There's no way he was alive... was there?

The voice said he was alive. He'd went around in circles on this single issue.

Death and life. Two separate circles, both with their own intricacies, and standards. Both were equal, and similar, yet so very different.

Both were vicious in their own regard. Both caused pain, that the other offered to take away. But neither truly better than the other. Life came with its own pains, its own sorrows, its own suffering. With death, came the eternity that allowed one to regret those choices made during life, the sorrows that were never solved...

It was a vicious circle. One that kept going around, and around, until there was nothing left. Sin, and in turn, Yu Yevon had been the sole proprietor of this cycle. Now however, things were different


It was a new voice this time, a new voice in this now familiar light.

Who are you?

The new voice chose to ignore this question, but he hadn't expected any less.

Ever since you've entered my realm, there has been one question in your mind.

Why am I...

Alive? It's quite simple actually. You never died. Why would you be dead if you had never experienced death's sting?

But I remember...

No, you only think you remember. Show me what you believe happened.

His anger fueled him, as he jumped towards Yunalesca. The pain of the lie he had been living his entire life... it was too much. I ran at her, fully ready to cleave her in to two pieces.


He saw a sinister look, and heard a cruel laugh. What-


-ended up on the floor, his own sword landing-


-"Never know what happen..."-


What was happening, these flashes...

You're starting to remember, at last.

...These.. they can't be my memories.

You must understand something. Yunalesca, as well as a summoner, was a powerful woman. Her power of mind overcame many of her peers in her time.

What do you mean?

Tell me again, what you believe happened.
His anger fueled-


-"Never defy me."-


-Charging towards her, sword drawn-


-Pyreflies gathering all around him, surrounding him-


-Never connecting, as he was blown-


-"Yes my lady."-

Are you starting to piece it together...?

...What did Yunalesca do to me?

Part of what you thought you remembered was true. In truth, if you had been fighting any other person or unsent, you would have succeeded in your task to kill her. But she understood what you were trying to do, and used your lowered guard against you.

My... guard?

Over one thousand years, Yunalesca perfected the power with her mind, from the art of suggestion, to complete control of the mind. The memories you've had, were placed there to cover her, so the futility of the Final Summoning would remain a secret.

But I still remembered...

This is true. But ask yourself one question. Why didn't you bother to tell Yuna and the other guardians of your knowledge of the Final Summoning?

Because, if I told them about what I saw, I'd have to tell them I was... oh.

The perfect protection for herself. Who would believe the word of an unsent, no matter how respected?

It seemed plausible in his mind. And the more he thought about it, the more he instinctively knew it was the truth.

Still.. how was she able to do that to me? My mental discipline...

Your own mental guards were down. She was an unsent. You found her attractive. You thought that because of her frail features, you would easily overtake her. She used that against you. Now that she's dead, however, her subconscious triggers are starting to dissipate.

He floated, in shock. All these years...

I'm not dead.

Then tell me what happened.

I'll try.
He jumped towards her with the full intention of tearing her in half with a single slice. His blow however, never connected. Her eyes connected with his. Her gaze, her eyes, they were captivating. She held him in air, with one finger.

"My poor, poor monk. Wishing to avenge those already passed... I pity you."

She placed a kiss on his lips, and despite the situation, he felt himself sinking into it. His senses faded...

As time passed, he could hear phrases, not always connected to each other.

"He'll never know what happened..."

A laugh.

"He will never defy me in this fashion again, and in such, none will ever know what he saw here."

When the darkness was finally lifted, he saw her, enlightened by pyreflies that were leaving her. He looked at her in awe, unable to speak. She held his cheek with her hand. For the first time, he tried to resist her.

Her response was a cruel laugh.

"I must admit, your mental barriers are strong. I've not seen a barrier that held me back this long in... a very long time. Even now, they struggle against me."

His anger started to come back through, and she quickly slapped him.

"But, my powers are stronger."

Then, the pyreflies that had been surrounding her approached him, quickly surrounding him. Then, one by one, they began to enter him. As each did, his resistance faltered, then after a while... failed.

I am Auron.

I am Auron.

I was guardian to High Summoner Braska.

I died in a quest for vengeance.

Even as the new thoughts raced through his head, he found a remnant from the previous time.

I am honor bound. I will see to the health and well being of Yuna.

I am honor bound. I will find the son of Jecht.

And one thought became present at the last moment.

Sin is Jecht. I will free him, before I allow myself to pass to the next life.


You remember now.

Yes. I remember it all.


Can you explain.. what she did to me?

Perhaps. She never expected you to remember what you saw with Jecht and Braska, and she never knew how strong your sense of honor was. She never knew the lengths you would go to, to ensure the well-being of Jecht's son.


Yes. Sin's toxin, normally harmful to human life, and memories, distorted her control over you. If you had been still infused purely with her pyreflies, you would be dead right now. You are actually quite lucky to have been that close to Sin. When Yuna sent you... she only sent Yunalesca's pyreflies.

Now what?

Live, Sir Auron.

This seemed simple, and in those few words, he felt more joy than he had in the entire time he had been here.

Who.. are you?

I'm.. a friend.

But I've never met you.

It's okay. My name... is Lenne.

Then the light brightened, burning his eyes with brilliance. He shielded them, as his senses failed him again.


As he awoke, he had the strangest sensation. He felt... damp. He sat up slowly, and looked around him, taking in his surroundings. As he regained his full range of senses, he started to recognize the place in which he found himself.

He was on the shores of the Moonflow. He'd been lying in water.

As he stood, he felt a sudden warmth in his hand. He looked down towards it, and curiosity flared.

It was a small sphere. Finding the activation switch, and leaning back against a rock, he started to watch.
My name is Lenne.

Flashes of memories, to quick to understand, yet slow enough to see.

I'm a songstress.

More memories.

But more than that, I'm also a summoner.

Flashes of memories. This time, he recognized a face. ..Was it...him?

I miss him. Please, help me find him.
As the sphere ended, Auron sat up. He was surprised to find his sword lying near him, but in the same sense he knew it would be.

My name is Auron.

My name is Auron.

I'm honor bound to find the one named Lenne.

I'm honor bound to find the one named Lenne, and help her as she has helped me.


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