Yay! Finally, my first fan fic! This is a cross over between Stargate SG-1 and one of by favorite books. See if you can figure it out. Feel free to compliment, or scorn, I just really want some feed back. Anyway, on with the story!

"Are you sure you don't want to go fishing?"

Two figures were walking down a long hall in part of a top-secret underground facility in Colorado's Cheyenne Mountain. One was a man with graying hair and appeared to be about six feet tall. The other was a blond woman, about five foot, ten.

"Sorry sir, but I have to make some adjustments to the hyper drive for the Prometheus."

"You're sure it can't wait till Monday?"


"Okay, but don't complain about any boredom you experience during that time period."

Colonel Carter smiled, "Yes, sir."

"Well then I guess-"

"General O'Neill and Colonel Carter to the dialing room, immediately. Repeat, General O'Neill and Colonel Carter to the dialing room, immediately," a voice echoed over the bases loud speaker.

They looked at each other, each with an equally confused look on their face; then headed to the elevator at a rapid pace. Theyjogged down the maze of corridors; coming to an abrupt halt as Sam rounded a corner and almost fell after running into someone.

"Teal'c?" Carter questioned as she looked up at the person standing in front of her.

"Are you alright Colonel Carter?" Teal'c asked.

"Ya, I'm fine," she replied hastily.

"Hey, Teal'c, do you know what is so urgent?" O'Neill questioned as they started off again.

"I do not."

As they reached the elevator that took them to the lower levels of the base, O'Neill ran his security card through the scanner, and he, Carter, and Teal'c stepped inside. They rushed down the corridors, not sure what they might find out when they reached their destination. When they got to the room, they saw Daniel was already there. The place was buzzing with activity, and everyone seemed thoroughly confused.

"What's wrong?" asked O'Neill as they reached the computer screen Daniel and Sergeant Davis were looking at.

"Umm…we found something really…well, weird, I guess is the word," Daniel said rather nervously.

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Sir, one of our satellites over Ireland picked something up," Sergeant Davis answered. The sergeant brought up an image on the computer screen. It showed a moonlit river bend, right next to the bend was a gigantic oak tree. Davis fast forwarded, the area seemed to suddenly fill with water. Around 4 am (according to the time on the video), it emptied, leaving the scene as it was.

Silence, complete silence.

Cricket chirp

"What the hell was that?" asked Jack, his face not revealing what was really going on inside his head.

"We don't know sir," Davis answered," NASA just sent it to us."

"What about weather reports?"

"Already checked it out; perfectly clear night. Lucky for us, the full moon made everything more visible."

Clear night, valley filled with water, but there was no evidence of water; this just doesn't add up Jack thought as Davis explained as much as he could. Only one thing could do this.

"Okay people, I want this figured out ASAP. It could be the Goa'uld. Thompson, I want you to check all the other satellites; check for any anything out of the normal, anything. Davis, I want you to see if the Tok-ra are still on PRS-459. Carter, if they are I want you to see if they know anything about this. Okay, let's move it." Jack stated as he headed to his office.

"Ahh, Jack, where are you going?" Daniel questioned.

"It might be the Goa'uld, if it is the President needs to know." Jack turned and headed up the spiral stairs to his office.

"Sam, I'm going to go check my notes out and see if any thing like this has ever happened before." Daniel said, trying to make it sound like he had something of use in his endless collection of artifacts.

"Okay, I'll call you if we learn anything. Teal'c, why don't you help him?"

He replied with, "Indeed," and a small nod of his head.

The base had suddenly become a buzz of activity in a total of about ten minutes. Everyone was rushing this way and that, trying to learn anything that might help.

"Do we have anything new?"

General O'Neill and SG-1 were sitting in the conference room, all looking rather dismayed. Sam appeared to be in deep thought. She was suddenly brought back to reality when Daniel tossed his rather short and frail looking report back on the table.

"Nothing, I have absolutely nothing."


"Sorry sir, the Tok-ra don't know anything."

"Or so they say," Jack muttered under his breath.

Carter's face seemed to suddenly light up as if she had just figured out the equation for creating her own wormhole.


"Yes Carter?"

"I think I might have an idea."

"I'll go for just about anything at this moment in time."

"Well sir," she began," It has been noted that sometimes when an object is vibrate at a high velocity, the effects of it can result in the appearance of invisibility, or if there is enough mass of the object in question, it can also take on the appearance of water.

"Okay," Jack said, pretending to understand.

Carter caught the drift, "A smaller example would be of a humming bird. Its wing beat at such a high speed, that you can't see them with the naked eye."

"Your point…?" Jack emphasized.

"We have developed high speed cameras that can actually take a picture of a high speed objects without it being out of focus. I believe that what is on the tape could be something vibrating at very high speeds, possibly even a ship of some sort."

A look of sudden understanding passed across O'Neill's face.

"Okay, check it out. Meanwhile, Daniel try to contact the Asgard. The next briefing will be in…" he checked his watch, "Two hours."

Almost there… Colonel Samantha Carter thought as she tried to download the satellite image onto her lab computer. A small window flashed 'download complete'. Finally! Okay, fast forward, there! Then the high-speed camera snapshot. She fiddled with small buttons and settings until she got it just how she wanted it. And… start! She hit enter and an image appeared on the screen. "Oh my Go- what the hell is that?" she mumbled under her breath as she saw the image the computer had spit out.
What is it Carter found? Is it the Goa'uld, or something else? If you can figure out the crossover, please tell me. Feel free to also e-mail me for any clarification. 'Til the next chapter! See ya!