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Chapter 29

It had always been a game. Hadn't it? It seemed that it still was to her. His gaze had not drifted from the fire ahead of him.

"I want you to explain this to me. Im still not clear about this place…"

"..it shows people their deepest regret…"

He'd shown her to look for her deepest regret but thankfully has not expressed his own. After her friend's sudden information had come to light. IT was quite obvious that now his deepest regret would be far more regrettable.

He'd run through the Labyrinth's tight hedges. Night was falling quick. He knew that he must reach Myra/Sarah before his father's army collected her. If something happened to her he would not be able to forgive himself. But which one? Only an hour ago all he could think of was Myra and now even the mere picture in his head began to change. He felt the tingle of Myra's lips on his own. Her warmth, her hair, her words. She was …she was beautiful with her full lips and long dark raven hair. He ached to touch her. He stopped in his tracks.

"What is this? It's almost as if I've been bewitched. She has bewitched me. But of course it makes perfect sense. Sarah must be immortal. That is it!"

He again started to run toward his beloved signing, "Myra is my Queen."

Sarah stumbled out of the tent leaving a shocked Myra still inside. Guilt was clearly written on her face. It wasn't like she set out to hurt her best friend. Besides Myra had the whole Aboveground in love with her what did with Paralda as well.

She signed, You know that's not true Sarah what's wrong with you, she thought to herself. The truth was neither of them had had an easy time up there.

Besides it wasn't like she and Paralda were anything more than friends.

She looked up to search for him and finally caught a glimpse of his pale hair against the firelight and next to him was Jareth. A soon as she saw the Goblin King her breath caught in her throat. The way the light caught his perfect features made her chest tighten and the memory of his lips against her throat. Heat began to build up in her heat traveling up to her face. That was when she realized that no one had ever made her blush with just one thought. Paralda could not compete with that. She only wish she knew what the Goblin King felt for her. But right now she had to run back to let her friend know that she and Paralda were nothing more than friends.

"Brother what are you doing? We are supposed to be shaving these stems to make weapons and here you are sitting there staring into the forest."

"There is something wrong, my sister, I feel it. Do you not?

"No. What do you sense?"

"I'm not sure but it is not right. Stand still."

She quickly stood still and almost instantly felt a small wave of energy around her. 'What is that?'

'So you feel it as well?

'of course, perhaps we should go and warn the others…'she started when Rastrin quickly stood up, "there" he pointed further ahead.

A small ribbon of smoke drifted out of the woods before becoming Konile.

"Rastrin, Sielke" come quick. Briegal has found some…some creatures out in the forest. I told him not to do anything but you know how he is."

Paralda, Jareth and Sarah having heard the commotion came running to find out what was happening.

"Creatures, you say? What do these creatures look like? Asked Jareth quite curious at the thought of new subjects.

"They are so gruesome. Some of them were even missing limbs."

"Wait," Sarah piped in, "are they orange and furry?'

"Yes. How did you know?"

She smiled at them, and stepped into the forest ahead of them. "Just remember if they ask you to play with them just say no. The last we need is to lose our heads."

As they filed into the forest behind her Jareth turned to Paralda

"You stay here and watch over the camp and Lady Myra, "he winked at his friend and smiled his understanding.

"Sielke please stay here with me at the camp."

"Of course Paralda."

The creatures were on the move Grunting, with each step. When one of the Fae leaders stopped and silenced them all as he brought his finger to his lips.

The other Fae gathered around and silently discussed something they were peering at up ahead.

When suddenly they disbanded and headed straight for their soldiers.

They each told their troops of an ambush they were to plan on the unsuspecting furry, orange creatures a small distance away.

The dark creatures were amused and slightly hungry from their journey. Waiting with baited breath for an opportunity to show these Fae what true destruction should look like.

The others walked through the forest led by Sarah who was holding up a purple orb to light the way. Jareth was close behind holding his round crystal full of light had not taken his eye from her thick raven hair. As it swung with each step she took. Her delicate fingers curled around the fabric of her skirt as she lifted it off the ground. He swallowed a large lump that had formed in his throat as she turned to him. "is something wrong?"

"Absolutely not. What makes you say that?" Sarah waved for the others to go on ahead and handed Rastrin her orb.

" I can feel it. What is it?" she asked full of concern.

He straightened to his full height and fixed his stiff emotionless mask to his face.

"I assure you, dear Sarah. There is nothing that is bothering me. And if there were it certainly is no concern of your." Before pushing past her.

'I don't know why I even try' but she knew what she had felt and before he could step away from him she reached for his arm and turned him to face her.

She felt him relax a bit when he dropped his head to look at her. Her heart skipped a beat when she turned to look deep within his mismatched eyes. At that moment whatever she had intended to say was forgotten. All her thoughts were focused on him when once again everything began to melt away only to be replaced by the dream room with Jareth holding out the crystal for her to take. Off in the distance she 'Love me, fear me do as I say and I will be your slave.'

Only this time instead of reciting the words she stepped forward and claimed the crystal and even embraced the King, slipping her arms inside the white gossamer cape that hung from his shoulders. The familiar smell of magic enveloped her a light chuckle escaped Jareth and Sarah snapped out of her trance. To her surprise she was hugging him and he was hugging her back.

"Sarah, are you alright?"

"Sure" she said taking a step back, quickly adjusting her dress a little embarrasses.

"Remind me to teach you about self restraint when all this is over."

He remarked before moving onward and throwing a devilish smirk over his shoulder at her, his stiffness forgotten.

They finally caught up with Konile and Rastrin and also found Briegal leaning over a small round yellow bush. They quietly approached and looked through the small gaps in the shrub when Sarah confirmed what she had known all along. It was a pack of fieries.

"oh yes. I know these creatures. They are harmless." Jareth looked through the brush. "should we collect them and see if they need our assistance?" asked Rastrin.

"Awww I was hoping to fight with some of them."

Konile quickly elbowed her brother.

"Briegal hush"

"we'll go and peacefully talk with them and see where they stand on Aernay. Perhaps we'll have some soldiers for an army."

Rastrin and Jareth looked at each other and quietly chuckled to themselves.

"You can't be serious, Sarah. These creatures are certainly NOT soldiers. Besides what kind of army could they possibly make?"

Sarah smiled a knowing smile, "An army that can be knocked down and still pull itself together." Never losing her eye contact.

"Interesting. Oh alright, we'll see where they stand on the issue and we'll proceed from there. BUT let me ask the questions."

"of course Your majesty. Should we wait 'til morning?"

"yes it's dark and we all could use some rest."

Briegal reluctantly stood up and walked behind all of them.


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