ok, I've started a c2 community of Mary stories, and in the process I read a lot of stories by KayKayeLLe and Josie21612, and I was inspired to write a story about my new favorite 7th heaven couple, Wilson and Mary, this boosts the number of my stories up to five or six, so don't hold the slow update rate against me.

the story picks up at the current Mary/Carlos conflict, okay, so maybe it's not so current, but if you get rid of the reruns they've been playing, then you could call it current

but there will be some differences, Mary has filed for a divorce, and she has left Carlos, but is trying to regain custody of Charlie, who is currently in New York with his father, she is still working with JetBlue though, she is on a flight to L.A. at the beginning of the story, well, this is a long authors note, so I better just get started with the story

Until We Meet Again

Chapter One: A New Beginning

By Norwegianchick101

"Um, I'm not sure about that sir." Katie Wells told the man. "I could ask about it though." she said, as she went off to find her fellow flight attendant, Mary Rivera. Or wait, its Camden now, Katie reminded herself.

Mary had just divorced her husband and was fighting for the custody of her three week old son. After this flight, Mary was planning on driving down to Glen Oak to live with her parents and find a stable job, so as to persuade the courts that she could indeed support a child. Katie hated to bother her, but she didn't know as much as Mary did about the airline policies as Mary had been working here longer than she had.

"Mary?" Katie asked her when she reached the back of the plane. "There's a man up in 11B, he was wondering something about policies or whatever." she shrugged.

Mary sighed. She hated her job. She hated flying, she hated the pay, and she hated to travel. And to make it all worse, she had married a man she had led herself into believing she loved, and had a child with him. And now she was divorced, and her son was in New York with her ex-husband. And her family didn't even know she had divorced Carlos, or that she was going home. Okay, she had told Lucy she was divorcing Carlos, but not that Carlos still had Charlie, or that she was coming home.

"Mary!" A young boy's yell brought her out of her thoughts.

Mary looked back behind her and saw none other than her ex-boyfriend Wilson West, and his son Billy. She gulped as she walked over to them.

"Billy?" she asked. "Oh my gosh! You've gotten so big!"

Wilson looked up to face his ex-girlfriend. One of the two women he had ever really loved. He looked to her name tag for confirmation of his son's claims. He was heartbroken to see that it said Mary Rivera, and not Mary Camden. She had gone off and gotten married. But upon closer inspection, his sorrow turned to guilt. He noticed that the word Rivera had been lightly scratched out, and replaced with Camden.

"Mary, hi." Wilson greeted her. Trying to make conversation, for his son's sake. "I didn't know you were a flight attendant." He was shocked that Mary would end up this way. The Mary Camden he knew was successful and would definitely never be working on an airline. He noticed Mary's frown and immediately regretted his decision.

"No." Mary sighed. "This is my last flight. After this I'm driving down to Glen Oak and finishing school."

"Oh, really? I take it things haven't been going too well then." Wilson asked her, hoping to find out what had been going on.

Mary took a deep breath. "No, they haven't. Wilson?" she asked. "Can I talk to you?" Mary motioned to the empty seat next to him.

Wilson looked up and saw tears starting to form in Mary's eyes. Whatever was going on, it wasn't even remotely good.

Wilson nodded and Mary sat down. Wilson gestured to Billy to turn back to his gameboy, and Billy willingly followed his father's instructions. He loved Mary, and he would do anything if it meant his dad would get back together with Mary. Of course Billy knew that Mary wasn't his biological mother. But she was as much of a mother as he had ever had.

Mary sobbed and managed to get out a laugh. "You must think I'm pathetic." she sighed. "Perfect Mary Camden, a flight attendant for JetBlue airlines." Wilson began to but in when Mary started to continue.

"I mean, I go off and get married to a guy I met at the airport like five years ago, after we meet up again three years later, then that summer we were married! I'm so stupid! And then we had Charlie. I am going to kill him. Who does he think he is? Sure I was the one who filed for the divorce, but who is he to take my son away from me!" And that was the breaking point for Mary, she sobbed into Wilson's shoulder.

Wilson tried his best to comfort Mary. He didn't know everything, but he knew enough. He knew that no one should have to go through what Mary was going through. Wilson sighed. "It'll all be okay Mary. No one deserves this to happen to them. Don't worry, I know of a good custody lawyer. He was the one who helped me in a lawsuit against Lindsay's parents after Billy was born. I didn't have a job, I was only sixteen. Face it Mary, I was in a much worse position than you are." he told his ex-girlfriend. He really wanted to help her. "But he helped me Mare. He helped me get through it. And now look, I have Billy here with me today, right here next to me. And that's where he's been since birth."

Mary looked up at Wilson with a smile on her face, but tears in her eyes.

Mare, she thought. No one had called her Mare n a long time. Not even Carlos had.

Mary scoffed. What was she doing thinking of him? He was the cause of all this. Suddenly Mary remembered her surroundings.

Mary looked up at Wilson. "Would you really do that?" she asked. "I mean, after all, I did break up with you for Ben."

"Mary." Wilson told her, tilting her head up so that his eyes met her. "None of that matters now, and even if it did, no one should have to go through this. Especially not alone. Trust me, I know how it feels." he added, looking over at his son.

Mary smiled at him. She hadn't smiled n ages. Not since her son was born. Carlos had ruined her life. Nothing would ever be quite the same, but she was willing to try.

"Thank you." she mouthed, and laid her head on Wilson's shoulder. In a few minutes she was sound asleep.

"Daddy?" Billy asked, from his seat on the end. "Are you and Marry gonna get married?" he asked.

Wilson sighed, thinking of what he had let go of so many years ago. "No, Billy. Mary and Daddy are just friends."

Billy frowned and turned back to his game.

Meanwhile, Katie, who couldn't help but overhear the conversation, laughed and addressed Wilson.

"So, I take it you must be Wilson?" she asked.

Wilson looked up at the girl strangely.

"I'm Katie, Katie Wells. Mary talks about you sometimes."

"Really?" Wilson asked her hopefully.

"Yeah, she says ever since she broke up with you, her life has gone down hill, and the past month hasn't made it any better. If she could go back a few years she definitely would."

"Really?" Wilson asked again.

Katie nodded.

"Thank you so much, she's been so depressed lately. None of us ever really liked Carlos, we were relieved when she told us she was filing for a divorce, but when Carlos insisted upon keeping Charlie, we all felt so bad for her."

"Tell me you didn't." Wilson asked apprehensively, knowing how Mary could be.

"Unfortunately, yes." Katie replied hesitantly. "We never realized she could be like that."

"Hey, um, Katie?" Wilson asked. "Do you know if any of her family knows about this?"

Katie sighed. "She told Lucy she was getting a divorce, but no one knows that Carlos still has Charlie or that she's coming home and quitting her job. But really Wilson, it would make her life so much better if she could get Charlie back. Please help her. Oh, and Billy." she added as an afterthought, smiling at the boy. "Thanks."

Billy smiled back at Katie as she walked to the front of the plane.

A moment later Katie's voice came over the intercom.

"Attention all passengers. Please buckle your seatbelts and prepare for landing. We will be arriving in Los Angeles in roughly five minutes."

Wilson hoped that Mary wouldn't wake up, she didn't need any more stress. But he knew if she wasn't awake by the time the plane landed, she would most likely not receive her final paycheck.

"Mare." He whispered, shaking her gently. "You've gotta get up. We're gonna land soon."

Mary sighed and rubbed her eyes. When she found herself sitting there with her head on Wilson's shoulder, she wished everything could just go back to the way it was. Her, Wilson, and no one else to tell them what to do.

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