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Note: This episode takes place after Volume 3 of the manga, but will include minor details here and there about events that occurred in Volume 4. To avoid confusion, I will include only minor events from Volume 4 and other volumes as they are translated into English.

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A Simple Wish
Twenty-Ninth Period:
The War of Hearts Commences!

Love is like war, Easy to begin but hard to end…

A handsome young man flies above Mahora Academy on his large wooden wand, the dark cloudy sky obscuring him from being seen from anyone down below. He is wearing a pair of faded blue jeans and a black muscle shirt that shows his well-toned physique. His short red hair is matted with a mixture of water and sweat. He wipes his eyes as some stray droplets of water get into them and shakes his head, his mind a whirlwind of jumbled thoughts at what had occurred just minutes ago back inside the Bath Hall.

Negi Springfield is currently oblivious to the whole world around him as flies aimlessly in the air. 'Why did Shizuna-sensei come onto me like that?' he thinks to himself. 'I didn't think she liked me that way.' He looks down at his more matured body. "Is it because of this?" He mutters under his breath. "Is this what the Headmaster was talking about earlier?"

After nearly half an hour of flying around and thinking, the young instructor decides to go back home and quickly descends down towards a white house with a red tile roof, Shizuna-sensei's residence. His body, both physically and mentally exhausted from today's events, is in need for a nice rest so he sprints to the door as soon as he lands and fumbles with his newly acquired keys. He opens the door and shuts it behind him, momentarily relaxing against the door for a moment.

As he struggles to catch his breath he looks up and his eyes widen as he notices a pair of beautiful eyes staring at him, connected to an even more beautiful woman. "Shizuna-sensei! W-what are y-you doing here!" Negi stutters in surprise.

"Where else would I be, Negi-kun?" Shizuna counters with a confused look on her face. "This is after all my house."

Negi is about to say something but quickly closes his mouth. 'I was flying around for a while,' he thinks to himself. 'She must have woken up, got dressed and came back home while I was busy thinking.' The young boy stuck in a much more mature body sighs lightly. "Sorry Shizuna-sensei, I wasn't thinking for a moment."

Shizuna leans forward, growing a little worried at the young man's expression at her answer. "Is there something wrong, Negi-kun? You look a little pale. Are you sure that you're alright?" The advisor rises from her seat and approaches Negi, a concerned look in her eyes.

"N-nothing…nothing's wrong," Negi stutters as the slightly older woman stops in front of him and rests her forehead against his to check his temperature. He gulps rather loudly and feels quite nervous about her sudden nearness, considering where it just led to not too long ago in the Bath Hall. 'How did she get her before me?' he thinks to himself. 'I can tell she's a normal person, and there's no way she could be that fast.'

"Are you sure that you're alright?" Shizuna asks him once more since she can't feel or see anything wrong with the handsome young man with the exception of the heavy blush that is adorning his cheeks.

Negi smiles weakly. "Yeah...I'm fine...I just need some sleep. I'm going to my room now, Shizuna-sen..." he is quickly cut off by his advisor placing a slender finger over his lips.

"Negi-kun," she calmly begins, "while we are outside of classes I would like for you to call me 'Shizuna-san'," she pauses for a moment as her face adopts a playful expression, "or if you'd prefer, you can call me 'Shizuna-chan'!"

The Magister Magi in training's blush reddens several shades. "I-I think I'll stick with Shizuna-san…Shizuna-san."

The older woman lets out a fake pout. "Okay Negi-kun, be that way. Well you can go up to your room now if you want." The Magi nods dumbly and walks away, stumbling a few times as he does so. Shizuna giggles merrily at her fellow instructor's actions while thinking, 'My, things sure have become much more amusing around here. I would dare never to admit out loud, but I did heavily enjoy being so close to him just now,' she adds, a faint flush gracing her cheeks.

A combination of the early morning sun shining down and the aroma of a delicious breakfast wafting through the house is what finally rouses Negi from his deep slumber. He lets out a big yawn and stretches out before rubbing the sleep from his eyes. A couple of minutes later, the young teacher heads out of his room, down the stairs and straight to the kitchen where his housemate is cooking breakfast for two. In front of the stove, Shizuna turns around after hearing her handsome young instructor enter. "Good morning, Negi-kun." she greets with a cheerful smile as he sits down on a chair near the kitchen table.

"Good morning, Shizuna-san." Negi replies.

