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Prologue; Phone call for Miranda

"You always do this, why cant you just keep your nosey little butt out of my life for once!"


"No, buts Shirley! I'm sick of this. God! Why do you have to be such a pain in the ass.»

By now everyone in the hall had turned to watch the brewing fight between the two best friends.

The blond Ukrainian boy was screaming his head off so much you could feel the rage coming off of him in waves. As for the brown haired girl who he was screaming at was seemingly trying to calm him down but to no avail.

"Look Bo, I'm just trying to—"

"Your just trying to make sure I'll stay still like a good boy!"

"I nev—"

"Cut it Shirley. You know when Molly said I was just your lap dog I didn't believe it, but now I see how wrong I've been."

"Bo just let me explain."


What a minute ago seemed to be understanding, patience and comfort written on her face slowly turned into anger sadness and rebellion. But she still tried to maintain her cool demeanour.


"Look Shirley I don't want to hear it. Truth is your just a selfish, nosey, little Sherlock Holmes wanna be brat."

The whole school hall was quiet every student waited with baited breath to see what would happen next.

It was hard, but if you looked close enough you could see one single tear slip down the girl's face. To every ones shocks, she did another thing that nobody would expect. She raised her hand and punched the boy in the face.

Four months later…

It was a bright and sunny morning. The sunrays somehow manage to brake threw the curtains and beam their golden light on a sleeping girl. Strands of long brown hair were spread all across the bed's pillows. As the sunrays grew brighter and brighter we could see slight movement emanating from the girl's body. Finally after what seemed like an eternity the girl's eyes fluttered open to reveal bright, mesmerizing, ocean blue orbs. Her skin was a pale yet very healthy looking type of colour. Her lips, with their natural raspberry like colour to them, looked as sweet as they could be.

To tell the truth, you'd have to be either a fool or blind to not be able to see that the sleeping girl was a beauty, that seem to be a kin to a fairy's joyful colour as well as an angel's innocence and a personality as sweet as honey, yet they were. People who saw her or knew her tended to let her strange behaviour, odd clothing and unique taste in hats cloud their vision of what she was. A magical beauty from the heaven above. In fact most boys including her EX-best friend, seemed to have forgotten that she is a female all together, probably courtesy of her sharp mind and superior intelligence.

Anyways, slowly waking up from her slumber, the girl began to stretch when her sight fell upon the alarm clock. As she saw that it indicated eight-thirty-seven a.m., her blue orbs widened with surprise as realisation of having over slept on a Tuesday morning kicked in.

Shirley Holmes hurriedly got dressed and ran to the garage. Their she turned the ignition of her car on and started driving towards Sussex. The car that she was presently driving was a dark blue sports car, she had received it by shipping on her sixteenth birthday as present from her only living grandfather. It was really flashy and noticeable, the young sleuth had often thought of exchanging it for a more common car. But then again she rarely used it, as she preferred to take her bike to go unnoticed.

In fact this was going to be the first time that she drove it to school. Shirley could only imagine the looks she would get, as her fellow classmates would see her drive up to Sussex in this thing, but then again she didn't care of what they thought of her. The only persons she cared at all for had all betrayed her. The way they did it had left no room for her to forgive them. Ever.

«He» had yelled at her and called her names in front of the entire academy and «They» had stucked on his side for the reason that all of them thought that she was being a jealous brat. The person that provoked such a commotion, you might ask; Heather.

Shirley had always had an odd feeling of danger whenever in near premises of that girl. When Bo had announced that they were officially dating the young detective could no longer keep it to herself. So she did a background check. Once her suspicions of the girl being trouble were confirmed Shirley had decided to inform Bo. Bad idea.

To put it simple nobody at Sussex talked to her anymore, they were all to busy talking behind her back as she walked by them. The funny part is that they all seemed to think that she was oblivious to their mockering and hushed voices. But she knew, yet no longer cared, the thought of their stupidity came to her each time her classmates would pretend that they had not been previously discussing her.

At school…

As the sleuth previously assumed her fellow classmates had all noticed her new ride. Some said that she was hoping to get more popular with it while some believed that she was just showing off.

Most of them however just stood there mouth agape and eyes wide open. It is in this category of people that she found Bo, Molly, Heather, Alicia, Bart and Stink. It was literally amusing to the young sleuths eyes.

She just spared them a pointed look while a grin plastered its self firmly upon her face. She even had a twinkle in her eyes.

And then of course to ruin that perfect moment Luke Gregalsky showed up. He was one of Bos team mates. A little over a month ago he had, for some unknown reason, started jeering and whistling whenever she was near.

