If that poor guy moves again, I swear to God…
part one- "That damn brain of mine"

Jaye sat on her bed, twirling the ring in her hand. Eric had returned! It was about midnight, and for once, those damn animals weren't talking to her. She was alone in her happiness. She couldn't remember where the ring had come from, but its smooth, metallic ringness gave her this strange reminder of Eric's lips on hers, the reminder of the joy that Heidi was finally gone.

Heidi was gone for good.

Jaye had to say this over and over again. Heidi was gone for good! Saying this made her want to get up and dance, but she couldn't.

She couldn't move. She was floored, she was happy, she had Eric. The only guy she had ever loved. For once, she didn't mind that she lived in a trailer park only a few minutes away from her family – who it turned out she didn't hate all that much. She didn't mind that her best friend was dating her brother. She didn't mind that inanimate objects spoke to her on a regular basis.

A loud knock came on the door and it took her from her trance. Back to the genie-in-a-bottle trailer she lived in, that was lined with animal shaped toys, bookends, and everything else.

She swung open the door and Eric stood there, on the steps, breathing heavily. He was flushed as though he had run to her all the way from the Barrel. Jaye just stared at him, wide-eyed, and he caught her up in a passionate kiss. Jaye pulled him inside and shut the door behind him, running her fingers through his hair, toying with the short strands sitting on the nape of his neck.

He pulled away, holding his arms around her waist, smiling. "Hi."

"Hi," she said, amazed. She suddenly came to her senses and her usual cynical self and said, "You do realize its past midnight in a trailer park in Niagra Falls, right?"

"No, of course I hadn't realized that," he said, laughing, and kissed her again. "Now, tell me you didn't miss that."

Jaye smirked and replied, "I didn't miss that." Eric played pretend hurt across his face and kissed her again. "Okay, so I missed that greatly." He kissed her again.

"Good." Jaye looked up into his eyes, her arms still around his neck. They were so deep and blue and loving.

"So, why are you here?"

"Why am I here?"

"Yes. Here, at my trailer, after midnight."

"I missed you."

"Yes, but couldn't you have seen me in the daytime?"

"I couldn't wait that long."

"Good," Jaye said, kissing him longingly, deeply. He returned the kiss with passion and the same longing. "So, uhm… how was New Jersey?"

"I already told you, I was just helping Heidi move in. The divorce got finalized, and I came back. I got my job at the Barrel returned to me, as well as my old temporary cot in the back room."


"I mentioned to my boss that I would actually try to find my own place this time around."

"Your own place?" Jaye asked slyly. Eric smirked and kissed her.

"And I had better get going," Eric said slowly. Jaye gave him the puppy dog look as he let go of her hand. "Its late, you're probably tired. I'll let you sleep." He said quietly as he pushed open the door.

Jaye caught him up in a deep, lovefilled kiss and looked up at him endearingly. "So, if you knew it was so late, why did you come?"

"I missed you," he said, smirking, as he backed down the steps and turned around to walk off into the night.

Unfortunately, he didn't see the chair where he was walking and toppled headfirst over it. "Okay, that hurt," he grunted. Jaye gasped and began to run over to him, but a voice behind her spoke up.

"Don't help him," it said. Jaye turned around slowly and stared at the stuffed chameleon. "Don't help him," it repeated. Jaye glared and sucked her cheeks in before turning back to Eric.

"Are you okay?"

"Fine. I'm fine. I'll just go…" he got up and wandered off, more carefully into the night. Jaye closed the door and spun around to glare angrily at the chameleon.

"He could've been seriously hurt," she snarled to the stuffed animal in the sink. It didn't reply. "You ruined my whole happy feeling. I was feeling happy. Why? Why did you have to talk?"

It didn't respond.

"Fine… fine. But, if you talk again, I swear, I will…"

"Don't help him," the chameleon repeated. Jaye's eyes bulged as she clenched her fists and stormed into her bedroom, shutting the retractable wall in a huff behind her.

Unfortunately, she was greeted by the monkey. "Don't help him," it said in its intelligent tone.

"Shut up," Jaye said angrily, and threw a pillow at him before flopping on her bed in a huff.

None of it made any sense to her. Why did they talk to her? She had had the chance to ask the monkey that, and he had simply replied, "Because you listen." What the hell kind of answer was that? "Because you listen!" Geez, she could've just asked a musician why they played music.

Jaye feel asleep in her temper and woke up to someone banging on her door. She looked at her clock. 8:00 in the morning.

Her brown hair was in tangles as she swung her door open to see her sister standing there, smoking a cigarette.

"What?" Jaye said impatiently.

"Good morning to you, too," Sharon said heartily after stomping out her cigarette. Jaye stepped back into her house and her sister stepped inside, looking particularly blonde. "I have a favour to ask."

"At eight o'clock in the morning?"

"Aren't you usually at work this time of day anyway?"

"It's my day off, so without you even asking, I'll say no." Jaye turned to her coffee machine and started to prepare the coffee.

"Aaron's sick and Mom and Dad are out of town, and I have to go to court, could you please check in on him now and again?"

"He's a grown man. He can take care of himself."

"Not when he's this sick."

"Did you ask Mahandra? I mean, she is his girlfriend and she doesn't start work for another ten hours."

"Why won't you help out your own brother?" Sharon whimpered and Jaye rolled her eyes. She turned to face her sister, but a voice sounded behind her.

"Don't help him," said the stuffed chameleon in the sink.

"Why do you have a chameleon in the sink?" Sharon asked.

"He needed a bath," Jaye said sarcastically while still staring at the talking toy.

"I swear, you're going crazy. Just… stop by to check in on him once, that's all I ask."

"Fine, but I won't like it," Jaye said, giving in to her sister's wishes.

"Don't help him," the chameleon repeated. Jaye hissed at him and her sister looked at her, confused.

"He's mocking me. With his eyes. Those damn glass eyes… always mocking… you."

"I swear to god, you are completely insane," Sharon mumbled under her breath as she opened the door and walked away. Jaye just looked at the chameleon with malice.

"Why won't you let me help my boyfriend… or who could potentially be my boyfriend? And… why won't you let me help my brother. I mean, I don't really want to help my brother, but… still. I thought you… whatever you are… I though you talked to me to make me help people and now you're telling me not to? That's just screwed up. Really," Jaye ranted to the unmoving chameleon in her sink as she prepared her coffee. "Maybe I should go to work."

"Don't help him," the chameleon said again and Jaye just glared.

THE END of part one