"Negi-kun, do you have any plans after breakfast?" Shizuna asks as she puts couple pieces of bacon, a sunny side up egg and some toast on a plate and giving it to Negi. She goes to the counter and grabs a steaming teakettle, bringing it back to the table and pouring the young man some green tea.

"Thank you very much Shizuna-san and no, I don't have any plans," answers Negi. "I still have to finish setting up my room. Maybe I'll go out later when I'm done."

Shizuna 'hmmed' in response before putting another plate of bacon, eggs and toast on the table. She sits down after pouring herself a cup of tea and then begins to eat as well. After a few minutes of quiet eating, Shizuna's cell phone begins to ring and she quickly excuses herself to answer it.

She comes back a few minutes later and just by looking at her, Negi detects a hint of repressed anger coming from her but he decides not to ask her about it yet. Once they are done eating Negi volunteers to clean up and Shizuna exits the kitchen momentarily to change out of her sleepwear.

As Negi finally finishes cleaning, he hears Shizuna's voice call out for him from the living room. He dries his hands off before going to the living room, where his advisor is sitting in her chair reading a book. Taking a closer look, the young man sees that the title of the book is 'The Edgar Allen Poe Collection,' the same book he gave to his students to read before his little…incident.

"You called for me Shizuna-san?" he asks the female advisor.

Looking up from her book, she replies, "Yes I did, Negi-kun. Do you know about the Gold Saucer?"

"You mean that amusement park they just opened up, right?" the instructor questions while scratching the side of his head. "I've heard a lot of the girls talk about it recently."

The extremely attractive woman places her book down on her lap before asking, "Negi-kun, would you like to go with me to the Gold Saucer sometime?"

"Huh?" comes the intelligent reply from the bewildered young man as his eyes become tiny white dots.

"I have the tickets with me right now," replies Shizuna as she takes two tickets she was using as a page marker from her book "I would be honored if you were to accompany me when I go."

"Well I…"

A sudden chime of a doorbell saves Negi just in the nick of time as Shizuna gets up from her chair with a faintly noticeably frustrated scowl and answers the door. She is surprised to see Konoka standing on the other side wearing a long sweater and skirt combination with a baggy hat on her head. "Konoe-san what a pleasant surprise," the advisor kindly greets. "May I ask why you are visiting today?"

"I'm picking up Negi-kun today for a little shopping, Shizuna-sensei," Konoka answers. "He asked me yesterday before he went to take a bath."

'Hmm, Negi never told me about this,' Shizuna thinks to herself. 'I'll just tell her to come back later. I would like for him to answer before he leaves.' She is about to politely tell Konoka that Negi is unavailable for the moment and to come back later, but unfortunately for her, the young man is eavesdropping in on her.

'Oh yeah!' he thinks to himself. 'After everything that happened after I asked Konoka-san, I guess I forgot.' Remembering what he wanted to go shopping for and also wanting to have a little more time to think about Shizuna's offer, Negi rushes by the slightly older woman, grabs Konoka's hand and promptly runs away with her in tow. The Magi in training looks over his shoulder and shouts, "Shizuna-san, I'll be back later and I promise to give you an answer when I get back!" and then both he and Konoka turn at a corner and disappear.

"This is so much fun!" Sakurako shouts out while smiling widely. "I love shopping!"

"Don't get too emotional, Sakurako," Madoka jokes and is about to continue walking forward before she notices that Misa has stopped walking and is staring at something in the crowd of people ahead of them. "What's wrong, Misa?" she asks her friend who is now looking quite stunned at whatever it is she is looking at. Confused, both Sakurako and Madoka look to where Misa is staring and both of their jaws drop in shock.



"…god!" comes the response from the three young women.

It's their young, and now oh so hot instructor Negi walking with their friend and classmate Konoka, but that's not the reason for their shock. The two young people are strolling down the busy streets of Harajuku with their arms intertwined, both seemingly on a date to the eyes of the cheerleading trio. They quickly get over their shock and somewhat stealthily follow their instructor and fellow student, who have just stopped in front of a clothes store.

"Do you think that this looks good on me?" Konoka asks while holding up a nice looking shirt.

"Definitely Konoka-san," Negi replies with a soft smile, "it makes you look very cute."

Konoka blushes deeply and giggles sweetly. "Do you really think so?"

