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Note: This episode takes place after Volume 3 of the manga, but will include minor details here and there about events that occurred in Volume 4. To avoid confusion, I will include only minor events from Volume 4 and other volumes as they are translated into English.

A Simple Wish
Twenty-Sixth Period:
The Wonderful Transformation of Negi

"…A-And my sp-spirit shall be uplifted…forevermore!"

Negi Springfield, the ten-year-old English instructor in the Junior High Division, Year 3, Group A class of the Mahora all girls Academy and Magister Magi in training stands from his seat in the front of his class and applauds politely. "Well done Izumi-san. You did an excellent job translating that last passage."

Ako Izumi sits back down in her seat, muttering, "Thank you Negi-sensei," with a light blush.

The young instructor takes a book off of his desk and faces it towards his students. "The Raven. This is a poem written by Edgar Allen Poe, a popular writer who was a native of America. His works are dark, but very good and meaningful. The book I placed on all of your desks earlier is a compilation of his greatest works, both poems and short stories. For homework I would like each of you to take a passage from any piece of work you like and translate it into Japanese. You will be reciting it in front of the class tomorrow so please try your best!" He smiles at the numerous groans following his homework assignment, most of them coming from the appropriately named 'Baka Rangers'. "Well that'll be all for today. Class dismissed."

All the students gather their things and make their way out the classroom to attend either other classes or one of the many, many clubs that Mahora Academy has. Negi places all of his paperwork and books in his backpack and starts to leave, only to stop in his place at the pretty young woman standing in front of him. "Negi-sensei," Ayaka Yukihiro, the Class Representative gushes, a lovely blush caressing her cheeks while beautiful exotic flowers appear behind her "you did a wonderful job teaching as usual!"

"Thank you Class Rep-san," the Magi in training kindly replies, "but the only reason why I am doing well is because I have such a great class!" He suddenly notices the odd look she is giving him. "Um…does the Class Rep need anything?"

"I was wondering what your plans are for the rest of the day," she innocently replies.

Negi shifts his weight, feeling his large wand push against his back. "Well I had no other plans for the rest of the day, but I was thinking about going to the cafeteria and grabbing a bite to eat."

Ayaka clasps her hands together, inching her face closer to her adolescent instructor. "Would you mind if I join you Negi-sensei? I have no other plans myself." This, in fact, isn't true. The Class 3A Representative has an Equestrian Club meeting today, but for the chance to get closer to her beloved Negi-sensei, she would gladly skip it…just this once. She does have a positive reputation to maintain after all.

The young boy is about to respond when his two roommates, Asuna Kagurazaka and Konoka Konoe, walk by. The granddaughter of the School Dean waves to him with a soft smile while her best friend looks away with a deep blush, remembering a few days ago when both she and Negi faced off against the student/wizard/vampire Evangeline A.K. McDowell and her partner, the student/robot Chachamaru Rakuso. In order to help defeat them, Asuna had to enter a probationary contract with Negi and become his partner. The contract was sealed with a kiss and Asuna used a bit more tongue on him than was necessary…in fact, she didn't even have to use her tongue at all, she just got a little caught in the moment.

Negi looks away from the two young women and back at an anxious Ayaka. "Sure!" he cheerfully answers. "I'd love to have some company!"

The Class Rep is suddenly so full of jubilation that she feels like she is floating a few feet in the air. She staggers on her feet for a few moments before regaining her composure. With a lovely smile, she places her hand on his shoulder and ushers the young instructor out of the class. "We must hurry if we want to find some good seats Negi-sensei. The cafeteria fills quickly at this time of the day."

"Oh really?" Negi mutters. The two of them are a few feet out of the classroom when an older student bumps into him, knocking him to the floor. He doesn't notice the small, sparkly necklace fall out of the back of his backpack. "Ouch."

"Sorry kiddo," the girl replies, not bothering to help him back to his feet as she rushes off to whatever she is going to.

