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Ginny had never run so much in her entire life as she was right now. The corridors were silent and empty aside from the slapping of two pairs of sneakers against the stone floors as two teens pelted towards Gryffindor Tower.

"Gin, come on!" Hissed Ron, grabbing her arm and dragging her down the hall.

Ginny wanted to scream 'It's not my fault I'm not a lanky git like you!", but the effort of talking would have taken more of her breath away. And so, she simply dug further and pushed herself to run faster.

Ron was breathing very hard and finally came to a stop in the middle of the hallway, bent over double trying to catch his breath. He felt rather than saw his little sister collapse against the wall, her own breath rattling and deep. He gulped down air as he listened, waiting anxiously for the sound of footsteps. Surely Filch would have lost them by now…

"Ron…" Ginny gasped. "You… are…"

"Yeah yeah, save the profanities for when we're back in the tower." He whispered, waving a hand impatiently at her. He tiled his head to the side a listened.

And he froze.

"Are they here my sweet? Detention for two more tonight I think…"

Ron resisted the urge to scream in frustration. How could the old man have caught them so quickly? "Ginny…get up." Ron hissed desperately, pulling his sister up from the floor.

Ginny muffled a groan of protest and let Ron drag her down the hallway, their cloaks billowing out behind them. The moonlight was bathing the walls in silver as they ran down a corridor Ginny couldn't recall having ever walked down before.

"Ron… I can't run anymore." She breathed, tugging him to a halt.

"What!" he whispered harshly, whirling on her. "Yes you can, come on!" he urged, pulling her into a power walk.

Ginny tripped over her robes and let out a squeal. "Ron, I lost my shoe."

"Just leave it, come on!"

"Look, in here." Ginny said, pulling him to a stop. She grabbed the handle of the large oak door, but it wouldn't turn. "Oh come on!" she growled, juggling the handle.

Ron shoved her aside and pulled out his wand. "Alohamora."

Nothing happened.

He tried again, and this time Ginny did the same. With the combined effort of the spell, the door clicked open and they hurried inside the room.

Ron shut the door as soon as they were both in, whipped his wand out and did a series of locking charms and silencing charms on it. Filch would never get in now, being the squib he was.

He heard Ginny collapse onto the floor again as he pressed his ear to the wooden door, listening for any signs of the old caretaker.

"Pillock." Ginny finally said, apparently regaining her composure.

Ron looked around at her incredulously. "Me? You're the one who wanted to come out in the middle of the night and practice dueling… without Harry's cloak!" he yelled angrily. "Do you know what would have happened if we got caught? I can't get into anymore goddamn trouble after everything we've done in the past. And we're both prefects Ginny!"

"Gee, I wasn't aware you and Hermione had switched bodies over night." Ginny said, standing up. "Seriously Ron, what's life without a little risk?" she asked with a smirk.

Ron looked like he was going to crack a smile, but instead pursed his lips and pressed his ear against the door again. She sighed, figuring they would just have to wait for a while until Filch stopped prowling the corridors for them. She looked around, swinging her foot with the missing shoe in a childlike fashion.

They were in a fairly large room with massive bay windows. It was dusty and had obviously not been used in a great deal many years. There was no furniture anywhere in the room at all.

"Is he gone?" Ginny asked, looking at her brother over her shoulder.

Ron pressed his ear to the door harder and heard the familiar grainy voice for the caretaker.

"What's this Mrs. Norris?... a shoe. They must be close."

Ron felt his blood go cold.

"They must be close my dear."

Ron felt Ginny come stand next to him as the scratching of claws ran over the bottom of the other side of the door. Ginny grabbed Ron's arm tightly in fear.

"No, no-one's in there. That's locked that is." Filch said. "Come on, we'll find 'em."

Ron felt a wave of relief rush over him as the footsteps receded until there was nothing but silence. "Thank Merlin. I thought we would be busted for sure." He chuckled, leaning against the door.

"Can we go now?"

"Not yet. Just wait a few minutes incase he comes back."

Ginny sighed, ran a hand through her flaming red hair and took another look around the room. It was rather dark and drenched in shadow, but something in the corner suddenly caught her eye.

"Hey, look at this." Ginny said, crossing over to the object. She pulled out her wand. "Lumos." She commanded, and pointed the beam into the shadow where the large object was positioned.

It was a mirror, a good eight feet tall and four feet wide. It had a golden frame around it had was propped up quite innocently against the wall. Ginny went to move closer to it, when Ron grabbed her shoulder and kept her back.

"Wait." He said, eyeing the mirror suspiciously. "Don't."

"It's just a mirror." Ginny said, smiling.

