Title: Looking Glass, Chapter Three
Author: LupinLovesTonks
Rated: PG13 - R
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all related characters are trademarks of JK Rowling. No money was made from the writing of this fic.

Changes of Normality
Hermione pulled out the small compact mirror from her pocket and opened it once she was alone. Her reflection beamed up at her. "What time?" she asked.

"Tonight," her reflection replied. "After everyone is in bed. Go to the prefects' bathroom and we can switch there. It'll be absolutely wonderful."

A nagging sense in the back of Hermione's mind was telling her that she shouldn't do it. But she chalked it up due to the fact it was something that really did not have any documented reality of occurring before. True, she had the book, but it was all done in theory that such a thing could happen eventually. So, as far as she knew, her trip into the other side may very well be the first that ever occurred. If someone else had done it, certainly they would have written a text or tale about their adventure.

Hermione clapped her mirror shut and tucked away safely then went in search of Harry and Ron. Odds were, the two were out practicing for Quidditch, and so she went there first. Her instincts had been right. She sat down on the gassy field and watched her two friends as they zipped between goals, trying to score points.

Part of her was starting to not want to switch over with her reflection. She would miss Harry and Ron terribly. Ron more so than Harry, she supposed. No, Ron would be able to hold his own -- mostly anyways. So she knew it would be Harry she would miss most. Would the other Hermione be capable of giving Harry sound advice that would keep him out of trouble?

Then again, there was a Ron and Harry on the other side. Maybe things wouldn't change so much after all. So, in essence she didn't see why she needed even to bother telling them goodbye before she left. As the sun finished it's downward journey, Harry and Ron landed on the ground and ran over to her.

"Did you see me Hermione?" Ron asked, standing proudly. "I blocked Harry almost every time."

"And I didn't take it easy on him one bit," Harry piped in.

Hermione carefully stood up and the three of them made their way into the Great Hall for supper. Though she hadn't intended it to be that way, Hermione couldn't help but feel a little sad that she would be leaving that night and not tell them. Even though it was just for maybe a few days. Ron and Harry seemed to be in good cheer though. So, by time they had finished eating, she was convinced they would all be okay while she was gone. Besides, it wasn't like they would notice her absence there would just be another Hermione in her place.

She waited until late to make her way out of the dormitories and into the prefects' bath. The moment she saw her reflection it smiled brightly at her and waved eagerly.

"I knew you'd come," the other Hermione said brightly. "I knew that since I was coming here you had to be coming along too."

"Is it different over there?" Hermione asked quietly, as the approached the mirror.

"Well, of course not," the other Hermione laughed. "We are in just as fine tune as you lot are. Though if there are any people that don't use mirrors, there may very well be a few minor differences. Nothing noticeable unless you're paying close attention. Did you bring your book?"

"Of course," Hermione replied and both herself and her reflection slung their bag off their shoulder to look for the book. At the almost the same exact moment, they removed the book from the bag and opened it, flipping through the pages in the same manner. "It says we have to say the spell in perfect unison."

"With our hand against the mirror," the other Hermione said. "And repeat this phrase three times, in perfect unison."

"Right," Hermione said with a light flush.

Both of them placed a hand against the mirror, oddly enough it was as if Hermione was simply looking at her reflection instead of getting ready to swap places with it. Surprisingly, the two of them said the phrase in perfect unison. They repeated it a second and a third time.

The floor shook. The other Hermione's fingers clasped Hermione's hand. "And now the last and final line," the other Hermione grinned.

"My place is yours and your place is mine," the two girls intoned.

There was a flash of silvery light and Hermione felt herself, and the trembling floor lurch forward. The book she had held in her hand tumbled from her grip as she fell face forward. Slowly, Hermione pulled herself up off the floor and looked around the room. It looked somewhat darker than she remembered. The sound of gentle laughter reached her ears, so she turned to face her reflection.

The other Hermione still had her back turned, her laughter was progressively getting a little louder until it all that was left was the sound of a loud, maniacal laughter. Her reflection turned on her heels to look at her. For the first time, her reflection gave a slow, evil smile.

"Have fun darling. I know I will," her reflection said too sweetly and ran from the bathrooms.

Hermione felt the color drain from her face; she pressed against the glass of the mirror. The only thought she had now was... what had she done?


Things were definitely much darker. Even at night, her Hogwarts had held a certain mystical glow to it. She had done something stupid; at least Hermione admitted that much. But all she wanted to know now was how to fix it and prayed that her reflection would not cause too much trouble before she could do so. But whom could she go to for help that would actually believe her?

"Rest assured Draco," a familiar voice echoed through the corridors. "That it is well within your powers as a school prefect to use spells against those three if they try it again."

Hermione gasped and hid in the shadows. She peered around a corner to see Draco speaking with Professor Snape. She blinked several times. It couldn't be right. Professor Snape never wore anything but his black robes that made him look like nothing more than an over-sized bat. This Professor Snape was wearing deep emerald green robes. Not to mention this Draco looked about ready to wet himself.

"It is your duty to patrol the halls Draco," Snape continued. "Besides, you know how those two are. By now they are probably off behind a tapestry, doing whatever it is they do. Just remember, if that snotty little Granger tries to use that curse on you again, send it back at her. I will not tolerate any of my students being tormented by that plaything."

Hermione blinked several times. Plaything? Snotty? Cursing? What exactly did her reflection do all day when away from the mirror? She cleared her throat and walked out of the shadows. The look on Draco's face was almost priceless, it would have been if he hadn't looked like she was Death itself. Snape gave her a sneer, so at least that much hadn't changed.

"I will leave you to your duties Draco," Snape drawled. He then turned and walked down the corridors.

Draco held up his wand, shakily. "He gave me permission to do it back to you Granger. So don't think for one moment that you can do that torturing curse on me again."

Hermione raised an eyebrow and almost laughed at the sight. "I won't do that Draco, I promise," she assured, putting a hand on his wand and making him lower it. She thought for a moment as to what sort of alibi to give the boy. "I… I slipped and fell in the Prefects Bathroom."

"You knew my name," Draco said quickly.

Hermione did her best to play with the cards she was dealt. So, undeterred she smartly replied, "That man that just left called you Draco. I need your help. I can't remember a jot of anything other than a few names here and there." She felt herself squirm inwardly as she prepared to say the words she was thinking. Of all people, she never would have seen herself saying them to Draco Malfoy -- Harry's arch nemesis, the one that had tormented her so many times by calling her foul names. "You… you… you seem to be a nice young man. Perhaps you could help me sort things out?"

And, oddly enough, Draco Malfoy looked as if he had just been handed a plateful of cauldron cakes.