Ayaka instantly helps the young Magi to his feet, her face adopting a worried expression. "Are you alright Negi-sensei? Did that terrible girl hurt you?" She does a quick inspection to see if any part of him has been harmed. Satisfied, she backs off, placing her hands on her hips with a frown. "The nerve! I don't understand how some people can be so disrespectful to such a highly talented instructor…unlike myself," the exuberantly rich young woman adds. "I have always been a perfect student to you, haven't I Negi-sensei?"

"O-Of course Class Rep-san!" he agrees. Feeling a bit awkward, he takes her hand and heads off towards the cafeteria, not noticing the glorious flush that has spread across Ayaka's cheeks.

As soon as they are out of sight, a young woman notices the necklace on the ground. "What's this?" She kneels down and picks it up, holding it out in front of her. The sunlight pours through the diamond like substance in the heart of the necklace, creating a prism of light to flow out onto the girl's partially obscured eyes. "Pretty."

Asuna raps her pencil against the book she is looking at, not knowing what to do. She flips through several pages, hoping to find something she can understand. "Ugh, this is hopeless," she moans while sinking her head down onto the book, the twin bells on her ponytails jingling slightly. "English, what a worthless subject!"

"I don't know," Konoka remarks, walking into the room with some freshly made food, "with Negi-kun teaching now, it's been pretty fun! Our entire class has been doing better, including you Asuna."

"Yeah yeah, whatever," she replies, waving a hand dismissively. "Speaking of the little shrimp," Asuna adds, looking up from her book, "do you think it was a good idea leaving Negi alone with Ayaka? She does have that weird thing for him. I mean, getting all interested in a little boy, it's just not natural!"

The raven-haired youth waves the comment off with a smile. "Oh don't worry yourself Asuna! It's just a harmless little crush. I'm sure it'll pass over in time."

"Yeah," she agrees, nodding slightly, though she thinks to herself, 'I only hope it's a crush.'

Ayaka and Negi sit down at a table outside of the cafeteria with their food, enjoying the warm rays of the sun. The instructor takes a sip from his drink and begins, "So Class Rep-san, tell me a bit about yourself."

The blond haired young woman nearly drops her fork in surprise. "Ah! Y-You really want to know more about me?" Her face starts to heat up as little hearts float around her head. At Negi's confused nod, she swoons in her seat with the back of her hand resting against her forehead. Several people around begin to back away at her odd behavior. After she regains herself, Ayaka leans in quite close, her legs rubbing against the young Magi's while she takes his hand in hers. "What is it you wish to know about me Negi-sensei? My likes? My bathing preferences? My…measurements?"

A large sweatdrop forms on the side of Negi's head. "Um…uh…" he nervously begins, "that information won't be necessary Class Rep-san. I was thinking more along the lines of something more natural and less…explicit," an unusual shudder runs through his body as Ayaka continues to rub her leg against his sensually, "l-like your family. Your house…it's so huge! What do your parents do?"

For the next hour or so, the two chat with one another, each speaking about practically any subject, ranging from family and friends to foods, classes and clubs they each enjoy, each learning a great deal more about the other than they previously did. The Class Rep looks over at a clock on the wall, her smile widening slightly. 'I can't believe I have been speaking with Negi-sensei for so long without that violent cretin breaking us apart. I have never been so happy!' Suddenly, a thought comes to her. "Negi," she begins, dropping the formality for the moment, "I have been wondering something, something very personal." She stops to politely allow him to either accept or decline her to continue.

"Yes Ayaka-san," the young boy responds, nodding once. "You know you can ask me anything."

"I am curious as to what's the full deal with you wanting to find a partner."

Negi nearly chokes on the tea he was just sipping, his eyes becoming very small at the moment. 'That was pretty blunt,' he thinks with a light cringe. "Well…" he hesitantly starts, "I-I'm not sure where to begin." His mind works quickly to find a good cover story that won't reveal his true identity as a wizard and a Magister Magi in training. "Uh…finding a partner is a long honored tradition for my clan." His eyes go wide at his little slip at the end. 'Drat!'

"Clan?" Ayaka asks with a raised eyebrow. "What do you mean by that Negi-sensei?"

