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This Fanfiction is nearly six years in the making. Six years ago I saw Sailor Moon for the first time and read my first Fanfiction. I was inspired. I became so enthralled that I studied Sailor Moon wherever I could and gobbled up whatever information I could find. I began to see a pattern in Sailor Moon. The connections between the past and the present and the future. I also began to see connections between Sailor Moon and other stories and shows and Anime and Manga I saw. It was a really frightening thing. I wanted… No… I NEEDED to write this. Show the connections in it. To prove a point. That if you really look closely you can see how Sailor Moon could easily be connected to The Lord of the Rings, X-Men, and even Harry Potter… But not in the ways most would see it… I don't speak of the present… I speak of the past. For example… Where did the indestructible material for the One Ring come from and who is Sauron REALLY? Who is the Phoenix and why does she hide as a deity to the Shi-ar? Where did Hogwarts really come from and who are the Four who founded it? And why did Slytherin really split up from his companions? I want to try to answer these. For myself as well as for others. I will set my disclaimers here and now…

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I would like to thank Lone Warrior2 for telling me that I had pulled a Tolkein and will never get this done… I will finish it just to be contrary

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Firstly, before the story is told as all is understood, it must be explained as to what a Senshi is. What it means to be a Beautiful Warrior. The Senshi are almost an accident as you will soon discover. But a more blessed accident there never was. They were created from nothing. They are true immortals, for when they die they can either be reborn or go to dwell with the Gods who created them. They are the truest perfect beings ever, for they have no spiritual faults and physical faults are purely a judgment call. The elves are their closest kindred. How the elves actually came to be a race unto themselves is an entirely different story altogether and can be found in the volume called "The Silmarillion". The Senshi are always female, for that was the form that the first Senshi chose and so it became unwritten law. Only females will inherit the power, which brings forth the Matriarchal system the Senshi live by. Only in a few cases will there be an actual KING-dom, the title a practical joke pulled by a Senshi who was a worshipper of Loki, God of Mischief. That is only if the planet is fated to or if the Senshi allows it. The Senshi is also fated to carry on ovule with their wombs. Because of this twins, even identical twins, are exceptionally rare. Only a few bear multiples. If the fetus should die before birth or in stillbirth, the egg will pass on into the womb of the mother's future incarnation. So then the Senshi will bear two, again a rare thing. IF there is no child or the child dies after birth, the mother will use her own Star Seed and create a child, thus Senshi are also self-fertilizing, but only in the most desperate of situations. Or if that doesn't work, again a rare thing, the Senshi may adopt a child the bless that child. The child of course will be less powerful then her mother, but the familial line of power will go on. If this doesn't happen and the Senshi dies without an heir, the Gods will either choose a new Senshi, or the family and planet will die out. Rarer still is the birth of male children to a Senshi. There have been few cases of male children being born and, although they too bear great power, they will not receive the power of the mother and only act as a representative of that Kingdom.

The Senshi could almost be described as pure Wild Magic and therefore they are unpredictable and mysterious. They can live to a great age and the only sign will be the pure white of their hair and the luminosity of their being.

Each Senshi is represented by a virtue or an element. For example: Sailor Mercury, Senshi of Ice; Sailor Solaris, Senshi of Truth; Sailor Pla'ane, Senshi of Peace; Sailor Nix, Senshi of Opposition and so on and so forth.

Senshi also come in all shapes and sizes. The smallest Senshi ever was Sailor Pixtel, who was about the size of a house wren and could blow meteors into dust with a word. The tallest Senshi ever was Sailor Pluto, who was said to be nearly eight feet tall when the power was upon her (and it did not help that the heels of her boots were almost six inches tall…)

The only difference between Senshi and Humans is that Senshi can survive almost anything and heal without much of a problem under normal circumstances. To date there have been no recordings of a Senshi loosing so much as a limb. The only exception is the Saturn Satellite Senshi, Sailor Atlas, whose family cursed themselves and sacrificed the limb of every Atlasian ruler after the death of the Earth Senshi during the early ages of Middle Earth to honor the passing of the rulers and to remind themselves of what they had lost.

The Satellite Senshi were formed to guard the moons and asteroids around each planet if there was more than one. They were the advisors and guardians of the outposts and edges of each Queendom and were sometimes known as emergency militia in times of war. The equivalent would be the Earthian Knights and Samurai who served their masters and cared for the land around the kingdom so too did the Satellite Senshi rule their outposts and moons.

Even though the Senshi were rulers and queens in their own right they bowed to one ruler, Sailor Cosmos, who was the first Senshi born of the Star Cauldron and thus her line was blessed by the gods. Each daughter of the line of Cosmos bore a Godhead, though they didn't necessarily come into their Godhead unless great troubles arose. But when those powers were awakened it would always be known as an age of miracles.

Even though each Senshi was different and no two were alike, all Senshi are one of the Star Cauldron. The place where Stars, Hope and Light are born...