Three days had passed, and after they had taken the train, they took a steam boat to France. After that, they took another train that ran all the way across France. A few days later, they took another steam boat, only this time it was headed for Africa.

Days turned into weeks. In that time, Josh learned how to speak Chinese, thanks to Chen. But sometimes he just stared out into the water, waiting to see Africa in all its glory. That's all he had been doing since he got on the boat, but all he could see was just water, clouds, and some fish.

One day, Chen walked up to him. "Still waiting to see it?" He asked with a smile. "Why don't you take a break and get something to eat from the kitchen?"

"I'm not hungry," Josh said turning to Chen. "I'm too excited about getting there, and wrestle a pack of lions, or ride an elephant, or something."

"I know, but you've been waiting here for weeks now."

Just then, the two turned around to see Denzel walking up to them with a bowl of soup in his hands. "Here, why don't you have some soup," Denzel said handing the soup to Josh. Josh took it from him and started to sip at it. "You need to eat something."

"Oh… alright," he said lazily. "I am a little hungry anyway."

"You're welcome," Denzel said with a smile.

"Land Ho!" A crewman shouted, cupping his hands in front of his mouth.

Josh spat out his soup and ran towards the mizzen mast. He looked up at the crewman on the mizzen mast and shouted, "Where?"

"Off the starboard bow!" The crewman shouted back to him.

Josh and the others quickly ran to the bow and there it was… Africa. The land was covered in large green trees, and seagulls filled the sky. It was a beautiful site to look at. their eyes didn't even blink.

"Look at it," Josh said in amazement. "It's beautiful."

"It truly is, Josh", said Denzel as a tear rolled down the left side of his face. "Let's go ashore shall we?"

"Yes, let's," said Chen as he grinned.


Twenty minutes later, they got their supplies and their horses ready to go ashore. Each horse had to be loaded onto a different life boat; otherwise the boat would break and sink. The three men were the last ones to go ashore on a life boat. The captain of the steam ship rowed them to the shore. The three men got out of the boat and stretched their legs.

"We'll meet you here to pick you up in six months time, monsieur," said the captain waiting in the life boat. "I hope you three have a map."

"Don't worry, we do," said Chen as he wiped the sweat from off of his face. "See you in six months, captain."

The captain waved his hand goodbye and started rowing back to the ship. Josh got his map from out of his pocket and started to study it.

"Alright, if we start riding now, we should get to Kenya in about four weeks," said Josh. Then he rolled up his map, and started packing his supplies onto his horse. Chen and Denzel did the same. Then they mounted their horses and started off into the jungle. Who knew what dangers awaited them, or what sites they would see? The only thing they did know was that their adventure would be one that they would never forget.