The young instructor scratches the back of his head, now at a loss. He suddenly hears a tiny voice whisper from behind him, "Big brother! It is I, Chamo-kun! I'm here to help you out of your current predicament." After hearing this, Negi sighs very lightly in relief, thanking his pet, the ermine elf for making a much needed appearance. "Brother, tell her this…" for a few seconds, he tells the young instructor everything he needs to know.

Negi clears his throat lightly. "By clan, Class Rep-san, I mean several families, mine included, that work together and live very close to each other." At Ayaka's understanding look, he continues on. "They have been together for a very long time, marrying into one family or another, keeping all families strong. This worked well for a while, but soon their numbers began to…uh…diminish. A-After many discussions, they decided that to keep our clans alive, we would have to go out and search for a suitable partner." Under the table, the young instructor crosses his fingers, hoping that she'll believe Chamo-kun's story.

"Oh…that sounds so romantic," Ayaka sighs with stars in her eyes. Negi sighs and wipes away the bit of sweat that formed on his brow.

"Yeah," a voice softly adds behind him says, catching both people by surprise. They turn their heads and find Kaede Nagase, Makie Sasaki and Fei Ku, three of his class' five 'Baka Rangers' standing there, each with dreamy looks on their faces. "You're just full of surprises, aren't you Negi-kun?" the gymnast giggles, clasping her hands together at the side of her head.

The Magi in training nervously takes a sip of his tea. "I-I guess." His nervousness increases as the four young women crowd around him, pressing closer. "Uh…can I help with you ladies with anything?"

"Is true?" Fei asks. "I mean, is rumor true? Is you a prince from tiny country or something?"

Kaede smiles lightly, a mischievous glint hidden under her almost completely closed eyes as she expects not to hear the real answer. Last Saturday, she witnessed Negi using some magic while he was leaving her special training area deep within the woods to the east of Mahora Academy. It was then that she realized that he is a wizard. He believed that she was asleep at the time and still doesn't know that she knows about him. Luckily for the young Magi in training, Kaede is very good at keeping secrets.

Negi looks at the Chinese girl, his face adopting a confused expression. "Me? A prince?" He shakes his head slightly. "Sorry, but I'm not related to any Royalty in any way…and I'm from England, which isn't a small country." At a few of the girl's crestfallen looks, he asks, "By the way, where did any of you get the idea that I was a prince?"

The four students all look at each other, all their expressions going from surprise to wonderment. "Come to think of it," Makie begins, taping her chin with her index finger, "it just started as some silly little rumor a while back, but I guess it caught on or something and we all started thinking it was true."

"Bath Hall gossip," Kaede calmly adds. "Anything said in there tends to…spread around very quickly."

Negi is about to say something when suddenly a familiar shadow with long ponytails appears behind him. He looks up to see a not too amused Asuna gazing down at him. "Oh…um…h-hello Asuna-san! Fancy meeting you here!" He lets out a light squeak as his roommate, and nonparticipating bedmate, grabs the top of his head and easily lifts him up out of his seat.

"Come on 'your majesty', we're going home," she grumbles, turning around and starting to walk away, leaving four upset young women in their wake. Negi quickly reaches into his pocket and pulls out some money, which he then tosses over towards the table he was just sitting at, his magical skills helping them to land perfectly on it. He waves to all the girls once before Asuna tucks him under her right arm to prevent him from escaping.

"Gotta admit, Negi-bozu is skilled," Fei mutters, watching the money land on the table, getting two nods in approval from Makie and Ayaka and a knowing smile from Kaede.

The next day begins as usual with almost every student, plus Negi, rushing out of the train towards Mahora Academy, all hoping to not be late. As the trio of Konoka, Asuna and Negi, who also has Albert on his shoulder, begin to make their daily trek, the young instructor gets his usual greetings from a good portion of his students running alongside him, almost all appearing as cheerful as ever. As they continue on their morning run to school, the pony tailed young woman sighs out loud. "We really need to get up earlier," she moans, "I'm tired of all of us running to school like this day in and day out.