The smile Negi gives her causes the young woman's heart to skip a beat. "Of course…though truthfully Konoka…you look cute in anything you wear." He wisely chooses to avert his attention from the young Konoe, whose face is rapidly reddening with each passing second.

It is funny to the three eavesdroppers to see their friend's face resemble a nice, ripe tomato, but their mirth comes to a screeching halt as Konoka suddenly leans in and gives Negi an innocent kiss on the cheek, though it doesn't look like its on his cheek from the angle the girls are watching from. "You're so sweet Negi-kun," she mutters with her head lowered so her bangs cover her eyes.

"Did she?" Misa uncertainly asks, doubting what she just saw.

"Yeah…she kissed Negi-kun on the lips," Madoka replies.

"Then they're on a date right now!" Sakurako says, instantly jumping to conclusions, and quite literally too.

"But Negi-kun is only ten-years-old!" Misa counters.

"He's may be just a little kid on the inside," Madoka replies, "but on the outside…" she pauses for a moment to get a nice mental picture of what he looked like completely in the buff the other day. Her two best friends beside her have the exact same thought, the more excitable of the two drooling slightly. As they come back to the real world, they all immediately start to freak out.

"This is bad! This is very bad!" the cheerleader/lacrosse player shouts while waving an arm around, her eyes giant swirls.

"You think!" Madoka sarcastically retorts. "If word spreads about Negi-kun and Konoka's secret relationship…it'd be the end of Negi's career as a teacher!"

"Yeah," Misa adds in, "Teacher/student relationships are really looked down on. Both of their reputations could be ruined!"

Madoka suddenly raps herself on the side of her head to compose herself. "Wait guys," she calmly, yet firmly begins, "relax for a bit and stop jumping to conclusions." She waits for her two friends to calm down before continuing, "Besides it could be Konoko-chan who's making the moves on Negi-kun!"

"Oh yeah…" The longhaired girl mutters, a dawning expression spreading across her face.

"Well if you put it like that, now we're working on a whole new perspective," the slightly hyper cheerleader says as she places a finger over her mouth. "Wait, didn't Negi-kun live with Asuna and Konoka before he moved out?"

Misa snaps her fingers as another thought comes to her. "Yeah and Asuna's an early sleeper cause of her job right?"

"Also Konoka-chan's really good at caring for people with all the cooking and cleaning she does," the short raven-haired young woman mutters out loud. "Maybe her maternal instincts evolved into feelings of love for Negi-kun." All three girls suddenly go into a daydream, thinking of how Konoka possibly seduced their hot young teacher…

"Negi-kun…" Konoka whispers huskily as she leans close to a shirtless Negi.

The young instructor mutters out a quick, "Konoka-san…" before she lunges on top of him…

For some reason both Madoka and Sakurako feel an odd tightening in her chest at the thought of her beloved teacher falling for another girl. Misa also feels a little twinge in her chest, though it is nowhere near as strong as the one felt by her fellow cheerleaders.

"Eating the forbidden fruit every night!" Sakurako whispers, a mad blush quickly spreading across her cheeks. She then thinks, 'I wish I could take Konoka's place,' which only helps to redden her blush.

"We've got no choice," the longhaired young woman says while flipping open her phone and making a call. "We have to blow the whistle!"

"What?" a shocked Sakurako shouts. "You can't let the staff office know!"

"Not the school faculty, you idiot!" Madoka shouts. "If we told them, they'd expel Konoka and fire Negi-kun or…or even send him to jail!"

While the cheerleading trio makes a call to a sleepy and uncaring Asuna and conjure up many false assumptions, Negi and Konoka continue to shop around, completely unaware of the absurdities being thought up and spoken just around the corner. The raven-haired young woman looks over at her current shopping buddy and her smile fades as she sees him staring off down the street with a confused expression. "Is there something wrong, Negi-kun?"

"No, it's nothing Konoka-san, just a funny feeling," Negi replies. "I'm sorry for being such a bother, I feel guilty for taking so much of your time today."

"Oh think nothing of it Negi-kun," Konoka smiles, "I'm having a great time with you. It's also really sweet that you're so concerned for my feelings. That makes me feel very good"

"Ko…Konoka-san…" Negi mutters, a slight blush forming on his face again.

The trio follows close by the entire time and are currently hiding behind a construction barrier. "Oh this is so romantic!" shouts a giddy Sakurako. "I'm totally jealous!"

