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Formation of the Marauders

Prongs' Perspective First Chapter Journey to Hogwarts

I embraced Mum and winked at Dad, whom I was exactly in my appearance and love of mischief, for he had given me an invisibility cloak last night. My parents can afford anything and since I'm their only child they buy me all that I ask for.

As I stepped confidently aboard the Hogwarts Express for the first time I knew I would be a great wizard. I strode down the corridor glancing inside the compartments to decide who I would enjoy being seated with. Eventually, I arrived at one where a girl with fiery red hair and startlingly green eyes sat alone. I walked in and sat beside her.

"Hi, I'm James Potter," I greeted cheerfully.

She looked at me with some reserve. "Lily Evans," she stated shortly.

"What's the matter? How can you not be thrilled that we are on our way to Hogwarts?" I asked.

Uneasily, she admitted, "I'm a muggle born, and I don't know that much about magic."

"It's no big deal; magic is very simple," I assured her. Then I thought about it more carefully. Did not I owe her the truth? "Well, it's easy for me, but you may find it difficult. In fact, there's a possibility that you may fail all of your classes."

Lily glared at me with her gorgeous eyes blazing. ""I'll show you. I'll be one of the best wishes Hogwarts has ever had." She stood up and stormed out.

Out of nowhere I was visited by a strange thought from somewhere in the back of my mind. I'm going to marry Lily Evans. Weird, huh?

Less than a second later a dark haired boy poked his head in. "What did you do to that girl?" he inquired, not without a hint of amusement.

"I guess I offended her, though I didn't mean to," I answered casually and truthfully.

The boy came in and sat across from me. "So, Offender of Damsels, do you have another name?"

I considered his question. "I'm James Potter a.k.a. Quidditch Player Extraordinaire."

The boy laughed, "Well, I am the Master of Mayhem, the King of Chaos, the Prince of Panic, the one and only..." He paused dramatically. "Sirius Black!"

I, being from a pureblood family myself, had heard about the Blacks. They were enthralled with the Dark Arts and pureblood-mania, yet I could not help liking Sirius.

Suddenly, Sirius exclaimed, "Wow, look at that girl!" He was pointing out the window at two girls hugging with tears in their eyes. One had sapphire blue eyes and golden hair and the other had green eyes and long raven hair. I mean, REALLY long hair, like down to her knees. Who is crazy enough to want to brush that every morning?

By my standards they were both pretty, if not as much as the red head, but I really did not think much about girls yet. Except for that bizarre thought I had earlier, which I would not under pain of death tell anyone about.

Nevertheless, I inquired, "Which one?"

Before Sirius could respond the dark haired girl complained, "I can't believe I have to be alone with her." She cast a disdainful look at a woman who I assumed was her mother since they looked alike. "You'll be at school with Auntie Minerva and Dad will be at work."

The blonde appeared forlorn. "I know, Sis, but you'll be old enough to come with me next year."

The brunette, who was apparently the blonde's younger sister, merely nodded glumly and they embraced a final time before the elder one walked onto the Hogwarts Express with her head hung.

I noted that Sirius was still staring at the brunette, which answered my question about which girl he had been referring to.

"She has problems with her mother, too," Sirius murmured almost inaudibly to himself. Sirius snapped out of his trance and asked me, "So, which Quidditch team is your favourite?"

Without hesitation, I replied, "The Falmouth Falcons since Kevin and Karl Braodmoor were their beaters."

Sirius cracked up. The sound resembled a bark and was infectuous. The Broadmoor brothers' antics had gotten them suspended seventeen times. "It is a shame they retired this year," sighed Sirius.

Moments before the train pulled out of the station there was a light knock on the compartment door.

"Enter," Sirius and I stated in unison.

A tired looking boy slid the door open. "I do not want to bother you, but everywhere else is full, so may I sit with you?" he politely requested.

"The more the merrier," I responded.

"Thank you," he said and promptly seated himself and took out one of his schoolbooks to read.

Sirius and I exchanged glances. Sirius commented, "You don't need to study; we haven't even reached the school yet."

"Not everyone gets the opportunity to go to Hogwarts, so I need to make sure that the time I spend there is worth it," he remarked quietly, and continued reading.

He seems a bit odd and shy, but I bet Sirius and I can get him to come out of his shell. "Anyway, my name is James Potter."

Sirius added, "And my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father; prepare to die."

I stared at Sirius in bewilderment while the other child chuckled.

Sirius explained, "It's a line from The Princess Bride. I watch muggle movies 'cause it pisses my parents off." Ah, so he disagreed with his family's infamous beliefs. He was also deliberately disobedient. Yes, I definitely was fond of Sirius already. Next, he turned back to the boy. "Actually, I'm Sirius Black, though you can call me Inigo if you prefer."

He smiled. "Perhaps later. Well, it is very nice to meet you both. I'm Remus Lupin."

Once Remus came out of his shell he, too, was very good company. I was disappointed when the train reached Hogsmeade Station and the three of us had to go with the other first years to be sorted.