Then and Now

I yearned for the sight,

Of your gorgeous face.

Warmth filled my heart.

I loved you.

Your eyes lit up

Each time you saw me.

We were never apart.

You loved me.

Time passed quickly.

Memories were made.

Happiness was all we knew.

We were in love.

I don't know what happened.

We were doing so well.

I was so close to telling you.

We almost made it.

And then he came,

With his scheming ways.

He planned to ruin our devotion.

His plan worked.

I should have protected you.

I should have saved you.

Instead I was your destruction.

I failed you.

And just before you pinned me,

I saw the tears you left unshed.

I did nothing to hurt you.

You hated me for that.

You wanted me to stop you;

But I couldn't bring myself to do it.

To our love I remained true.

And so, you let the arrow fly

I felt no pain when it pierced me.

All I felt was warmth.

I felt your love for me.

I felt no hatred at all.

Before I went to sleep,

I saw tears of sorrow

Flow down regretful cheeks.

I made you cry... I'm sorry.

When I woke up,

I thought you were there.

But it wasn't you, my beloved.

Why weren't you there?

She thinks she loves me.

She thinks I love her.

But it's all in her head.

I can't love her.

I can only see you.

You're not quite the same.

But you're still my darling Kikyo.

I love you.

The End