"Is this what 'forbidden love' is like?" Madoka asks herself out loud. "Because if it is, I so want in!"

"You heard Negi!" Misa shouts. "They've done it! They've definitely done it! That's crossing way over the limits!" Thinking quickly, she dials up Asuna's cell number again, intent on letting the somewhat temperamental young woman know of this forbidden love tryst, but unfortunately for them, Asuna isn't completely alone at the moment...

Misa hangs up her phone with a sigh of relief. Ayaka, who was near Asuna when she got her second phone call from Misa, saw the picture she sent of Negi and Konoka looking very comfortable together and completely flipped, demanding that the cheerleading trio keep a close watch on the supposed couple and interfere in any way they can if either of the two gets a little too cozy with the other. Despite her elegance and beauty, the Class Representative can have a very violent temper on her that rivals that of her good friend and enjoys using her position to her advantage.

"What are we going to do about Negi and Konoka?" Misa mutters.

"It doesn't feel right if we're not cheering them on," the husky voiced girl adds, looking troubled.

"My cheerleading soul won't be on fire," Sakurako sadly adds.

Madoka nods once. "But I guess we don't have any choice since it's the Class Representative's orders."

"Alright" Misa says in resignation, "we'll do it, but that doesn't mean that it was something we wanted to do. We'll have to make sure that those two don't know who we are." In the blink of an eye, they all change into their 'convincing' disguises.

"In the name of the Mahora cheerleaders!" Sakurako says, wearing a traditional school girl uniform with her hair pulled out into twin ponytails and fake tan lotion spread onto all her exposed her skin, darkening it up a bit.

"We shall support the class president's righteous course of action!" Misa seconds, who is wearing the exact same disguise as her excitable friend.

"Why me, Kami-sama, why me?" Madoka mutters, wearing a boys school uniform and cap. "Why am I the only one dressed as a guy?"

"Come on, Asuna! We have to stop this!" Ayaka shouts as she drags her friend by her wrist towards the train station. 'I won't let you have his heart, Konoka-san!' she thinks furiously to herself, 'not without a fight I won't. This is war!'

"Why me?" Asuna complains in disbelief as she gets led away.

"Well we bought what we need." Konoka says while holding up a bag.

"Yeah," Negi agrees with a confused look, "but I never knew realized how crazy people can get around here."

As the Dean's granddaughter giggles at her shopping buddy's look, the cheerleading trio lies down in exhaustion behind some bushes nearby, all boggled down slightly by the unwilling purchases they made in order to stop Negi from buying anything for Konoka…or who they assumed he was making the purchases for. Their tired eyes widen as they hear what he has to say next. "You look tired, Konoka-san, do you want to look for a quiet spot to relax?"

The three repeat his question over and over in their heads and shout in unison, "WHAT?"

"Konoka-san since when…?" Ayaka asks herself out loud as she and Asuna ride the train to Harajuku. She pauses for a moment then she turns to her best friend/nemesis. "Asuna-san, you really do not have any knowledge of this supposed relationship between Negi-sensei and Konoe-san? You lived in the same room before he moved out and still…"

"Well…" Asuna hesitantly begins as she chews on her lower lip in remembrance, "Konoka was mumbling something about 'marriage' while she was sleeping…"

"M-m-m-marriage!" the blonde haired young woman stutters out, feeling a deep chill flow down her spine.

"Chill out, Class Rep," her friend says with her hands in front of her in a calming gesture, "She was probably just talking in her sleep and saying anything that popped in her head."

Ayaka calms down slightly, but it isn't enough to completely quash her suspicion and worry. "I can't help but be suspicious of her. From that photo that Kakizaki-san sent, I am quite sure that Konoka-san's feelings and intentions are quite impure!"

"Well what about you?" Asuna asks. "I mean, aren't you like madly in love with Negi or something?"

"That is different!" she vehemently replies. "My feelings, which are not the topic at hand, are completely innocent and pure!"

"Sure, whatever you say," Asuna quickly says to appease Ayaka, though she herself can't help but feel some doubts about what might be going on between her roommate and now former roommate/bedmate. 'Konoka did kiss Negi yesterday,' she thinks, 'and she did it without even knowing that she could get a card or anything. How does she really feel about him?'

"Thanks, Negi-kun!" the young Konoe gushes while walking through the park. "I've never had so much fun shopping before!"

