

Danny ducked as a ghost flew over him and turned back to Star.

"There are, I know, and he's another half-ghost hybrid."

"What? Another one? How many are there!"

"Two," Danny replied before running away. He hated when Star attacked him with endless questions. His house was coming into view. From the corner of his eye, Danny saw a figure in the distance. He stopped running and squinted his eyes to see better.


Vlad was flying into the town and he didn't look too happy. Danny turned to run back, but he remembered what Sam said and went home instead. There was no way he was going to beat Vlad in this state.

Once inside, Danny fell on the couch and moaned. The noise from outside was partially blocked out. He was finally able to get some rest. Just then, the door slammed open and Maddie and Jack ran in. Danny jumped up in shock.

"Mom, Dad? What're you doing here?"

"Going to fix the portal," Jack replied proudly, holding up tools in each hand. He and Maddie ran into the basement.

A few seconds later, Maddie came back up and asked, "What happened to your eye?"

Danny turned to her and shrugged.

"I got attacked . . . by a ghost . . . I think."

She gave him a concerned look and then went back down again. Still thinking there was a chance of Danny having a relation to Inviso-Bill, she took out her digital camera and began to look through the pictures. Most of them were of Inviso-Bill fighting the Goth ghost. The last picture caught her attention. It showed Inviso-Bill falling after the Goth ghost hit him. That was after she tried to hide her camera from him. In the picture, he had a large cut under his right eye. The same cut Danny had.

Danny tried to get some rest, but he couldn't get his mind off of the battle. What if someone needed him? What if Sam and Tucker were in danger? What was Vlad going to do?

He stood up and went upstairs. Once in his room, Danny went intangible and flew through the ceiling. In a few seconds, he was staring at the nighttime sky. It was a midnight blue color and the stars shone brightly. Faded gray clouds were scattered across the sky and the rain continued to pour.

Danny sat down on the roof of his house with his elbows on his knees and watched the battle in the distance. There were a few people wearing shirts with Inviso-Bill on them. There was a large X across his face and he could tell those people were looking to destroy him.

He saw Sam and Tucker using many different ghost devices. Sam used the Fenton Fisher to capture a few of them and knock them into others while Tucker was capturing them. Women were running with their children and men were lining up with weapons and shields. Lancer was firing the GRC at anyone who came near him . . . and that included humans.

Danny continued to watch. He felt helpless. If he tried to help, Vlad would get rid of him completely. Either that or the town would get to him first. All odds were against him.

He closed his eyes and waited. That was all he could do now. The rain soaked him and he began to think about the events after the accident. He never told Sam and Tucker about him being a ghost. They figured out on their own when he continued falling through things and accidentally transformed in front of them. They couldn't speak for the rest of the day and kept twitching when they saw him. Danny could imagine why. They knew him for ten years. He was always the 'normal' one. Him being half ghost changed their lives too.

A few days after they found out, Danny wanted to tell his parents so that they could change him back, but Sam and Tucker talked him out of it. The three of them agreed to help each other no matter what happened and they said they'd always be there for him. He agreed to use his powers to help people. And that was when it hit him.

"I made a promise," Danny muttered under his breath. "I said I'd always help them, no matter how much the odds were against me. I've got a lot to lose . . . the other half of my life to be exact, but I made a choice to be the hero. And the hero never gives up."

Danny stood up. The wind was blowing harshly against his back.

"I'm going ghost!" he cried. The familiar blue light swallowed him again and turned him into his alter ego. He jumped off the roof of his house and flew into the battle.

"Danny!" Tucker called. Sam stopped what she was doing and looked up. Danny flew over them.

"Does he listen . . . ever?"

She grabbed Tucker's shirt and followed the halfa.

"Inviso-Bill!" Paulina shrieked enthusiastically. Star gasped and followed her gaze. Many people stopped what they were doing and aimed their weapons at him. Danny was expecting that and flew out of the way when they fired at him. He dodged every assault and sped up to find Plasmius. It didn't take long.

The vampire ghost was watching him. He flew into the air.

"Daniel," he said angrily.

"That's Danny Phantom," Danny snapped. He blasted Vlad but he dodged.

"You just never give up do you? Oh and, I suggest you move."

Danny turned around incase someone was about to fire at him, but everyone had their weapons down. He began to turn back until something collided with his other shoulder. He fell back through the air and regained his balance. Vlad laughed.

"Give it up! I've got the entire Ghost Zone on my side."