"And that thing you wrote in when you were eleven was just a diary." He retorted. He saw her flinch and sighed, instantly wishing he hadn't said that. "Look, I just don't think we should muck around with things we don't know anything about, alright?"

"It's not evil Ron." Ginny said confidently, stepping out of his grasp.

Ron nodded, believing her. Ever since the said incident with the diary, Ginny had always had this uncanny ability to sense evil or danger in anything or anyone. It made her a good judge of character and would make her a good Auror.

Ginny lowered her wand and peered at the mirror. As she stepped closer, she expected to see her sixteen year old face peering back at her, but as she stood directly in front of it, she saw nothing but the room behind her. It was like she was not even there. Like she really were wearing Harry's invisibility cloak.

"Have I turned into a vampire over night?" she asked, waving and moving around a little in front of the mirror. Still she could see nothing but the room behind her.

"I sincerely hope not. Here, move over." Ron said, standing next to her. As he did so he found that he could also not be seen. Just the room behind them.

"Strange." Ron said, reaching out to touch the glass. When Ron did something, it wasn't softly or carefully. So when he reached out blindly, expecting to have his hand slam against the mirror, he did not expect his hand to go sailing right through it.

He let out a yelp and lost his footing, causing him to go crashing into the mirror. No, not into… through.

Ginny let out a cry of surprise as Ron landed hard on the floor on the other side of the mirror, his robes sprawling around him. "Ron!" Ginny cried. She took a few tentative steps towards it, looking through at him. "Ron, are you hurt?"

Ron groaned and pushed himself up off the floor. "Only my ego." He groaned, rubbing his side. He looked at his surrounding, feeling thoroughly confused. He looked in the mirror and saw not himself, but Ginny staring right back at him as if through a window, concern and puzzlement all over her face. "What happened?"

"I don't know." Ginny said. Her voice was like an echo, as if they were standing at opposite ends of a massive hall or cave. She stepped towards the mirror and looked at it with curiosity. "Look, just get back here so we can go to bed, please." She pleaded.

Ron nodded, not needing telling twice. He took two deliberate steps towards the mirror and…


"OW!" Ron yelled, massaging his forehead as he had walked right into the glass. He looked at the mirror in horror, getting a very bad feeling. "Oh no." he muttered. He put a hand to the mirror and his hand connected with the barrier. "Oh no… no no NO!" He yelled, slapping the barrier with his hand.

"Cant you get back?" Ginny asked, worrying her hands.

"Oh sure I can, I'm just admiring the craftsmanship of the frame for a moment." Ron said. "Of course I can't bloody get back!" he roared.

"Okay, calm down!" Ginny said with a scowl, looking at the frame. She poked it with her finger and the glass rippled like water for a moment.

Ron looked at her, guessing what she was planning. "Don't even try it Ginny. Just go get someone will you?"

"It's two in the morning Ron, who am I going to get?"

"I don't know! Go wake Hermione up or something… just don't do anything rash." Ron said, turning away and looking around at the room. It looked exactly the same as the one he had just been in… was in… whatever. But, there was a strange atmosphere to the room. Difficult to describe, and even more difficult to determine.

"This is too weird." He thought out loud, feeling a migraine coming on. "Ginny? Are you going to get help or…"

But Ron stopped short as he saw Ginny walk through the mirror, the non-existent pane shimmering around her as she passed through it. She shook herself as if just passing through something very cold and smiled up at him.

Ron did not return it. "Please tell me what your definition of 'rash' is so I can BLOODY CORRECT YOU!"

"Will you stop it?" Ginny hissed, hitting him in the arm. "I wanted to see if both of us could get back through, like we could both unlock the door just now."

"And what if we can't?" Ron asked, giving her a look. "Then what were you planning to do?"

Ginny's smile faltered. "Well… just let's try again shall we?" she said hastily, eyeing the mirror.

"Right, come on." Ron said, taking her hand and leading her to the opposite wall. "Okay, I have a plan."

Ginny clucked her tongue and rolled her eyes.

"What?" Ron asked indignantly.

"Oh please. You're idea of a good plan is 'Everyone on three!'".

"I beg your pardon? This actually happens to be a very good, well thought out, and intelligent plan." Ron said, folding his arms over his chest.

"Oh yeah? And what is it?"

Ron grabbed her hand, moved her next to him and looked at the mirror. "Okay, on three." He said.

Ginny didn't even have time to burst out laughing, as he had skipped numbers One and Two, simply shouted "THREE" and broke into a sprint. Ginny caught up with him… they were nearly at the mirror…


They both collided with the very real, corporeal barrier and fell back onto the floor with grunts. Ron sighed in defeat, but Ginny got up instantly and let out a cry of anger.

