As a fanfic author I do not own any of these wonderful characters that belong to Yamamoto Satoshi and Kusaka Hidenori.

Turning Feelings

"What?" Ruby squeaked upon Sapphire's icy glare at him.

"You didn't have to do that. I can take care of myself!" Sapphire answered back sharply. While trying to deny the fact that her heart was still racing, she sat across from Ruby with her tentative posture.

"I don't know what you are talking about," Ruby said smoothly yet in a passive manner.

'I don't understand you, Ruby. One minute you're cold and uncaring. The next you're annoying and always teasing me. But sometimes you're just…" she couldn't find the words to describe him. She was still a little bit flustered after being pulled around the waist into the Ferris wheel by Ruby. They left a certain chubby boy who stood by them in the line up and had taken a rather painfully obvious interest in Sapphire, fairly disappointed. It's not that she was ungrateful to Ruby but she hated how there were times she failed to be strong.

"Wow!" Sapphire softly gasped. Looking out the window, she was mesmerized by the view from up above. The glow of lights from the urban contraptions put her in a state of aw of the city, forgetting her frustration.

"Beautiful," the word slipped from Ruby's lips. She turned to him with a questionable look from his remark.

"The view is quite different here. Didn't you say that you like pretty things too not to long ago?" he asked as he too looked at the galore of colorful lights.

Sapphire only turned away in response. She pressed a hand on the cold glass while she let her long chestnut colored hair veil the faintest smile on her face from Ruby.

'You're just…endearing, Ruby,' she smiled even more to have finally found the words from her heart.

A comfortable silence fell between the two as they appreciated the beauty outside, beyond their reach. Words were not necessary for the moment, anyways. The Ferris wheel continued to turn and so did their feelings.

The End

"So... Is this franticshipping or hoennshipping?"

I would say frantichshipping because of their personalities.

"But you made that little reference to that chubby boy, Shota."

Well...I'm not too framiliar with that character, to be honest. Anyways, this was just a little random idea that was in my head for a while. That's pretty much why the story was "in medias res".

"A drabble is a drabble..."