"And I've got Amity Park," Danny retorted. "Uh, well, some of it — I think. I've got my friends!" Sam and Tucker ran under Danny and raised their weapons threateningly. Plasmius yawned. Another ghost flew by his side.

"Get him!" Walker commanded. Every ghost on the ground flew up to strike at Danny, but Sam jumped off Tucker's shoulders and kicked one of them. It flew into the ones behind them and Tucker sucked them into the GRC. The others didn't hesitate. Danny flew over the first few and went under the rest. They turned and flew at him again.

He looked over his shoulder and blasted the ones in the front of the group but more flew in front of him. He sensed them and turned around, only to see them a few inches from his face. Just then, a red light formed around them and pulled them back. They disappeared in Maddie's GRC. She looked up with a confused expression. She still didn't know whether he was good or bad, but she was willing to give him a chance.

Maddie gave him a faint smile. Danny's hopes rose. His mother was on his side. Well, for now anyway. Jack wasn't with her. He was probably still fixing the portal.

Danny turned back to Plasmius and created an ectoplasmic blast. He broke through it with a shield and sent one back. Danny created a shield, but it wasn't strong enough and he flew into the people on the ground. They screamed and ran further away. Danny got up and flew back into the air.

He teleported halfway there and reappeared behind his enemy. Vlad turned and punched, but Danny ducked and punched him back. He got Vlad in the nose and the villain flew back.

"BRING HIM DOWN, DANNY!" Sam and Tucker shouted from the ground. Danny smiled and Plasmius grunted.

"You've got cheerleaders on your side now?" he mocked, ignoring the fact that Tucker wasn't a girl. Danny shot a blast at him and he flew over it. A white light appeared before Danny and he disappeared. He reappeared above Vlad.

Plasmius turned around expecting Danny to be behind him.

"Up here!" Danny called. Vlad looked up just in time for Danny's foot to collide with his face. Sam took a step to the right to avoid having Plasmius fall on her.

"Danny behind you!" Tucker shouted. Danny turned around. One of Vlad's ghost mutants were flying toward him. He was about to hit it with a ghost ray, but something else hit it. Danny raised a brow and looked around. He saw Jazz in the distance lowering a mini bazooka. She gave him thumbs up and ran off.

"Mom and Jazz down, just Dad to go. It's time to end this," he muttered as he looked around for Vlad.

"Inviso-Bill look out!" Star shouted. Danny looked down and a force hit him in the back and sent him flying into a black building with windows replacing the walls. Star sighed and turned to Paulina.

"Come on. We've got to help him."

"Right behind you," Paulina said bravely. She began to run but a ghost flew in front of her. Paulina shrieked and ran away. Star smacked her head and ran to aid Danny.

"Give up, Daniel."

"Stop calling me that!" Danny shouted angrily.

"It doesn't matter what I call you because in a few seconds, my army's going to wipe you out and claim victory over this wretched town! Unless, of course, you're willing to give up your loyalty and cross over to the dark side?" Vlad added, trying to make it sound like an offer of no importance and failing.

Danny flew out of the building he crashed into and stopped about four feet in front of Vlad.

"Not then, not now, not EVER!" he shouted. At that moment, a beam of light encircled Plasmius and a part of his army. Vlad destroyed the circular shield by breaking through it with his purple hand. Danny took a deep breath and began thinking of all the possible attacks he could use if Plasmius started fighting him.

However, Plasmius didn't go after him. He dived down instead and grabbed Sam.

"SAM!" Danny shouted. Before he could stop himself, he flew toward Vlad as fast as he could.

Sam gasped as Vlad held his glowing purple hand a few inches from her face. Tucker took a step forward but Plasmius created a shield. The halfa saw Danny flying towards him and flew higher. Danny missed him by a few seconds and stopped. As soon as he did, he kicked the air and flew upward at full speed, managing to knock Tucker off balance with the sudden rush of wind. Vlad stopped and looked down. He saw Inviso-Bill flying after him and held his hand close to Sam's face.

Danny stopped flying so abruptly that he got pushed forward by the gust of wind he cause behind him. Vlad laughed.

"What's the matter Inviso-Bill? Afraid to hurt me? It's not like I'm going to drop her. Or maybe I am."

Vlad, who was holding Sam's wrist with one hand, let go. She screamed as she fell through the sky. The wind pushed against her back and she raised her left hand in hopes of grabbing onto something. Danny dived immediately and grabbed her wrist a few seconds later. As soon as he did, a ghost squid flew into him and knocked him into the black building again.