"On three? That's the master plan? God, why couldn't I have gotten stuck in a mirror with Percy? At least he'd think of something better than 'Have at you!'. Honestly, we wouldn't even be in this mess if you hadn't put your arm through it. You just had to touch. Why do you always have to touch?"

Ron rolled his eyes and picked himself up from the floor, dusting off his robes as he ignored her complaining and looked around again. It looked as though they hadn't even left the room. Or perhaps they hadn't… it was all a little too hard to grasp. What Ron did know, was that they were definitely still at Hogwarts, and that was comforting.

"… and what's Harry going to think when he wakes up tomorrow, trots down for breakfast and doesn't find me? What is he going to do? Who is going to make him drink his juice in the morning…"

"Ginny, stop." Ron said, grabbing her arms to put a stop to her rambling. "Just breathe, okay?"

She nodded and did as he instructed, trying to calm herself down.

"Good. Now, let's just think about this calmly and rationally. Look around. We're still at Hogwarts aren't we?"

Ginny nodded. "Seems like it."

"Right, I thought so too. So, if we're still at Hogwarts then that means…" he trailed off, looking at her expectantly.

Ginny bit her lip. "That… there are draughty bathrooms?"

"Dumbledore! It means Dumbledore's here somewhere!" Ron cried, rolling his eyes. "All we have to do is get to Dumbledore, explain what happened and get him to make the mirror all walk-through-able again."

"If it was that easy, why didn't you tell me do to that before I walked through the mirror then?"

"I did!"

Ginny shut her mouth instantly, realizing that in fact he actually had told her to go and get someone else to help. She sighed and pocketed her wand. "Okay, off we go then. But if we get detention, I'm blaming it all on you."

Ron nodded, listened to check no-one was outside and opened the door for her with a reassuring smile.

Ginny walked out into the hallway and gave each end a glance. Seeing the coast was clear, she beckoned Ron after him. He shut the door behind them, locked it and followed her up the corridor.

The halls were the same, the tapestries were the same… and yet, there was something different about the aura of the castle. As if it was a fake copy of the castle.

Ginny felt slightly uneasy and looked to Ron to see if he felt the same, but she was surprised to see him smiling. "What' so funny?"

Ron chuckled slowly, shook his head and increased his speed, putting him in front of her. "Draughty bathrooms." He laughed disbelievingly.

"Cauldron cake."

Ginny looked at her brother with slight surprise as the gargoyle stepped aside. "How do you know the password to Dumbledore's office?" she asked as they stepped onto the ascending staircase. "Only the staff and Head's know it."

"Funny about that, because I actually happen to be dating our current Head Girl." He said with a lopsided grin in her direction.

Ginny smiled as they moved upwards in a spiral direction and in no time at all, were standing at the door of the Headmaster's office. She felt herself shake, feeling once again intimidated by the prospect of seeing the old man so late at night.

"Are you sure he'll be up here?" she asked Ron.

"Oh sure. If he's not still up going over some important papers to do with school uniforms or lunch orders or something, he'll be in his chambers which are just off his office. Either way, he'll be here." Ron said, knocking on the door.

They waited patiently for a summons to enter, but none came. Ron exchanged a look with Ginny and knocked again.

"Listen, maybe we should just go up to Gryffindor Tower and lie low. I mean, two hundred points from Gryffindor for wandering about the school after hours is not something I'm terribly keen on experiencing right now." Ginny said, rubbing her arms against the chill of the night.

Ron sighed, grabbed the handle and pushed the door inward. As soon as he took one step over the threshold, the candles in the room suddenly all came to life and illuminated the room with a soft glow. Ron, pulling himself together, grabbed Ginny's hand and entered the room properly.

This office had always been of supreme interest to both the Weasley children. With its interesting dark detectors and its astronomy tools and other instruments they didn't know the name of, it was almost a pleasure to be there. And it would have been, their reasons for being there notwithstanding.

"Professor Dumbledore?" Ginny called weakly, as if afraid Dumbledore would storm angrily into the room, demanding why they were up there so late.

Ron walked over to the phoenix on its perch and admired it. "Hey Fawkes." He said softly.

The phoenix looked at Ron, gave a friendly chorus of phoenix song and tucked its head under its wing for a nap. Ron looked at the door off to the right of the room and ruffled his hair.

"Think we should wake him?" Ron asked.

Ginny pursed her lips in thought. "I still maintain we go to Gryffindor Tower."

"Yeah, or we could wake him and tell him we just fell through some strange mirror."

"Or,' came a familiar voice from the door ', you could tell him why you are in his office at half past two in the morning, with one of you missing her shoe."

