For a second, his eyesight blurred.

Then, the pain started. It tore through him like lightning. And then the painful memory.

The blitzball player.. the one with the unusual hair. He should know his name, yet it eludes him.

The summoner. Her name was... he couldn't remember.

All of them were memories, and as much as he felt he should know them... he... he couldn't remember them.

Blitzball, summoner, these words traveled at light speed in his thoughts. He wasn't even sure he knew what they meant anymore.

Places, people he should know flew through his head, beckoning him to recall them. To give them recognition. But he couldn't.

The people he traveled with, the woman. The girl that was Al... Al... Al something.

The boy in blond hair... he vaguely recalls the strange word again. That blitzball word that confuses him.

Why can't I remember?

Things he had done, things he had seen done. Quickly being drawn from his mind.

Then the pain escalated to a new level. It felt like his body was being torn apart.

Please stop. Make it stop.

The pain. Make it stop, please!

Then the pain stopped. Blissful, pain free darkness took its place and for one second, he was at peace.. The darkness started choking him.

He screamed in silence. His voice carrying nothing. His normal demeanor fell away to a fear he'd never known.


It pained him to say the word, much less to think it. Part of him still remained that was strong, but it was quickly fading into the pain of loniliness.

Please, bring me light.
It's... it's so dark.

Who was he... that knowledge was slipping away. slipped away.

Who am I?

Then, the darkness, and his own mind, were silent. The pain subsided, and for seconds, he was grateful.

Who are you?

The voice startled him, in its suddenness. Was this... death?

Who am I?

I am..

You are...

I am.. Au.. Au...

You are Auron.

I am.. Aur..on?