Danny went intangible and fell into an office room. Sam got up quickly and gasped.

"Oh my gosh, that was so awesome!"

Danny stared at her as if she was wearing pink.

"Sam? Are you okay? You were a few feet away from breaking every bone in your body."

Sam shrugged. "Yeah, but the whole thrill of falling through the air—"

"Then feel free to do it again," a ghost interrupted. They turned around and saw the Lunch Lady. Sam screamed loudly and jumped into Danny's arms. He staggered back in shock.

The Lunch Lady flew into the room to attack, but a familiar ghost blocked her way and sent her flying in the opposite direction.

"WULF!" Danny shouted gleefully. Wulf turned around and smiled.

"Wulf help friend," he replied before running through to wall to continue the battle.

"Come on," Sam said. Her arms were wrapped around Danny's neck and he was still holding her. He nodded and took flight. They flew through the window and out into the rain again.

"Danny, look out!" Sam shouted above the noise of the attacking ghosts. Danny looked over his shoulder and saw Vlad creating an ectoplasmic blast. He was about to dodge, but a beam of light flew over his shoulder and hit the ghost. Vlad was hit in the chest and he flew back.

Danny looked down to thank whoever did that and saw another flash of light headed towards him. He flew back and avoided it.

"Hey! I'm on your side!" he shouted.

"I'm sure you are," a feminine voice said from below. He looked down and saw Valerie on her flyer. Her eyes were narrowed and she was wearing her red jumpsuit. Before she got a chance to attack again, Danny dived down. She flew after him, but he became invisible and hid behind a destroyed car. Sam jumped out of his arms and sighed with relief.

"That was close."

"Yeah, but she's nothing compared to Plasmius."

"You can beat him Danny."

"I know I can. I made a promise to Amity that I'd protect them no matter what."

He smiled and took flight again. Sam climbed onto the car roof and shouted, "Good luck!"

As soon as Danny was in the air, Vlad blasted him and he flew back into the ground.

" Amity Park will bow to me!" he shouted for everyone to hear. He raised his hands above his head and they began to glow. People screamed in fright as he created a blast large enough to blind them. Danny gasped and flew into the air.

Vlad released his blast and Danny flew in front of it. Sam gasped as it rushed towards him. He held out his hands and tried to create the shield he made in his power-enhanced mode.

"DANNY!" Star shouted. Paulina looked at her questioningly and then back at Inviso-Bill.


Danny's hands and eyes began to glow a bright blue color and a shield wall appeared around the area. Vlad's blast collided with it just as it was about to expand and hit him. The two ectoplasmic energy beams began to push each other. The force pushed Danny back slowly.

Danny's shield slowly began breaking through Vlad's blast. The vampire-like halfa was now being pushed back. The people on the ground watched in awe. Sam shielded her eyes and Tucker stared blankly at the two ghosts. The light was getting stronger. Just then, an idea came to Sam. She jumped off the car roof and ran to Tucker.

"Tucker!" she shouted. He turned to her.

"Sam? You're okay!""

"Listen, I have an idea. Maybe if we use our GRC's to hit Danny's shield, he can send every ghost it touches back to the Ghost Zone."

"But the Ghost Zone's busted."

"Mr. Fenton is fixing it. It's worth a try. Danny needs our help. If we don't get rid of them now, he'll lose."

"Uh, you're sure it won't cause an explosion?"

"These are Ghost Restraining Containers, not Thermoses. And it's our only hope."

Tucker waited a few seconds and then nodded.

Danny was using all of his energy on keeping his shield up. He didn't even know how he had managed to conjure it without being in his P-E mode. Suddenly, the light from a GRC hit it. The shield absorbed it. Another light hit the other end. Soon, everybody was firing their GRC's at his shield. It became red and more luminous. Then the shield changed to purple due to the combination of red and blue.

"No! Stop!" Plasmius shouted. Danny's shield was moving away from him and toward Vlad.

The light grew brighter and Danny shut his eyes tightly to avoid being blinded. He felt movement from the ground and knew everybody shielded their eyes as well. His strength was being drained again. He gave one last powerful attempt to push the shield into Vlad. There was a loud scream in the distance and Danny felt as though he was falling. The distant scream suddenly grew louder and Danny realized it was Vlad. His shield broke through Vlad's blast and hit him and his entire army.

