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A/N: Just so you know, this fic is 2 percent plot and 98 percent silliness. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I. Downtown Toontown

It was a hot summer day in Tokyo. The sun was not yet at its highest point in the sky, but its strength could already be felt blazing down on one of the most popular amusement parks in Japan known as Tokyo Disneyland.

The enormous theme park had just opened for the day. The local and foreign tourists who were lucky enough to be among the first to get into the park had already started to delight themselves with the many attractions that the Kingdom of Dreams and Magic had to offer.

It was in one of the seven themed lands in this American wonderland, at a place called Toontown, that the character known as the symbol for the whole Disney empire roamed about.

"Mommy! I want a picture with Mickey!" A six-year-old kid wailed to his mother as soon as he spotted Toontown's most famous resident. The kid ran as fast as he could in the direction of character whose image was stamped on everything considered to be Disney.

"Okay, Takai! Settle down and wait for mommy!" The mother called out after her springy son as she tried to keep up with his energy.

Takai paid no heed to his mother as he stopped right in front of the world's most famous mouse and looked up. The tuxedo-attired Mickey Mouse noticed the kid and looked down at him, his smiling face seemingly saying hi.

"Takai!" His mother said as she gasped for breath. She took his hand and scolded him gently. "Don't ever run off like that again or you might get lost." Then she looked at Mickey and gave him a smile. "Excuse me, Mickey-san. Can I take your picture with my son?"

Mickey looked at her and gave her a little nod, the warm smile on his face telling her that he doesn't mind.

"Thank you," she said.

She stepped back and aimed her camera, while the kid turned around to face his mother. As Mickey placed his two enormous white-gloved ands on the boy's shoulders, a similar scene was playing a few feet away from them. Smiling against the oddly-shaped backdrop that was the Gag Factory (1), was Mickey's girlfriend Minnie Mouse, her red and white polka-dotted dress swaying gently in the hot wind as a group of Caucasians posed with her for a picture.

"Smile!" Takai's mother said.

Little Takai gave a wide two-front-teeth-less grin as the camera clicked. Then he turned around and looked up at the famous mouse.

"C'mon, Takai," his mother called out.

Takai ignored her and continued to gaze up, seemingly fascinated by Mickey's huge nose. Mickey, in turn, looked down on him. Without warning, he suddenly grabbed Mickey's nose, then heaved himself up, intending to dangle his small body from Mickey's face, using the mouse's olfactory organ as a makeshift ledge.

"Owwww!" Mickey, or rather, the man inside Mickey, yelped as his enormous headdress pushed against the back of his head, causing immense pain on his neck.

"Takai!" The mother gasped. She quickly ran over and was able to extract her son from the mouse's still smiling face, but not without a small struggle.

"I am very sorry about that Mickey-san," she gushed over, smiling apologetically.

Mickey could do nothing else but smile.

As soon as the two tourists were gone, Minnie sauntered over in her yellow high heels towards Mickey.

"Dammit!"Mickey, or rather, the man inside Mickey, cursed out loud. The back of his neck still hurt, and he could feel sweat dripping down the sides of his forehead. "Ginji," he said, turning to the red-and-white-polka-dotted-clad mouse standing beside him. "Explain to me again why we're walking around in this under-ventilated coveralls in the peak of summer looking like giant rats."

"Because some Mickey Mouse items have disappeared the past few days and we're hired to get them back," Minnie, or rather, the man inside Minnie, answered.

"That still doesn't explain why we're dressed as oversized rodents."

"We're luring the thief out, Ban-chan."

"Why can't we just leave a Mickey Mouse statue or something out there and see if the thief takes it instead of wearing these stupid costumes?"

Amano Ginji, the man inside Minnie Mouse, shrugged. "Don't you think this is more fun?"

Mido Ban, the man inside Mickey Mouse, turned his head to his partner. Unfortunately, the Mickey Mouse mascot head could not reflect the glare that he was currently giving out.

"Does it look like I'm having fun?" Ban asked through gritted teeth.

Ginji looked back at Ban, or rather, at Mickey's warm smiling face. "Uhh, yes, actually," he replied.

The sight of Mickey bonking Minnie on the head made the people surrounding them stop in their tracks and stare at Toontown's most famous resident and his now-turned-chibi partner.

"That's so cute!" A Japanese teenager squealed as she caught sight of the chibi Minnie Mouse. "I didn't know they had a mini-Minnie mouse!"

Ban rolled his eyes as the teenager and her two friends came up to them. "The reason why we took this job escapes me right now."

"Because they're paying us 300,000 yen?" Ginji offered.

Ban sighed. "Oh, right."

"Mickey!" The teenager said as she stood in front of Ban. "Why don't you hold Minnie while we take your picture? Pleeeaase!"

300,000 yen. 300,000 yen. 300,000 yen. The words repeated themselves in Ban's mind as he held chibi Ginji up and turned towards the camera.

(1) The Gag Factory is one of the stores in Toontown where you can buy Disneyland souvenirs.