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Author's Note: This is a very old story that I have revisited and have started to fix and re-edit because 6 years later (yes I said 6) it's just embarrassing that my grammar, spelling etc. is so atrocious. That's what happens when you feel the need to tell a story as quickly as possible. Unfortunately this story took on a life of his own and the characters just went all over the place and my basic outline didn't seem possible anymore. So as I mentioned I re-edited it and took stuff out that really didn't work but this follows the same plot and story line but it is much more readable. I don't want to give a time frame because I don't want to be held to it but I'd like to finally put up the last few chapters with the ending of this crazy, soap opera of a story. I'd like to say no later than Mid March.

Chapter 1

Sarah's alarm clock was ringing loudly on her night stand. Yet another uneventful new day in her life was about to begin. She rolled out of bed to start her morning routine. She hopped into the shower and got ready for work. By 8 am she was dressed and out the door. She took the metro into the city to her stop, Times Square in NYC. The center of so many dreams. A Mecca to all who wish to achieve some kind of career in the entertainment industry. Like so many others before her Sarah had given up her dreams of becoming a world famous actress when she couldn't find work in theater, she was forced to get any job she could find. At the ripe old age of 22, her parents had decided that she was too old to be living at home. She found a job in the Fashion District as a receptionist for a clothing company and had gotten a small but modest 1 bedroom apartment just outside the city. She kept her chin up by reminding herself that she was a few blocks from the bright lights of Broadway and she would go walk down that famous avenue during her lunch breaks. When she walked in that morning her boss, a tall older gentleman greeted her with, "Sarah, get me a cappuccino." not a 'good morning', or a 'how are you'. After setting her stuff on her desk she dutifully went to the cappuccino machine thinking to herself 'I need a new job. At the very least one where my boss will at least think enough about me to say Good Morning.'

It had been a long time since Sarah had allowed herself to remember her adventure in the Underground. For a long time afterwards she thought she would catch a glimpse of the Goblin King's face but when she'd focus on it, it would disappear into something else. To be honest it had been a few years since she thought she saw him. And it always seemed to bother her to think of her final confrontation with him. After reviewing it in her mind a few thousand times she started to come to terms with what he had actually offered. The fact of the matter was that at 15 years old she would never have understood. She smiled at herself imaging what life was like in the Underground on a daily basis. The memory of her friends smiling faces the day she returned home, that party she had with them was enough to keep her happy for weeks. She sighed and felt the heat of her boss' cappuccino seeping through the cup so she tried to step on it, unfortunately his door was closed which meant one of two things. The "Vice President" (AKA his mistress) was in there and no one was supposed to interrupt for the next 30 minutes or so OR he was talking to his wife on the phone and didn't want the "Vice President" walking in and hearing him sweet talking his wife. 'Crap, now what?' She went the safe route and went with the steaming cappuccino back to her desk to wait it out. As she sat back down her phone rang, "ACME Clothing Company where your dreams of looking good come true", she answered.

"You better get a huge raise for saying that load of crap." Her best friend Myra's voice came out of the receiver.

"That's my job 'Load o' Crap'. What's up, Myra?"

"Good Morning, Sunshine. Just wanted to know if you are still meeting me at the movies tonight for The Last Unicorn? I haven't seen it since I was like 6 years old"

"Yeah I'll be there but I need to get home before 10 tonight I gotta make dinner for myself I just can't afford to keep eating out."

"You see that's what happens when you throw away all that money on a whole apartment. You should do what I do and stay in friends' basements. Now that's what I call freedom. No bills, no responsibility. Just calm existence. You should try it, pudding pop. I got inventory tonight anyway so I need to go back to work at 10. I'll be at the shop until like 2am."

Sarah just couldn't help but smile at her friend's idea of freedom. " Look I gotta hang up but I'll see you right after work. K?"

"K. See ya."

Just as she hung up her intercom rang, "Where is my DAMN cappucchino?"

"Coming" Sarah picked up the still hot but not steaming sweet concoction from her desk and half ran through her boss's now open office door.

After her girl date with Myra, she came home to do as she had promised herself. She was cooking spaghetti and meat balls and by cooking she meant opening the box of frozen meat balls and adding them to the sauce, she heard a small tapping coming from her bedroom. She put her wooden spoon down and ran straight to the mirror. She had piles and piles of laundry that she hadn't bothered to put away on top of her vanity. She saw a familiar eye peaking out through a gap between the piles and cleared them as fast as she could but by that time she had only caught a glimpse of her friend as he began to fade. "…Milady…Don't…", she heard just as he disappeared. "Sir Didymus!". Sarah rushed to sit comfortably before she tried to call him again.