One by one, the ghosts began disappearing. Vlad's ghost half was being torn from his human half. Danny felt the air push against his back and knew he was falling, but he was far from hitting the ground and he used his last amount of energy on freeing Vlad from the GRC's effect. The halfas both fell at full speed toward the ground.

Danny heard people's voices shouting "Inviso-Bill" and a flash of blue light engulfed him. The feeling was familiar and it didn't take him long to realize he was phasing back into human form in front of everyone.

Fortunately, as soon as the rings began to change him back, the light from the shield and blast flashed again and covered him. As soon as it did, somebody caught him. He opened his eyes barely to see his two friends. Then his vision faded to black.

"The citizens of Amity Park watched in awe as the pasty-faced ghost kid known as Inviso-Bill fought against a new enemy; a vampire-like ghost he referred to as 'Plasmius'. They both disappeared after Inviso-Bill shielded the town from Plasmius' attack. No one knows for sure why our Public Enemy #1 was trying to help us last night, but rumor has it that the two ghosts knew each other and either plotted this entire incident to make it seem like Inviso-Bill was a hero or were just fighting each other and Amity Park got dragged into it. The mayor believes that the two were rivals and Inviso-Bill was just fighting him and, given the opportunity, saved us to make it seem like he was trying to help. He has officially declared Plasmius to be Public Ghost Enemy #2."

Danny opened his eyes. He saw the light of the television from the corner of his eye. He touched his cheek and noticed the cut wasn't open anymore. His parents probably treated it with something.

Danny looked around. He was on his living room couch and Sam and Tucker were sitting at the other end. Sam was back to wearing her usual clothes and Tucker was stuffing his face with chicken nuggets. It was bright out so that meant he had been asleep all night.

"That's not fair! They get Vlad's name right but they still call Danny Inviso-Bill? What's up with that!" Tucker shouted angrily.

"I can't believe them!" Sam snapped. "He saved them! He almost killed himself for them and they think he was helping them to make himself look good!"

Just then, Maddie walked into the room and sat down next to them. Sam put her hand over Tucker's mouth immediately incase he was going to add something to her statement. Danny sat up.

"Danny, you're awake!"

Danny smiled nervously and leaned closer to his friends.

"Did anyone see me transform when I fell?" he whispered. Sam and Tucker shrugged.

"Not that I know of. The light was too bright. We almost blinded ourselves when we tried to catch you," Tucker replied.

Danny smiled. "Thanks."

"What do you want for breakfast, Danny?" Maddie asked.

"Uh, cereal's fine. I'll get it myself in a few minutes."

Maddie smiled and got up. She didn't believe the rumors of Inviso-Bill saving them to pretend to be a hero and neither did Jack, though they still had a few doubts. After seeing him fight yesterday, she realized he wasn't as bad as everyone thought. And that meant that, if Danny had any connections with him, she had nothing to worry about . . . until their next encounter.

"He is not Inviso-Bill!" Star shouted. Danny, Tucker, and Sam got up and ran to the window. Star and Paulina were walking along the ruined sidewalk.

"Then why did you scream 'Danny' when you were trying to call him?"

"Because I spoke to Fenton right before and I got mixed up."

"You're confusing me!"

Danny sighed with relief. Star kept his secret. He still didn't know if anyone saw him transform when he fell, but he didn't have to worry about that anymore. Amity Park seemed to be on his side now. Well, unless you count the media and everyone who believed the rumor.

"Hey guys!" Jazz called. Danny jumped in shock and hit his head against the window.

"What happened?" he muttered rubbing his head.

"Danny, you're awake! I got a letter from Principal Ishyama. They're rebuilding the school, but it's going to take a while. Since everyone already paid to attend the spring dance, they're going to set it up at the building that used to be a museum. There's plenty of space there since they removed everything. The school staff is getting it ready for the dance."

Danny gasped. After what happened last night, he definitely needed to take a break. He glanced at Sam and smiled. He didn't have the courage to ask her. Well, he did in his dreams, but when it came to reality, he knew he was going to chicken out so he didn't bother.

Jazz was about to leave when she noticed him deep in thought. She smiled and sat down. He was thinking of either Sam or the battle yesterday. She watched him with pride. The little brother she always thought of as the dependent brat ended up saving all of Amity Park.

When Danny said nothing, she got up.

"Ask her," she whispered behind Danny's back before walking into the kitchen.

"Mind your business," Danny said in an annoyed tone, but he couldn't fight back a smile. Jazz knew everything, but in a way, that creeped him out.

