Title: Who Would Have Thought
Author: Jacie
Summary: A git. A prat. A future death eater. That is what Harry and many other Hogwarts students see when they look at Draco Malfoy. Could they be wrong? Draco's life goes in directions even he didn't think would be possible. Contains Draco /OMC and eventually Draco /Harry.
Warning: Male Pregnancy is contained in this story as well as m/m sexual situations.
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CHAPTER ONE: Vantage Point

Draco Malfoy sat stunned at the words and sounds that surrounded him. He closed his eyes, letting the beat surge through his body as the band a few feet away played on in the otherwise empty room.

He had known Ian Pierce his entire life and the older boy was probably his best friend in the world, though many would have thought them incompatible. However, for him it had not been a surprise when the recent Durmstrang graduate announced that he and some of his old schoolmates were going to take 

a crack at the Muggle music business. Ian had none of the restraints put on his life as he had and though his mother's side of the family had been close to the Pierces for generations, very few of their views existed within the Malfoy house.

It was for this reason that a thrill of excitement had gone through him when Ian told him the band had their first set up, playing for tips at a Muggle teen hang-out. His friend had then led him to an out of the way part of the Pierce Mansion in order to hear the band for the first time. The pleasure of being there had escalated in the seconds before the band started playing and fairly exploded with the first lyrics.

Draco had been staring at the neatly painted letters on the drum set that made up the band name, Vantage Point, when the first cords floated to him and the words, when they came, were suddenly more powerful than any binding spell he had ever seen

Those words! Those were his words! The poem he had written during last years visit floated back to him from their misplaced grave. He had shown the poem to Ian once, or rather, Ian had read it over his shoulder. The rhythm thrummed through his body as he sat back and watched the band play; too startled to move and too entranced to think.

He watched Ian move. His mouth formed the words as his hands roamed the guitar. A piece of auburn hair swung into his eyes and with a slight twist of his head he flung it away again. One though finally came to Draco's mind: "Thank Merlin Ian doesn't know all the fears that song represents."

Finally, the last cords of the song melted away; the vibrations in the air smoothed out by the silence between Draco, Ian, and the two other boys in the room, Eric and Kayd.

"I thought I had lost it." Came Draco's only reply to what he had heard.

Ian was suddenly sitting next to him, looking at him worriedly. "You left it here last summer. I found it and…" the boy paused, looking down at the floor 

with a guilty look as did the now motionless drummer and base player, "…and it was perfect. You know I enjoy your writing and I hoped you wouldn't mind, but if you do you don't have to worry because no one else has heard it yet and…"

"Ian." Draco had never seen his friend so flustered. "I was just surprised. I liked it."

Draco heard the words leave his mouth before he even realized he had spoken and suddenly Ian had him in a hug and Eric and Kayd were hooting in joy as they came crashing in to join the embrace. Draco found himself laughing as the heavy weight of three boys landed on his smaller frame. If only Potter and his followers could see him now. They wouldn't recognize him, that's for sure.

Draco pushed the though of his Hogwarts adversaries from his mind, unwilling to let that spoil his mood. "You boys aren't going to have many fans if you suffocate them all!" He yelled with a breathless laugh from where his head was tucked against Ian's shoulder. Except for the fact that his body was currently telling him that one wrong move and he would crack a rib, he had absolutely no problem with the heavy weight of his best friends, better friends then he had ever managed at Hogwarts, piled on top of him.

Eventually, they all managed to disentangle themselves and reluctantly, Draco too pulled out of the embrace.

"Ian, don't forget the rest of it." Kayd said seriously.

Draco glanced expectantly at Ian who looked at him almost shyly. He tried to remember if that shy demeanor had been there last summer, but then Ian began to speak.

"We need original material and we want you to write for us. We have a few other songs we put together ourselves, but the one we based off of your poem is by far the best. Will you?"

Even his practice at being the blank Slytherin did not keep the blush from his face. "I don't know. I mean that was just one poem that happened to turn out ok. I don't think…"

"Stop! Draco, I have known you your entire life and if there is one thing you can do better than catch a snitch or brew a potion, it's write." Ian paused to take in the look on his face, which he knew held a look of shock at the outburst. "Just say yes. Give it a try?"

Draco once again beat down the queasy feeling that came along with anything that reminded him of Hogwarts and the fact that he still had one more year to go before he would be rid of it, but if there was something that could banish those thoughts it was writing and Ian. He was silent for a moment as his mind began to sort the ideas being placed before him. His writing. Vantage Point. The only warning that went off in his head screamed, "What will your father say when he finds out!" but that could be easily put away as it had a thousand times before even though he knew chances were he would pay for it later.

When there was no other reprimand from past experience or his conscience, he was able to tell himself that he didn't give a damn what his father though or did. This was worth it.

"I'll give it a try."

There was more whooping just before the supposedly emotionless Slytherin was once again descended upon. Draco felt the air leave his lungs and laughed anyway. He heard the song- his poem- play over in his head.

Draco felt Ian's arm around him and began to consider his own words.