" Didymus, I need you" she called as she had many times before. A few moments passed but nothing was coming through. " Ludo, I need you", "Hoggle…Anybody, please answer me!" She saw a ripple and a familiar picture coming into view. It was the Labyrinth as she had first seen at the top of the hill 12 years ago. The labyrinth was just as big as she remembered but it didn't look quite the same. Instead of the healthy tan and green it was now grey and black and all the bushes and plants that had been there on her trip were all dried up and brittle with rot. She thought out loud, "What happened?" Just then another picture appeared. It was the Goblin King looking out one of his castle windows. Even though he had his back to her she felt a chill run up her spine. Something was wrong, she couldn't quite put her finger on it but she felt it. He half turned and with an elegant wave of his wrist, a round crystal appeared on his fingertips, he peered into it and released it toward the Labyrinth watching it float like a bubble and burst over the outside wall. She witnessed the great maze becoming grey and watched the decay spread throughout the entire labyrinth within minutes. As she looked at the Goblin King she saw a look of concern on his face as he turned toward her and began to walk in her direction. Sarah let out a small scream and got up thinking that he had seen her but then realized that the mirror was changing again focusing on a picture of Hoggle hiding underneath a bush, stunned as the outer wall slowly began rotting in front of him, then another picture of Sir Didymus watching the Bog of Eternal Stench dry up, and a moment later Ludo, whimpering as he watched his rock friends turn to sand. Sarah couldn't believe what she had just seen, another picture came into focus. It was the Goblin King again sitting on his throne with his head in both hands. This last picture frightened Sarah the most. She had never seen the Goblin King show any emotion. She thought his face could only hold one expression. The mirror went back to normal and all that remained was Sarah's own reflection. "What am I going to do? I have to help them"

Just then Sarah remembered the box she had tucked in the back of her closet, in which her entire childhood had been reduced to fit only a few of her most valuable treasures. After clearing all that had been piled on top over the years, she pulled out the box and ripped it open. She was looking for her small red book with the gold lettering. She finally saw it at the bottom. As she reached for it she saw the Goblin King figurine that had lived on her vanity for years. She took the book out and placed it on the floor, she then reached for the figurine just as she was pulling it out she felt a surge of energy, she was thrown back into the footboard of her bed and was knocked unconscious.

As Sarah opened her eyes she realized she was in a small dark room. She stood up to get a better feel of things when she noticed a pinpoint of light off in the distance. She started toward it. The closer she got the clearer and rounder the object became it was a round crystal and the Goblin King was behind it holding on to it with both palms peering intently into its center. Without looking up he said, "Sarah, you're dreaming. You must wake up and forget us all. You MUST let us go or the Labyrinth will die along with the rest of us." He then looked deeply into her eyes, "as will you."

When she woke up she was still holding the Goblin King figurine. She felt a large lump on the back of her head where it had made contact with her footboard and rubbed it. She stumbled out of her apartment still holding on to her two treasures. She carefully sat the top of the staircase to steady herself before going down.

"Oh my god, what do I do?" She thought at one point about wishing herself away but then thought against it. Would she be given the chance to run the Labyrinth yet again? Probably not. Besides, even if she could run the Labyrinth what were the odds that she would win again? Why was it decaying? What would happen to her friends if it did? But most importantly was the Goblin King telling her the truth? Were all her friends going to die? There were so many questions she needed the answers to but if it was true then she couldn't sit back at let it all happen. If there was even the slimmest chance that she could do something she had to try.

"I know who may be able to help me" Sarah shot up from the step. With her book and figurine she left her apartment she ran down to the street.

She ran a few blocks to Myra's magic shop. As kids Myra just seem to know things. Things she couldn't know. Almost like she sensed things. Sarah always felt she had someone to tell her secrets to (Even the kind of secrets that could get you thrown into places where others could observe you through glass windows). As she rushed into the shop a cloud of incense enveloped her. She saw her friend on the other side of the counter, Myra had cute red hair with dark black streaks cut into a long bob, big blue eyes that were outlined with dark black liner. Sarah rushed to her, "Myra, I need you. Can we talk in the back?" her friend looked at her trying to see if this warranted her immediate attention. Trying to inject a little humor into her friends state she said, "Hi, nice to see you again so soon, Sarah. What's going on?"

"Please Myra, this is important, can someone else cover for you for a little bit?"

