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It had been no more then a month and Angela could not, for the life of her, get John Constantine out of her head. At this moment Angela was in her kitchen preparing a meal for her cat, duck, who kept rubbing against her leg.

"Hold on duck I'm going as fast as I can" she said. Once the food was on the floor where duck could reach it, Angela slowly moved to her computer and turned it on. Even though she was working on a triple homicide for the other detectives she couldn't help, but open the drawer that was apart of her desk.

It had been 1 month since she had last seen john and he left her with the sword of destiny. Silently Angela began to pray. "Dear father in heaven, I come to you with a hard situation, help me lord to find a safe place for this sword, please." Once Angela was done praying she looked up from her hands and on her computer was a picture of john.

She clicked on the picture and her computer automatically went off. Angela picked up the sword and left the house leaving duck all alone.

It had been almost a month, no it was a month and john couldn't get Angela out of his mind. Ever since john learned that he was given a second chance and was allowed in heaven he had quit being an exorcist and went to having a normal life. Although, on the outside, john seemed fine, inside, he couldn't get Angela out of his head.

"Man I wish I could just see her again" he mumbled. Every time he tried to get her out of his head, he would always remember how she would lean in for a kiss when he got close enough. He never meant to kiss her when he got close, and never did, but he still felt like an asshole leaving her their hanging.

He never kissed her because he knew he would end up hurting her and she deserved better then that, but deep down he felt like he should have kissed her.

Everything was good now. Isabel was in heaven, Angela was safe, the sword hidden from the world, john had his own life, cigarette free, and was no longer destined to hell, he had now been accepted into heaven.

But something was still missing, but what? And as if to answer his question the door was being knocked on.

"Coming!" he said and opened the door to see Angela standing there with the sword of destiny in hand.

"Angela what the…" he yelled as he yanked her by the arm and pulled her inside.

"John I'm sorry I couldn't find a place to hide the sword and I needed to see you again, I'm sorry, but it's been a month and I can't…" she stopped short and let him take in what she had just said.

"Angela, you ever feel something is missing and you don't know how to get to it?" he asked changing the topic completely.

"Yeah why?" I feel this weirdness inside of me like something is missing"

"Do you have it now?"


"What do you feel, now?" she asked as they got comfortable on his couch.



"Because you're here, why is that?"

"I had to see you. I couldn't sit at home and keep thinking about you…" she stopped dead and looked at him. Oops, let the cat out of the bag.

"You were thinking about me?"

"Yeah, I can't get you out of my head"

"Me neither, I'm always thinking about you" the two sat in silence looking at each other.

"About the sword" Angela started.

"What about it?"

"I don't know where to hide it"

"Well it has to be where no one can find it far away from here."


"I don't know"

It had been 3 months and by now the sword of destiny was tucked away in a safe place where neither Angela nor John could remember where it was. For the past 3 month's Angela and John were dating and were even thinking about marriage.

John had never been the type to marry with him being an exorcist and being able to see the half -breeds (half demons, half angels), but with him no longer being an exorcist and Angela understanding his gift and having one of her own (being psychic) he seemed ready to marry, especially to someone he loved.

Angela sat in her apartment waiting for John to arrive, he was going to purpose tonight, and Angela knew this from a psychic vision she had the night before. Ever since she accepted her gift back she had had some strange visions on what she had missed as a girl, but last night's was the only one that pertained to the present.

Angela had always wanted to marry and saw herself one day experiencing the moment, but with the right man and now Angela was positive John was the right man and someone she truly loved. Even though her twin sister was dead, Angela could feel that she approved, Angela had even introduced John to her mom and dad and they had approved.

Everything was going right.

That night john purposed and the two were married 4 month's later.

9 month's after the 2 were married Angela gave birth to 2 kids-twins.

The oldest by 4 minutes was Annabelle and the youngest was their son josh.

Taking after their parents, both kids were psychic and had been brought up to handle anything after all look who their parents were.

All was well with the Constantine family.

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