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O where is the great king of Gondor?

Where is the banner once flown?

Where is the heir of Numenor?

Where is the horn, once blown?

Where is the beauty of a kingdom once great?

What are the stories once told?

Where is the glory of the warriors late?

What are the songs sung of old?

Abandoned are the people of Gondor.

Burned is the banner once flown.

Lost is the heir of Isildur.

Cleaved is the horn once blown.

A flower now blooms on the White Tree.

A sign of hope regained.

A halfling has come to swear fealty.

Hope has now waxed, not waned.

The King has returned to Gondor.

Returned is the beauty of a city, once fair.

Come back is the glory of Numenor.

Repaired is the horn of the heir.

The long journey at last is done.

Arrived is the King's newborn son.

Let blessings rain down on Eldarion.

The darkness at last is gone.


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the return of merry