"Well we would have made the earlier train if you hadn't have shut off the alarm clock in our room Asuna," Negi calmly reminds her, a small smirk on his face.

"Yeah," Konoka adds with a giggle, "you shouldn't be allowed to complain about something that you caused!"

"Oh shut it you two!" The young woman shouts in exasperation, a faint flush of embarrassment on her cheeks. "I was just a little tired after doing my round this morning, okay?" A vein starts to throb on her forehead as she notices that her two roommates aren't even paying attention to her.

The granddaughter of the Headmaster nods at something the young instructor just said. "Well at least she's admitting that she's responsible for the alarm not waking us up on time."

Negi agrees enthusiastically. "For Asuna…that's a great improvement!" They both stop their private conversation at the sound of strange cracking noises. They turn their heads and their eyes widen at the menacing sight of the twin pony tailed young woman next to them glaring in their direction and cracking the knuckles on her hands one by one. "Um…I think we should run faster…now!" The young instructor and his roommate quicken their pace with Chamo holding onto his Negi's head for dear life as Asuuna gives chase.

"Get back here you two!" she shouts while waving her fists around, staring daggers at her best friend and instructor while a large vein throbs near the top of her head.

Several feet behind the trio, Yuna Akashi and Akira Okochi watch them stampede ahead, both smirking widely. "Boy, those three sure are spunky this morning aren't they?" The daughter or Professor Akashi says with a chuckle.

"Yeah," Akira agrees, "but…" she pauses when a large clock tower nearby gongs the time, "…but at least they're going to make it to school on time!" She grabs her friend's arms and rushes forward full-speed. "Let's move!"

A short while later, Negi walks into class as his students all respectfully stand up and as he takes his place in front of the classroom, they all bow to him. "Good morning class. Please take your seats." As they do, the young instructor moves to the front of his desk, leaning against it while holding a small grading pad. "Alright, I hope all of you have found a suitable passage from the book of Edgar Allen Poe's greatest works and translated it properly since all of you will be reciting them today." He pauses a moment as a mixture of grunts, sighs, and groans fill his class. "Now I will be grading all of you on both how well you have translated the passage and your presentation of it too so be confident in yourselves and you will do well! So…are there any volunteers?" All of the girls suddenly decide to look away, not really wanting to be the first up to present and possibly make a fool of themselves in front of cute little Negi-sensei.

The young instructor smiles softly at his class, watching their varied reactions. He waits a few moments for someone to speak up and when none do, he picks out the first name from the top of his head, "Nodoka-san, why don't you come to the front of the class and be the first to present the passage you translated?"

Nodoka Miyazaki snaps her head up, a furious blush playing across her face. "M-me?" she squeaks out in her soft voice. "B-but why me Negi-sensei?"

"Why not?" he calmly replies. "I've always been impressed at how well you do your work, and I'm positive that today is no exception."

The very shy librarian's blush reddens several shades at his words. 'I-I never knew Negi-sensei thought so highly of me,' she thinks to herself. With a slight nod, she stands from her seat, holding in her hands the passage she dutifully worked on yesterday.

As Nodoka slowly makes her way up, a glimmer of light off of her new necklace shines in the Magi in training's eyes. It is now that he notices what she is wearing. The Magi in training quickly walks behind his desk and searched inside of his backpack, his eyes widening as he can't find what he is looking for. "Nodoka-san! Where did you get that necklace?"

Suddenly the attention of the entire class is on the quiet young woman, who squirms uncomfortably under all their gazes. She lifts up the lovely jewel, looking at it fondly. "I-I found it yesterday after class. It w-was just lying on the floor in the hallway and nobody was around it so I picked it up. It's really pretty." She draws her attention back to her young crush. "D-Do you know whose necklace this is Negi-sensei?"

"Yes," he quietly answers, walking nearer, "it's my mother's. She gave it to my cousin a long time ago and she gave it to me right before I left to come here to teach. It's an ancient family heirloom passed down many generations." He smiles brilliantly. "It does look quite nice on you Nodoka-san."