It's true that lately she found herself taking more care of her appearance but not that much. She has altered her uniform a bit, making her shirt hang at her hips and riding it up so the hem of it would fall mid-thigh. Shirley had also worked a bit on her blazer making it more feminine to a point where it clings to her body. She also wore blouses that fit her like a second skin along with her tie hung loose.

But other then those small clothes alteration and a dab of make-up and lip-gloss there was nothing else… Well there is this small thing with her hair that was presently up in a sophisticated ponytail, but she had no control over that. About three weeks ago her hair had started to curl, not in a tight and frizzy way but loose and soft.

Those where the ONLY alterations she had physically, all of which where for more practical reasons then people thought. Twice her old blazer had gotten stuck in loose nails while on different cases. She had figured if she made it fit to her body there would be lesser chances of that happening again. As for the blouses, well she couldn't exactly wear a baggy blouse with a tight blazer now could she?

As for the skirt she practically tripped over it at least a dozen times while crouching down on the floor so much it was long.

And finally she had to keep her hair out of her face to see properly, somehow, right?

Okay, so maybe all her alterations weren't so insignificant. But that did not mean she asked for this. Now usually Luke Gregalsky kept his abuse on a verbal level but not today.

"Hey Holmes, looking good today!"

Was what he said as he came closer and closer to her with a look of utter mischief on his face.

"What do you want Gregalsky?"

She was going to have to confront him sooner or later, she chose sooner, that way at least it would be over and done with.

He didn't answer right away. He just strutted towards her and placed his hands on her butt and squeezed.


Shirley tried to wiggle out of his grip but couldn't. She was now smacked against his chest in a painful hug.

She looked over her shoulder to see the faces of the people she used to call friends. Alicia was looking as if she thought Shirley had brought this upon herself. Bart was looking from his book on aliens to Shirley and her attacker all the while probably trying to ignore the disturbing sight. Stink, with the way his mind works, seemed to believe that this was all a joke created to make Shirley look like a fool and laughed whole heartedly. Molly and Heather being as cynical as they are just laughed and pointed at her in a rather ridiculous manner. But when she saw Bo, that's when something in the young detective's mind just went snap.

He was looking directly at the scene but didn't act as if there was anything wrong with it. As if she was just some common Sussex slut who was getting what she asked for.

Her body tensed and the expression on her face became blanc. Gone was any known emotion from her face. It was as if nothing was going on. It was such a quick change in behaviour that it took any and all onlookers by surprise.

You could no longer hear the laughter or anything else. Everybody was quietly waiting to see what was happening next.

The girl turned her head around and looked directly into Bo Sawchucks eyes and smirked in a mysterious way.

Bos mouth was agape, even if he had been best friends with Shirley for about four years he hadn't known that her entire being could go from panic stricken filled with fear to an emotionless doll within the second.

As if that wasn't enough that smirk just threw the boy in for another hoop. He had never seen her face in such a way but knew instantly it meant not only business but also a dangerous one at that.

And then it happened

Shirley Holmes brought her knee up and kneed Luke Gregalsky directly in the balls with the force of a couple of well-aimed bricks.

Bo was speechless and had a lot of trouble catching his breath. The girl in question looked at his face and that smirk just got wider and wider until she turned around and walked away.

Let's see Sussex winning that championship tomorrow with the team's starting quarterback on ice.

Was the only thought the brunette haired girl had.

Shirley's Diary

Today was like any other day I've spent at school since the fight between Bo and me with the difference of the Luke thing. Most of the students talking behind my back. Molly constantly trying to gain more «power» over the student population. Alicia and Bart ignoring me. Stink shouting, « Molly's the best you suck » whenever he sees me, and the snickers that comes afterwards. Heather casting me glares and words of hate, not that I care what she thinks. And finally Bo, he keeps telling everybody that I treated him like he was my lap dog. Whenever somebody mentions my name to him he responds by saying that am self- centered. And finally when he sees me he either sends me an evil glance or completely ignores my presence. I was a to think that our friendship would, but somehow I managed to convince myself that it would………


The phone rang and as soon as it did Shirley picked it up, because no else would. Her parents were in England co-working on some government project and her grandmother was site-seeing Egypt for the fourth time. Leaving the house all to herself.

" hello---"

Shirley was trying to finish her sentence but the person cut her off.

" Thank the lord! Your there! Now listen to me Miranda you need to get out of the house as soon as you can the hell fairy's wont wait much longer to send you------- "

" Grandpa is that you?"

" YES! Now pack your bags and go before it's too late. PLEASE MOTHER!"

The very second that phrase was said you could hear muffled voices telling somebody to get off the phone and that they weren't aloud to call anybody. With that the line went dead. Leaving behind a very confused yet curious Shirley to dwell by herself.