~Harry Potter: A Quiet Moment~

~By Talon~

It was Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts, and he was in the most boring class in magic: Magical History. It was bad enough that Professor Binns was droning on and on about the shape and colours of the hats Merlin wore, he actually had to do homework on the blasted subject. And as he looked at the clock at the head of the room, slowly ticking away, he kept himself awake knowing that the weekly trip to Hogsmeade was just minutes away. But, as he lazily looked around the classroom with the many students who were asleep or struggling not to, he couldn't help but ask himself how long it had been, one hour or one year. He half expected the Hogwarts Express to sound it's shrill whistle, the conductor swinging his wand about, yelling 'All aboard!', and he'd be shoving off for a revolting two months at the Dursley's, with no one but Dudley to talk to. He shuddered at that. That monstrous load of fat, with blond hair on the top, two small, greedy eyes, that huge hole that had no right to be called a mouth, rather a bottomless pit. He remembered being punched in the nose last summer, the pure power of almost two tonnes of weight was staggering to the un-trained eye. And he couldn't have done a single thing about it. His best ability was magic, and if he used it in the Muggle world, he'd be expelled, forever unable to use magic of any sorts. And with that, he would forever be bullied by Dudley and forever denied any sort of solid future. In that world, the only thing solid would be what his despicable Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia thought up; most likely becoming a servant to Dudley when his father and mother had gotten him everything that pig wanted, and he could almost see it, he could almost see..... A reassuring hand lightly gripped Harry from behind, jerking him from his dark dreams. Harry turned his head around and saw Hermione with her hand on his shoulder. She smiled, as if she knew his thoughts. Harry wouldn't have doubted it; Hermione was so extrordinary he probably hadn't seen half of her ablilities. He smiled back as the bell finally rang. Hermione took her hand slowly from Harry's shoulder as they both picked up their books and headed for the door, both smiling at the quiet moment they had just had.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Harry Potter. And I know this is kinda' short, but since it was my first attempt at a Harry Potter fic, I didn't want to shoot too high. Please leave your comments so you can tell me what you thought of it-Be honest. False comments won't help you or me in the long run.

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