The young instructor notices that his shopping buddy is starting to sway slightly. "Konoka-san, maybe we should sit down and rest for a while." He leads his student some nearby steps and Konoka instantly relaxes as she sits down, closing her eyes with a soft sigh.

"Awww…that's so sweet of Negi-kun!" Madoka coos as she turns to Misa, the two hiding again by some nearby bushes. "He really is an English gentleman." Their third member is currently at the train station to pick up Asuna and Ayaka, who called in advance to let them know that they will be arriving very soon.

"Oh my god, look at that." Misa suddenly says, her eyes widening. Madoka looks back and her jaw drops again at the sight of Konoka resting her head on Negi's shoulder and sleeping peacefully with a content smile.

"I've brought them," a voice from behind suddenly says. Both young women quickly around and see Sakurako, Ayaka and Asuna.

"Class Rep," the cheerleader/chorus club member starts with a nod, "you're finally here. I'm surprised to see you here too Asuna-san."

"I was brought against my will," the twin pony-tailed girl grumbles while glaring at Ayaka.

"Quiet," Misa hushes, "they're going to hear you."

"All this over shopping…" Asuna sighs, "this whole thing is probably just…" she trails off when she sees what Madoka and Misa were watching before they arrived, except Konoka has since moved her head so it is now resting on Negi's chest. The Magister Magi in training has placed his arm around the sleeping girl to keep her steady. The twin pony tailed young woman stares at the sight before her, feeling a sudden tightness in her chest. She is too shocked to do or say a single thing.

Unfortunately the same can't be said for Ayaka who is not able to contain her rage at seeing a potential rival so close to her Negi-sensei. As soon as the lovely and quite rich young woman gets to her feet, the four other young women around her quickly grabb her and pull her back down to the ground. A scuffle quickly ensues to keep the enraged girl down.

"Calm down Class Rep!" Sakurako squeaks out.

"You're going to get us caught." Madoka adds in while helping hold down Ayaka, covering her mouth to keep her from shouting or saying anything.

"I can't allow a student to rest her head on Negi-sensei's chest," the Class representative muffles out, "unless of course that student is me!"

"Konoka's so lucky," the longhaired cheerleader wistfully sighs as the girls finally manage to fully pin Ayaka down.

"You can do the same thing with your boyfriend Misa," Madoka giggles.

"Yeah," the excitable cheerleader chimes in, "I bet he wouldn't mind if you asked him nicely!"

Misa blushes deeply. "I could never be that forward with him!"

While two of the cheerleaders giggle merrily at their heavily blushing friend, Asuna intently watches her friend resting peacefully on her instructor's chest.

"Wow," Negi mutters under his breath, "she looks really cute sleeping like that. I feel kinda bad keeping her out all morning like this." He suddenly remembers how his older sister used to give him a kiss on his forehead just before he went to sleep and that would always help give him a good night's rest and have him full of energy the next day. Without a second thought, he decides to do the same for Konoka. Using his free arm, he tilts her head up from his chest and leans down to gently kiss her forehead.


"…a kiss!"

"No way!"

"To take her lips while she's sleeping…"

The four girls are so shocked at Negi's forwardness that they momentarily forget about Ayaka, which of course is a huge mistake on their part. The young woman's eyes widened at their outburst about a kiss and, in an impressive showing of strength, she throws them all off of her as she stands up. "A kiss was stolen from my Negi-kun from right under my nose! I won't allow it!" She jumps out of the bushes, leaving the four stunned girls in her wake. "Hold it right there, Negi-sensei!" Ayaka shouts, getting Negi to look up in surprise.

"Ayaka-san?" Negi says in confusion as she stops in front of him, "What are you doing here Class Rep-san? Why are you out of breath?" He suddenly notices the other girls come rushing up to them, "Asuna…you girls…what are all of you doing here?"

"N-Negi," the twin pony-tailed girl stammers, "are you and Konoka really…?"

It is at this moment that Konoka decides to slowly awaken, "Uhhh…" the girl rubs her eyes and raises her head, looking around at the small crowd of friends and classmates that has gathered. "Class Rep…Asuna…everyone else…why are you guys here?"

Negi looks down at the young Konoe and says, "Sorry Konoka-san, but it looks like they found out somehow."

The Dean's granddaughter shakes her head with a small smile, "It's no problem Negi-kun. Even though it was supposed to be a surprise, it's alright."

