AN: Alright, I probably shouldn't be doing two stories at once, but this one was gnawing at my brain and wouldn't stop. So, here ya go.

Summary: John is having nightmares. Not that nightmares are unusual for him, but these are different, vivid, and obviously trying to send a message. A message that things in the afterlife aren't going well for Chas, and he needs John's help to save himself and the other angelic half breeds…


John was running. He wasn't sure why, but something told him to run, and to go straight to where he'd been avoiding for the past three months.

He reached the small cemetery, and the screams were growing louder, as well as the smell of sulfur. He looked around, and then ran a little further.

"Chas! Chas!" He shouted at the top of his lungs. He knew Chas was here, he could feel the half breed's presence, but where was he?

A new blood-curdling scream cut through the night air like a butcher's knife, and John spun around, every muscle tensing. There was Chas, being held down on his own gravestone by two demons, screaming and struggling. One of the demons plunged a knife into the boy's chest before John could even move.

"CHAS!" He yelled, and both demons disappeared as he rushed to Chas's side. The boy was no longer struggling, just laying limp on his tombstone, staring straight upward.

"Chas, come on…talk to me, kid…" He begged, lifting the young man's head from the cold stone.

"John…need the…talisman…" Chas said, his speech difficult.

"Talisman…what talisman? Chas, stay with me…"

"Balthazar…the talisman…"

"Balthazar is gone. And what talisman?" John asked, but then the life left the boy's eyes. "Chas…CHAS!"

John shot straight up in bed, breathing hard and covered in a sheen of sweat. It was just a dream…just a dream.

Or was it?

AN: Just the introduction. The fun is yet to come. BWAHAHAHAHAH