After seeing that her friend was not being the drama queen she sometimes could be, "OK, let me see if Jacob is around. JACOB!"

Just then a young man popped his head out from the stock room. He was tall with long brown hair and a thick white streak down one side. Sarah had never met him before he had the lightest grey eyes she had ever seen.


"Jacob, I need to talk to my friend, Sarah, in the back for a minute. Can you take over the inventory for me just a minute or so? Thanks," she said before he could even answer. " Oh, by the way this is Sarah." And took Sarah's hand and pulled her into the stock room, closing the door behind them.

"Sarah, this better be good, my boss has been giving me crap for being late all the time."

"Myra, do you remember when I told you about my experience in the Labyrinth when I was 15?"

"Oh please not this again."

" Look I got a message from one of my friends but…"

"A message? Like a phone call? A note? What?" Myra replied in a mocking tone, "Don't you have to call them or something? Sorry I mean how does one get a message from the Underworld", she'd asked rolling her eyes with her hands landing on her hips.

"The Underground" Sarah corrected, "My friend was calling me from my bedroom mirror and then his image faded. So I sat in front of it and called them, the way I always have and got an image of the Labyrinth…" She went through all that she had seen in her mirror and finally the vision she's had after touching the Goblin King figurine.

"Are you sure that the vision was a result of touching the figurine? Because you said you hit your head. It might have been a dream or hallucination."

"I don't know but I felt something when I touched this," she said pulling out the figurine, "Just touch it and tell me if you feel something"

Myra took the doll and closed her eyes, "Oh my God, I see the Goblin King naked"

"What?" Sarah yelled.

Myra laughed, "Sorry, I couldn't resist. OK" again she closed her eyes and concentrated. "I don't sense anything but," then she paused, "I smell something. Like a charge"

"A charge?"

"yeah like that smell that's left after an electrical storm. You know it tickles the hair in your nose. Oh yeah there's something here. You have a book too, right? Let me see it?"

Sarah handed her the book. Myra put the doll down and grabbed the book with both hands and closed her eyes. "I don't see anything but I do feel tingling in my fingertips." She opened her eyes and looked at Sarah, "Ok, how did you say you talk to your friend? Your mirror?"


"I think I know how you can get back there but we'll need this" Myra took a book with a triangular symbol on the cover from the top shelf.

"Come on"

Myra told Jacob she'd be right back and turned to Sarah. "Hurry up, I need to be back here in an hour before my boss back."

Jacob smiled at them and said, "Bye Sarah, it was a pleasure to have met you, hope you come back soon"

Sarah waved goodbye and turned to Myra, "Jacob seems a little too polite to be working in a magic shop"

"Yeah, I had a weird feeling when I first met him, but then I found out he's a drummer in some rock band. I guess he's one of those people that makes a bad first impression. Hey, he probably thinks you're cute"

Sarah felt a little uncomfortable and tried to change the subject.

"So Myra, what's in that book?"

"Well, the first time you told me about your little adventure I remembered something about an amulet in one of my books on the ancient people and fairy folk " She opened the book and flipped through a few pages and finally held it up for Sarah.

"Is this the amulet that hung from the Goblin King's neck?"

Sarah looked at the picture, It WAS an exact replica of Jareth's amulet.

"yeah that's it"

"Interesting. You know when you first told me about this whole adventure I thought it might have been a dream brought on by this book but I don't think you are kidding are you?" Myra looked at Sarah as if it was the first time she saw her. Her eyes widened slightly and continued, " I didn't know for sure but I think we may need to get you back there, to the Underground I mean. I think that when you beat the Labyrinth your spirit was connected to it somehow. I'm not exactly sure because everything is so vague, absolutely no details. I'm guessing it's so that people don't accidently let someone or something out. But if I'm right, there is a spell in this book that can convert your mirror into a gateway. And I don't mean only allowing them to come into our world, but you can possibly reverse it and go into theirs as well." They continued on for a few minutes in silence before Myra stopped again , "I'm sorry, by the way, for not believing you Sarah. I just thought maybe your imagination was wilder than mine." The two friends looked at each other and smiled. "It's fine, I'm kinda used to it, " Sarah said continuing on her way.

Just when they had finally reached Sarah's block they were stopped by two police officers, "Sorry ladies this block is closed off. There is a building on fire. Some idiot left their stove on"

Sarah looked up ahead.

"Oh my God, I left my stove on. I was making dinner!"

Myra said with a sigh, "Well so much for the mirror idea."