"Going to be a surprise…" Ayaka mutters while a vein begins to throb on her forehead.

"So…you guys really are together?" Asuna asks, feeling the tightness in her chest again.

"Together? Oh no, nothing like that," Konoka calmly replies, though she does wish it were true.

The young Magi reaches inside the bag his most recent probationary partner was carrying and pulls out a small wrapped gift. "I was going to give it to you later, but here you go."

"But my birthday isn't until next week," Asuna mutters as she accepts the gift, "What is it?"

"It's not a birthday gift," he replies with a smile, "it's a thank you gift, for letting me stay in your dorm room and being such a good friend."

"Huh?" Ayaka says, a confused expression spreading across her face while the cheerleading trio all pale at this unexpected revelation.

"I really didn't know what to get you so I asked Konoka-san to help me look," Negi elaborates further while rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment.

"A music box with your favorite tune," the raven-haired youth finishes. "My gift was getting to spend the morning with Negi and go shopping."

"Really?" Ayaka says, feeling completely relieved that everything was a complete misunderstanding.

"Oh crap," Sakurako mutters as she and her two friends share a look before rushing back to the bushes and grabbing the merchandise they bought while trying to stop their instructor from supposedly buying anything for Konoka.

"Negi-sensei, don't forget about your other gifts!" Misa shouts as she shoves the things her and her friends bought into Asuna's hands.

"Here you are Asuna-san, Negi-sensei also got you some dumb bells…and matching outfits for you and Konoka-san," the husky voiced girl says.

"T-Thank you so much, Negi…" Asuna replies as tears of happiness form in the corners of her eyes, "I'm very grateful."

Negi scratches the back of his head in both confusion and embarrassment, "Um…it's no problem Asuna."

Behind Negi and Konoka, the three Mahora cheerleaders make an attempt to sneak away but stop cold as they hear Asuna's calm, cool voice say, "Hold it right there." Ayaka looks at Negi and Konoka and asks, "So it wasn't a secret date, right?"

The now teenaged instructor cocks his head to the side. "A date?"

"No," Konoka replies, "we weren't on a date, just me helping Negi-kun shopping." She looks away for a moment to hide the look of disappointment in her face.

Ayaka turns back to face the now very nervous cheerleading trio. "You three better have a good explanation…"

The girls all sweatdrop heavily and each give Ayaka a nervous chuckle before they turn tail and run away, the Class Representative quickly giving chase. "Get back here!" she angrily shouts.

"We're really sorry Class Rep," Misa apologizes, looking behind her while still running full steam.

"Yeah," her perpetually cheerful partner in crime adds, "it was just a little misunderstanding!"

Not getting a response from their superior, Madoka decides to change tactics. "Please don't hurt us!"

"I promise you three nothing!" Ayaka shouts as she increases her speed, much to the horror of the trio she is in pursuit of.

Negi, Asuna and Konoka all watch on with identical sweatdrops on the back of their heads. They all look at each other and laugh nervously.

Some time later, Negi returns back home. Right after he closes the door and turns around, he finds himself face to face with Shizuna. "Good evening Negi-kun," she calmly greets, though the young man can tell that she is upset about something.

"Sh-Shizuna-san, good evening," he replies back as he side steps away from his advisor and enters the living room.

"You sure took your time Negi-kun," the slightly older woman off-handedly comments, though her tone doesn't quite hide her displeasure.

"Yeah, it was a very busy…and strange day," he replies before bowing deeply. "Sorry for making you wait for so long."

"So have you thought about your answer?" Shizuna asks, reminding Negi of the question she had asked him earlier today. Getting a blank look in response, Shizuna quickly realizes that the young man has forgotten and decides to bluntly ask, "Will you go out with me to the Golden Saucer?"

To be continued…

Author's notes: This is the revised version of chapter four. There weren't too many changes to be made here, but some grammatical errors that needed to be fixed. Like I had said before, this entire chapter was written by my co-author and she did a great job but she added in pretty much every part of that particular story-line and a lot of it wasn't changed from it's original version…pretty much the parts with the cheerleading trio's calls to Asuna and such. I know this happened earlier than it was supposed to but since one major element of Negima has been changed, a lot of things would change as well. In the next chapter which I am currently working on, you will see some more of my taking some of the later events and pushing them either forward or back some to work better with the story-line. Enjoy! – lighthawkdemon

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