Title: Looking Glass
Author: LupinLovesTonks
Rated: PG13 - R
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all related characters are trademarks of JK Rowling. No money was made from the writing of this fic.
Summary: They both craved love and adventure outside of what everyone said they were. But do the things Hermione crave truly lie through the looking glass?
Additional: We all know Hermione Granger is the smartest witch of the age at Hogwarts. But what she truly wants is nothing more than love to make all her studying seem worthwhile. But on the other side of the looking glass, Hermione still has all the grades to make a Ravenclaw jealous and desires the same things as the one she sees in the mirror each night. But when Mirror Hermione convinces Real Hermione to change places. Will the real Hermione like what greets her on the other side?

Warning: Some things may get somewhat confusing as it will deal with both book HP and "looking glass" HP. But I'll make sure to indicate when it changes. Will contain some dark themes, angst, and sexual overtones as well as a rather evil Lupin O,o; Read at your own risk.

Prologue - Part One

Normal Hogwarts-

She loved being good, smart, and everything that Hermione Granger was supposed to be. But it didn't change the fact she hated being teased by jealous peers about her over-excelling at so many things. They called her a good-two shoes, show off, and even ugly. But, Hermione had to admit, she had the greatest friends any girl could want. Harry and Ron were the best thing about her days at Hogwarts.

She enjoyed how they would pout when she scolded them about lagging with their lessons or not finishing a report that was due the following month. She enjoyed how they would try to talk her into joining their slacking. She even found it flattering when they would get defensive if someone called her ugly and try to convince her that she was pretty.

Even Seamus, Neville, and Dean would join in from time to time... But usually only when the people that had been saying it had made her cry. Yes, she had wonderful friends. But, she coldn't help but wonder if she was ever destined to be anything more to her life than books, bushy hair, and guys that would never see her as anything other than a friend.

She didn't want to be known as the "know-it-all" of Hogwarts. She wanted to finally find that person that made her skin shiver with excitement when they touched her in the simplest way. And made her sometimes forget herself. She wanted to see love and adoration in the eyes of a lover that she knew would hold her for all eternity.

She sighed heavily and wiped the heat steam from off the bathroom mirror and looked into her own eyes. "It's so easy being you," she whispered. "All you have to do is look like me You don't have to put up with the things they say and do to me."

With a heavy sigh, Hermione got dressed for bed and went to her dormitory.


Her hand shot into the air, a bright smile on her lips that wasn't there in any other class when she knew the answer. Ron and Harry had pointed out several times that she seemed to have more than a like of knowing the Defense Against Dark Arts this year. And that they hadn't seen her so excited at answering questions since their third year. Personally, Hermione wanted to try and deny that it had anything to do with the professor. But she would rather deliver the answers to Professor Lupin with a smile than with an aire of "i know the answer" arrogance that some people in the class would times do.

Of course, he was just a temporary fill in while their DADA professor that year was out a few weeks, due to family matters. So, she had decided to make Professor Lupin feel as welcome as she could.

"Yes, Hermione?" the man smiled. "What can you tell us about love spells?"

"Love spells were banned during the Magical World Convention of 1486 due to the controlling nature they have on others. Love spells were put in the same classification as the Impervius, or the controlling curse. During the Convention other spells of that nature, such as lesser affection charms, were also considered for banning. But the representatives agreed that the effects of affection charms were not as threatening as love spells so they were classed with the likes of cheering charms."

Hermione even ignored the titter of laughter the Slytherin girls gave after Lupin congradulated her on her knowledge of love spells. Then he set the class the assignment of an essay on love spells, their effects, and ways to protect oneself from them and how to identify a person under a love spell. Hermione wrote the information down as well as the required length of two feet of parchment.

"And this is due Friday," Lupin finished. "The headmaster wants to make sure all the students know and understand why we do not want any of you toying with such spells before the beginning of February, so to lessen the amount of students attempting to use them for the upcoming Valentine's festivities. Hermione, could you stay after a moment please?"