Her blush reddens to even deeper levels by both his words and the fact that every young woman around her has gotten up from their seats and are now crowding around her, trying to get a look at the necklace. "Oh wow, that necklace is beautiful!" One girl says.

"It looks really finely made," Asuna agrees, thinking, 'I wish I could afford something like that,' to herself.

"And that gem is gorgeous! I've never seen one like that before."

"Yeah," Kazumi Asakura adds, gently lifting the gem up and inspecting it closely, "I happen to know a lot about jewels and gems and I haven't seen anything like this ever." She looks up at the young instructor, her journalistic instincts kicking in. "Do you know what kind of gem this is Negi-sensei?"

Negi's face adopts a thoughtful expression for a moment. "I'm not sure exactly what kind it is, but my mother said it was called the Jewel of Dreams, or the Wishing Gem. She told me the legend of it is that if anyone pure of heart were to make a single wish with all of their heart, it would come true." A large sweatdrop forms on the back of his head at the looks each and every girl is now giving the gem.

Ayaka suddenly stands in front of the class, her hands on her hips with a slightly superior expression gracing her lovely features. "Now as Class Representative, I feel that I should be the one to make a wish on Negi-sensei's necklace."

Asuna turns away from her friend/rival and snorts in amusement. "Negi-bozu said 'someone pure of heart' can use it, and I don't think chasing after some little boy is something that anyone would call pure."

The very wealthy young woman, hearing what she said, leaps into the air, giving the twin pony tailed young woman a flying kick to the back of her head. "You should know to not speak of your superiors like that Asuna! One of these days, someone will put you in your place, and it will not be pretty!" She moves back just in time to avoid a vicious backhand and their encounter quickly turns into another of their bouts of fisticuffs, drawing the attention of just about everyone around them.

While they are distracted, Nodoka looks at the beautiful jewel in the heart of the necklace closely. 'I can have anything…my heart desires?' her mind whispers, her eyes moving towards a certain young instructor, who is frantically trying to get his two anger challenged students to stop fighting each other. Grasping the jewel tightly, Nodoka mutters, "I wish Negi-sensei were older so he could go out with me." A loud gasp escapes her as the gem begins to shine brilliantly and float in midair.

As it glows brighter and brighter, it gathers everyone's attention and they all back away, afraid of what is happening and what might possibly happen. The light begins to pulse as a humming sound reverberates throughout the room. The room is suddenly filled with a blinding light, forcing all those inside to shield their eyes. As they do, a beam shoots out and strikes Negi, hitting the Magi in training with such force that it shoves him past his students and into the chalkboard, nearly splitting it completely in two and momentarily knocking him senseless.

Right after he is struck with the beam, the light fades and the jewel falls back down to rest against Nodoka. As almost everyone blinks several times to get their sight back to normal, Ayaka notices the current condition of their teacher. "Negi-sensei!" In the blink of an eye, she is at the young boy's side, gently lifting him to his feet. He accepts the help, albeit a little shakily. "Are you okay Negi-sensei? What happened?" His class gathers around him to see if he is harmed, though by the looks of some of their faces, not all appear to care either way.

The Magister Magi in training nods once, a hand placed over his chest. "Y-Yeah," he shakily begins, "though my chest feels kinda funnAAAAAHHH!" he begins to scream as pain, extreme pain, ripples through his entire body. He wraps his arms around himself and collapses back onto the floor, his body convulsing lightly. All the girls around him leap back as his body begins to expand at an alarming rate, the aging process now put on fast-forward. His clothes rip and tear off, his body now too large to contain them. Just as suddenly as this strange process occurs, it stops, leaving Negi appearing several years older and dressed only in his torn boxer shorts, which by the way are uncomfortably tight. He stands up, not noticing how much taller he is, and rubs the top of his head. "Man…that hurt a lot!" he mutters. The now young man's eyes widen after he says this, his hand grasping his throat. "Hey, what's wrong with my voice? Why does it sound so deep…and…and why are all of you staring at me like that?"

To be continued…

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