Those Pesky Reavers!

In the battle, some units use a "reaver"
Which flips around the triangle of the weapon.
Forgetting what's weak against what is common
But once you master this, it's a lifesaver!

Fighting a reaver unit without proper knowledge is foolish behavior
Unless you're a unit that uses ranged attacks like an Archer or Shaman.
If you still do want to take all the reavers on,
All I can do is give you a little prayer.

The Swordreaver axe is weak against lances like a normal sword.
The Lancereaver sword is weak against axes, as if it were a lance.
The Axereaver lance is weak against swords even though it isn't an axe.
Now I hope that this lesson didn't cause you to grow bored
Because I can see that look upon your face!
You probably feel like going out now and buying enough reavers to fill some sacks.


Young, Arcane
Playing, Dancing, Following
Ice Dragon



We were to leave this dangerous occupation after finding Marquess Pherae
Yet you ended up leaving both your occupation and life.
We were to travel to my hometown, Ostia, to meet my folks
Yet you had to move to a new hometown up north.
We were star-crossed lovers like Romeo and Juliet
Yet you had to come to a tragic end while I live.
We were to be a family with kids who look like their Mommy Leila and Daddy Matthew
Yet you would never see this.
You wanted to tell all that you have overheard, but you were done in by the Black Fang.
Leila, I shall never forget you.


Paycheck for the Mercenary

We mercenaries from Ilia don't come cheap, you know.
I'd say that I should get paid 20,000 gold per battle or so.
I had a discussion about my paycheck with Hector, who told me no.
He thinks I should get paid by my level of ability, which would be 2,000 gold.
To me, that man's heart seems very, very cold.
I need the extra money for myself and my pegasus, who isn't just for show.
He just made me so mad that I just wanted to go!
I'll do the work I was paid to do.
It isn't easy being a mercenary because of the money.
Being underpaid compared to my ability isn't darn well funny.

Free Verse

An Angry Tactician's Rant

When you found me on the Sacaen plains a year ago,
I thought that this wouldn't be too hard. Oh, goodness no!
No one abides to my battle advice!
I told Farina not to go near the archer and next time she'll think twice!
Once I said to Guy: "Be careful, because that bandit has a Killing Edge!"
"Relax, his accuracy ain't too high!" he answered back.
Luck wasn't on his side as he received a Critical Hit.
My patience? I nearly lost it!
Priscilla used Mend to recover him
But Guy ended up facing the wrath of her angry brother Raven.
How come no one listens to me?
Is it because I'm a young tactician? I see, then.
Why bother asking for my advice
Then choosing to do something very unwise?
Lowen got into a jam time and time again.
I guess it's because his darn shaggy hair blocks his vision.
You guys make my blood pressure soar!
Charge into the fray like a wretched Berserker nevermore!
I will age before my time
Unless you lot start to behave!
Sometimes I am so frustrated,
That I can't help but scream at you knaves!
Please help out your dear little tactician
By doing what makes her happy: listen.


The Two Cavaliers

Kent is way too uptight at times.
His seriousness should be considered a crime.

Sain has no sense of direction at all.
If he's not careful in battle, he may end up taking a fall.

What does Lady Lyndis see in Kent
When all he does is complain when others have fun at an event?

All Sain does is flirt with all the girls.
He is so immature that I try not to hurl.

Yet there is no better pair to take into the fray
Than Sain and Kent, where they'll save the day!


The warm winds over
The Sacaen plains feel like an
Eternal summer.

Never ending snow
Blanket Ilia up north,
White as pegasi.

Thick fog stalking up
Upon Valor, also known
As the Dread Isle.

Blinding sun, hot sand,
The desert called Nabata
Home to a archsage.

Mountains numerous
Powerful like an army,
The country of Bern.

Wish Poem

Pegasus Knight

I wish I were a Pegasus Knight
Soaring into the skies
Where the only thing I need to worry about
Is an Archer lurking by.

Dream Poem


I dreamed I was a troubadour
Who uses staves on my comrades.
I suddenly found a rare Guiding Ring
And used it to upgrade to a valkyrie.

Five W's

Going My Way

A mage and cleric
Joined a ragtag band of mercenaries
After a fight breaks out
Near the border of Bern
All because the cleric wouldn't be quiet!