Ginny and Ron spun around to see Dumbledore standing on the threshold of his office dressed in his nightwear, a twinkle in his eye and an amused expression on his face.

"Professor Dumbledore, we're sorry to disturb you so late." Ron said, taking a bold step forward.

"Not at all Mr. Wealsey. It's been quite a while since I could entertain guests at such a late hour." The headmaster beamed. "However, I would prefer it if you were in bed in your dormitories. You know how Professor McGonagall gets about students being out of bed after curfew."

"Yes, and we're terribly sorry about that sir." Ginny said. "But, see… there's something we need to ask you. Or, rather tell you."

Ron felt it rather inappropriate at that time to tell the headmaster that he seemed weird. In fact, everything they had seen so far had seemed a little weird. It was something Ron couldn't put his finger on. Something was off.

Dumbledore assessed the two teens in front of him, before indicating they should sit down. They did so rather tentively as the headmaster made his way to sit behind his desk. Once he was seated, he let out a sigh and folded his hands in his lap.

"Now, tell me what is so important that it couldn't wait until tomorrow morning."

"Well, you see sir, I convinced Ron to come practice some Dueling with me rather late at night just tonight, but I thought we would finish earlier than we did. You know, I get so into it… anyway, we sort of went over time and when we realized what the time actually was and tried to get back to Gryffindor Tower, Mr. Filch came after us."

Dumbledore looked like he wanted to smile, but instead said 'Go on."

"So then, we ducked into this room on the sixth floor and hid for a while. But, while we were there we saw a…"

"A mirror." Dumbledore said, cutting Ron off.

Ron and Ginny exchanged glances. "Oh. So, you know about this mirror that isn't really a mirror then."

"What do you mean?" Dumbledore asked, although he knew.

"Well, we couldn't see ourselves in it!" Ginny said. "And then dunderbrains over here had to go and try and touch it and he just sort of… fell through it like it was a big gaping hole into another room. I came through to try and help him because he couldn't get back, but…"

"No, I imagine he couldn't." Dumbledore said, rubbing his eyes as if he were suddenly very tired. "Oh dear, you'd think I would have learnt by now not to leave special mirrors lying around."

Ron stifled a laugh. He knew he was referring to the Mirror or Erised, but Dumbledore wasn't to know that. "So, we came here wondering if you could maybe explain what happened. I mean, nothing here looks much different."

"It wont now, but I have no doubt it is very different to where you came from." Dumbledore said, looking at Ron.

"Sir, what do you mean 'where we came from'?" Ginny asked. "We haven't gone anywhere. We're still here… at Hogwarts."

Dumbledore looked at her before sighing. "This is going to be a hard concept for you to grasp, but I feel I have no choice but to explain it to you until we can get you back." He said. Once he realized he had both students attention, he continued.

"That mirror is no ordinary mirror as you no doubt have guessed. We were keeping it safe for the Ministry until they could organize a more appropriate place for it to be kept. It is not a mirror… but a gateway. A portal to another world along the same parallel as yours. This is not your world, but a different one. Surely you have sensed something very different about this castle since you fell through."

Ron nodded. He had felt something different. Not bad or evil… just different.

"Whoa, wait a minute!" Ginny said, sitting upright. "Are you telling us that we've just fallen into another dimension or something?" she demanded.

Ron winced at his sister's tone in front of Dumbledore, but the headmaster didn't seem to mind. "If that is the explanation that you fell will help you understand this, then yes."

"And you just believe us?" Ron asked incredulously. "Just like that? We could be Death Eaters for all you know."

Once again, Dumbledore smile. He reached into his desk drawer and pulled out something very familiar looking and placed it on the desk. "Do you know what this is?"

"A Sneakascope." Ron said, peering at the little top. It was completely silent. "Ah, so this is how you know if students are lying to you. And here I thought you were just a really good judge of character." Ron chuckled.

"We're in another alternate dimension." Ginny muttered, shaking her head as Dumbledore put the dark detector away. "Because our lives were weird enough already."

"While this world is not completely opposite to yours, no doubt you will notice many small differences to where you are from." Dumbledore said, resuming his explanation. "I do not know what it is like for you on the other side of that mirror, but I am positive it is slightly, if not formidably different."

"Sir, as long as there's one sun in the sky, day turns into night and you have Quidditch, then I think it can't be that much of a shock." Ginny said.

Dumbledore smiled at her. "We can not truly decipher the true differences until the morning. This brings us to our next issue. What do to with the two of you." He said. "Obviously you cannot go walking around like that. This castle is only big enough for one Ronald and one Ginerva Weasley after all."