The students filed out of the classroom. "We'll wait outside for you Hermione," Harry called before him and Ron exited.

As soon as the door closed, Lupin gave her a slight smile and motioned for her to follow him into his office. Hermione did her best not to skip after him, but instead took careful, calculated steps. Not too slow so that he asked questions, and not too fast so that she seemed all too willing to be alone with him in his office.

When she walked in, Lupin was looking through the drawers on his desk and through mounds of things left by the absent professor. His eyes darted to a place about her head and he smiled. "Ah," he said quietly and strode over and reached above her head to retrieve a package. He looked down at her and offered the package to her. "It's late, I know, but the moon and I had a previous engagement around Christmas so I couldn't give it to you then. I've already given Ron and Harry theirs, I was just having a time trying to get you yours."

He stepped away from her and sat on the edge of his desk. Hermione blushed lightly and carefully peeled the Spell-o-tape that held it closed, loose.As soon as she unrolled the paper from around the contents she saw it was a book. "Magic Mirrors: Talking to Your Reflection," she murmured. She honestly didn't know what to think, but then Lupin spoke.

"It was one of my favourites when I was your age. Like you, I used to over excel in order to prove I deserved to be here. I found this book when I started noticing that some of the things in the mirror were not as they seemed in my world." He gave her a gentle, almost fatherly, smile. "But you're a clever witch, Hermione. I don't think you'll have any problems understanding it."

"How did-"

"I know?" Lupin grinned. "I have my sources. Namey a frustrated librarian that loves to complain when she doesn't have a type of book a student is looking for."

Hermione flushed slightly and walked over to her professor. "Thank you Professor Lupin," she smiled and hugged him tightly.

Lupin startled slightly but then hesitantly returned the embrace, patting her back lightly. "You're welcome," he said lightly, holding her at arms length from him. "Now run along. Go have fun with your friends."

Hermione laughed softly. "Are you kidding? We have an essay to get started on. We're going to be in the library until dinner!" Clutching the book to her chest, Hermione turned and scurried from his office, stopping only briefly to pick up her bag before exiting the room.

As soon asshe was in the corridors, Harry and Ron flanked her either side dutifully.

"She probably used one of Krum in Fourth year," a Slytherin girl laughed. "Why else would he have been all goo over a chipmunk like her."

"Don't mind them Hermione," Ron said a little loudly as they approached the group of Slytherin girls. "Pansy's just jealous that she'd have to use a mighty strong love spell to even get the fancy of a Slytherin."

"Ah, give Pansy a break Ronald," Hermione sighed, not wanting to start anything that would ruin her good mood.

"Yeah, she can't help she's not smart enough to even know how to start a weak love spell," Harry piped in.

Pansy simply snarled and snapped, "She probably even has one on Weasley and Potter."

Hermione felt herself blush. She would never even consider making love spells. Not that she needed love spells or affection charms to make her friends like her. But she was blushing because, there had been a time or two that she had considered using a mild grade affection charm to get Ron or Harry to kiss her in her fourth year. But, before she could get up the nerve, Viktor had taken a fancy to her so she didn't have need for even attempting the charm.

"We know you'd never do anything like that Hermione," Harry assured. "You're smart, not desparate."

This only made Hermione blush more.


She held the mirror in her hands and gazed down at it. The dark eyes gazing back at her looked tormented and sad. She had always thought that the person she was looking at reflected what was on her own face.

The image you see is only what you feel you are. Which explains why some attractive people can look into mirrors and think they're ugly.

Hermione turned the page. "Standard communication between your mirror-self. Take a 12 by 12 inch mirror..." She read the next couple of instructions. "Take a deep breath and say your name clearly. Her-mi-o-ne Gran-ger." She looked at the mirror a long moment. "Hello?"

The reflection smiled victoriously. "Hello."

Hermione shrieked and dropped the mirror in her hands. It shattered into several peices. She panted heavily, suddenly becoming aware that she was on her feet against the wall. For a moment she debated fixing it, but instead she ran out of the room, leaving the peices on the floor.