A week passed since the end of the ghost war. Danny was back to his old clumsy self. Every ghost was back in the Ghost Zone (except for Vlad). He made a note to himself to visit Wulf and some of the others that helped him. Maybe he could get them to provide a little invisible help in putting up the school.

Vlad was back in Wisconsin and decided to avoid Amity for the time being. Danny found that a definite positive side-effect of the war. It was the night of the dance and he was meeting Sam and Tucker by the museum building.

Danny got dressed. Jazz was wearing a blue dress similar to the one Sana was wearing. She was going alone, but about five boys asked her out.

"Is the room parent-free?" she whispered to Danny. He looked around and nodded.

"Yeah, let's go."

They slowly crept downstairs. As soon as they reached the door, the lights went on and Maddie ran into the room with her camera.

"You're not going anywhere yet," she said. "Jazz, get closer to your brother."

Jazz sighed and moved closer to Danny.

"We almost made it," she muttered. Maddie looked at Danny and frowned.

"Danny, maybe you should turn your head a little to the right to hide that cut."

Danny sighed and turned his head. Maddie took pictures for the next five minutes until Jazz decided to escape through the window. Danny followed.

He met Tucker and Sam at the building. Tucker was wearing the same thing he wore to the last dance. Sam was wearing a black dress with purple designs and she had her hair up in a bun (for once). They greeted each other and walked in.

The decorations were amazing. The room was also very large. Like the black building, this one had a large glass window where the wall should've been. It gave them a clear view of the starry sky since they were on a high floor.

Danny looked around. People were scattered everywhere. He noticed injuries on a few of them that were no doubt caused by the ghosts. Dash was standing by Paulina and Star was with Kwan. Tucker met up with Valerie.

"Hey Valerie," Danny said. "Uh, are you still after Inviso-Bill?"

"Don't you mean Danny Phantom?" Star said, walking up to them. Danny's eyes widened and he turned to her.

"You've gotta let them know your name eventually," she whispered. "Besides, Danny's a common name."

"Danny Phantom?" Valerie repeated.

"Uh, yeah, that's his real name. We're friends," Danny said nervously. Valerie eyed him suspiciously and then shrugged.

"I guess we can call a truce. I think he really was trying to help. But then again, the rumors could be true. I don't know. There have been so many Inviso-Bill imposters lately that I doubt it was him that attacked me anyway."

With that said, she walked away. The DJ began to play songs and people began pairing up. Danny and Sam sat down and watched.

Star and Kwan were the two most noticeable ones. Dash danced with Paulina, even though she wanted to dance with Inviso-Bill. By the time the second song started, the entire room was filled. Everyone was on the dance floor except for Danny, Sam, and about four other people.

On the third song, Sam stood up and decided to dance alone since the room was dark anyway and no one would notice her. Danny ran up to her quickly.

"Sam!" he called. Sam turned around.

"Hey, Danny," she said, blushing.

"Uh . . . um . . ." Danny took a deep breath and smiled nervously. They stared at each other for a few seconds.

"So, you're going to tell everyone your real name?" Sam asked, breaking the silence. Danny looked up and shrugged.

"I guess. Star has a point. Danny is a common name."

Just then, Tucker, who was dancing with Valerie, moved behind him and elbowed him. Danny stumbled forward and rubbed his arm. Tucker winked and nodded. Danny smiled and turned back to Sam.

"Um, would you like to dance?"

Sam's eyes widened. She saw Danny turning red and smiled widely.

"I'd love to, Daniel."

"Hey! You don't let me call you Sama—"

"Remember what happened in first grade when you called me that?" Sam warned. Danny laughed.

"Yeah, I got punched . . . in the face," he said with sheepish grin as he touched his uncut cheek. That was where Sam had hit him when they were younger. Even though that punch was an accident, she warned him that the next time he called her that, it'd be on purpose.

"Life gets so complicated when you're a teenager," the Goth said, remembering the events that occurred ever since they turned thirteen. That was when she started liking him. She had a crush on him when they were five, too. But as they got older, she only saw him as a friend . . . well, until she became thirteen. "I wonder why," she added, realizing she was getting too deep into thought. Danny shrugged.

"Some questions are and shall remain unanswered," he said, not knowing the answer himself.

Sam nodded. Danny offered her his hand and she took it happily. Together, they made their way to the center of the dance floor. This was definitely one night he would never forget.


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