"Wait a minute. We can't stay here!" Ginny cried. "We came to you so could send us back!"

"And I will, but I cannot do that until both our portal opens up, and I do not know the exact time of when that will be. And you cannot go wondering around in our world looking the way you do. People will suspect foul play." Dumbledore said firmly.

Ginny sat back, not wanting to push him any further.

"So, there's already one of each of us here? I mean, two of us… I mean, er…" Ron said, feeling confused.

"While the world is generally identical, some circumstances will not be. If there is a Ronald Weasley in your world, so must there be here. And I can assure you, the Ronald I know is quite real."

"Strange thought isn't it? There being another one of us out there somewhere." Ginny muttered as Dumbledore stood up.

"Except they're not out there somewhere… they're here." Ron replied.

"Now,' Dumbledore said, coming around his desk to stand in front of them, 'let me see what I can do about your appearances. You will have to stay here at the castle until I can get that portal open once more."

"How long is that going to take?" Ginny asked.

"Like I said Ginerva, I can't be sure. Days, hours, perhaps weeks…" Dumbledore shrugged.

"Weeks?" Ron cried, standing up. "We can't be missing for that long! People in our world with wonder what's going on! They'll be frantic… mum'll kill us…"

"Mr. Weasley!" Dumbledore laughed, holding his hands up to stop Ron and Ginny worrying. "No doubt your disappearance will be detected in the morning, and your version of myself with have no difficulty figuring out what happened to you both."

"Doesn't mean Harry still won't go mental." Ron said.

"Harry Potter?" Dumbledore asked suddenly, giving Ron a strange expression.

Ron exchanged a glance with Ginny. "Yeah, why?"

Dumbledore seemed to be doing some quick thinking, but he simply smiled. "Shall we continue? Now, you will both maintain the mantra that you are both siblings, which I'm sure, will not be a hassle. Perhaps Ginny, you would like to be in the same year as Ronald? Just for the time being of course."

Ginny nodded hastily. "Yeah!"

"Wonderful! Now, stand still both of you while I perform the glamour."

Ron and Ginny stayed silent as Dumbledore waved his wand over their faces, making their features change. By the time he was done, Ron felt no different, but knew he must look different.

And his suspicious were correct when Ginny burst into giggles beside him. "You look ridiculous." She said, pointing at him. Her voice had been altered slightly, but not so much that it was unrecognizable.

Ron frowned and looked into the nearest mirror, resisting the urge to cry out in surprise. His hair was now rather long, touching his collar and had been turned dark brown. His eyes were still blue but his nose was a different shape and his freckles were no longer existent. It was a surreal experience to look at yourself and see another person, and it was something he had only done once in his life. He was pleased to report he looked considerably more handsome that last time though.

He turned on Ginny who was still giggling and smiled. "So do you." He chuckled. His voice too had been altered.

Her hair was now rather long and pitch black, making her look like Harry's long lost sister. Her eyes were still brown and her face too was free from freckles. Her nose was made a little longer and her face was a little narrower, but other than that she still carried her aura.

Ginny flipped a few strands of hair over her shoulder and gave him a smug look.

"So, what names do we use? Surely we can't call ourselves Ginny and Ron." Ron asked Dumbledore.

"You're absolutely right Ronald. Lets call you Ben, and Ginny you may be called Cassie."

Ron and Ginny looked at him in disbelief.

"And your surname can be McDowell." Dumbledore added cheerfully. "Now, I will keep up the façade that you are exchange students from a smaller witchcraft institution in London, and you have already been sorted. Now, what houses are you both in?"

"Gryffindor." They said together instantly.

Dumbledore smiled. "Well, there's one similarity. But, I won't have you just waltzing into Gryffindor tower at this time of night. So, both of you will take this note,' he said, summoning parchment and a quill, ', and stay in the infirmary. Just for the night." He said, writing a note to Madam Pomfrey.

Ron sighed and took the note from his headmaster. "Okay." He said in his different voice. "Should we come up here in the morning?"

"No, go straight to the Great Hall. I will announce you at breakfast."

Ginny sighed and ran a hand through her black hair. "Bloody hell. This is all my fault."

"You're damn right this is all your fault." Ron said testily, opening the door for her so they could leave. "If you had just gone to get someone in the first place and not walked through…"

"Excuse me, but you're the one who just had to try and touch it!"

"Maybe I really should have been Percy, then he could tell you what a twit your being."

Dumbledore smiled to himself as the two teens left his office, their bickering echoing up the staircase until it faded into nothing. He looked at his faithful pet on his perch and sighed.

"Harry Potter eh? This will be interesting to see."

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