Title: The Forbidden Forest
Summary: On a dare, Yugi, denizen of a small town, goes into the Forbidden Forest, to disprove the theory that it's a bloodthirsty vampire's territory. The theory isn't so easy to disprove, however, when that very vampire finds him and kidnaps him. Is it possible for love to blossom between such an odd pair?
Warning: R for blood, violence, graphic descriptions, language, and character death.
Parings: Yugi/Yami
Timeline: AU present

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(fifty years ago)

Red eyes glowed in the darkness of the night and the forest. On the shifting wind came the faint scent of blood. A smirk curled his lips upwards as he realized what this meant.

Someone is in my territory.

Standing up, he turned his gaze upwards to the tree he was standing next to. It was the tallest one in his forest. When he was at the top he could see for miles in any direction. Which was what he wanted. He expertly leapt from the ground twenty feet up onto a sturdy branch. Several similar jumps later, he was at the top, able to see the clear sky and the full moon. He looked in all directions, sniffing faintly.

Another whiff of human blood came to him from the southeast. He got down from the tree the same way he got up. Then, turning to face southeast, he started to run through the forest. The scent of blood became stronger and stronger as he ran along.

He stopped, suddenly. He saw the intruder. A girl. She had a flashlight, which was on its last legs. She kept hitting the side to keep the light constant as she slowly meandered through the forest. "I should never have accepted that stupid dare," she was saying to herself. "There's no vampire here. All I got out of this was getting lost. Oh, I want out of this creepy forest!"

A smirk graced his lips. He jumped up to stand on a branch high above her head. "And what," he said, watching with pleasure as she whirled in the direction his voice came from, "are you doing in my forest?"

"Who's there?" the girl cried, shining the dim light around. "If that's you, Chip, trying to scare me-"

"I'm afraid you aren't that lucky," he interrupted. "You've trespassed into my territory, and for that, you must pay with your life."

The girl started to back away. "I wasn't trying to cause any trouble," she trembled, "I was just-"

She never got to finish her excuse, for in an instant, he had jumped down from the tree and landed in front of her, snatching the pathetic flashlight away and hurling it into the bushes. The girl let out the beginnings of a scream before a cold hand clamped over her mouth.

"Forget it, frail human," he hissed. "Your screams will not save you."

The girl squeaked underneath his hand as she tried to pull it off, but she was far too weak. He lifted up his free hand, and his nails extended into claws right before her terrified eyes.

The blood. The girl, futilely trying to escape, even as she died. It satisfied him to no end. He gave her no mercy whatsoever; killing her gave him a high. Her blood spilled on the ground, and seconds later, her lifeless body followed. His red eyes narrowed as he realized she was dead. It hadn't taken very long. Humans were so very fragile. It was sad. He smirked. At least he had something to drink now. He had started to get thirsty. The amount of idiots who wandered into the forest had been getting lower.

He licked his fingers clean, and then looked down at the body. Best have some before it all drains out, he thought.

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