When she sees them together all she can think is: oh.

That's it. Just: oh.

Oh. (So this is what all this Fantastic Four crap is all about, really.)

Oh. (It has less to do with her – although it has to have something to do with her, right, because he has to still feel something for her, right? – and much, much more to do with Ryan.)

Oh. (They look so happy together, so meant to be, fitting perfectly together.)

Oh. (Did he ever look at her like that? With more than lust, with love, with tenderness, with respect? Did he? Ever?)

Oh. (Does Marissa know? Is Summer the last one to discover this little secret?)

Oh. (He can't love her, not really, not if he can kiss Ryan like that.)

Oh. (She's been living a lie and she never realised. Stupid, stupid, stupid.)

Oh. (Do they ever talk about her? Do they ever worry that she might find out? Or do they think so little of her that they believed she'd never find out? Do they even care?)

Oh. (She's finding it hard to breathe now.)

Oh. (There's moisture on her cheeks. She hadn't even realised she was crying.)


- end -