And I thought I'd never have a home again, 15-year-old Daniel Fenton thought to himself as he walked through the stainless steel front door frame, and into his old house, rubbing the back of his mid-night colored head thoughtfully.

"Ow," he winced suddenly as he hit a raw point on one of his fingers. Pulling his hand into his chest quickly, he looked at the bandages the hospital had refused to remove. He almost laughed as he looked down at himself.Here he was still sporting bruises, scrapes and deep cuts from his previous encounter with a rather nasty, ½ dead tree–among other things. To anyone else he looked rather...well...interesting to say the least.

Bringing himself out of his thoughts, he proceeded into the first room of the house and looking around. Seeing this familiar sight, the sight he remembered in his dreams every night and most days for almost as long as he'd been away, he couldn't help but sigh happily. He set the small bag he had been carrying down on the worn carpet in the entry way, and just stood there with his eyes closed, letting the feel of the remodeled house-turned-lab come washing over him, like a warm blanket. He smiled at the thought of a decent night of sleep in this house, the first in four long months, all of which he would give just about anything to forget.

"Hey," Jazz, his older sister said softly, stepping up next to him with a smile. She also carried an extremely small bag, seeing as she had taken nothing to Wisconsin when she'd left this town herself only a few days ago. The few things Danny had taken with him when he'd left all those months before had long since been lost or sold. Their parent's however...

"Step aside, son!" His father's usual, jovial voice boomed from behind them, as the older man stumbled inside, almost bent completely backwards under the load he carried. Danny shook his head at the sight of his father struggling beneath at least a dozen bulging bags, barely able to carry them all at once. That was saying something once his father's enormous size (half due to fat, half due to muscle, almost all due to hereditary) was taken into account.

"Do you need some help?" Danny asked, stepping out of his slowly progressing father's path.

"No thanks, son!" Jack Fenton grunted heading towards the general vicinity of the stairs. The slighter figure of his mother following warily, watching her husband with a knowing look.

"You be careful, Jack Fenton," she warned as he began his labored march up the stairs.

"Don't worry, Maddie," he grunted, moving his leg slowly to the next step, and literally throwing all of his weight forward. Maddie just shook her head before turning to her two children.

"Take your things to your rooms, and then meet your father and me back in the living room. We have a few things to discuss." Danny and Jazz winced at the sound of her voice. The "talk" they had both been dreading since they had started the long trek back to Amnity Park, Pensylvania would shortly be taking place. To say that they were not looking forward to it could easily be taken as an immense understatement.

The loud crash of their father as he came tumbling down the stairs didn't help the situation.


The slight frame of a young, African American girl with long, black hair and neon-green eyes floated through the expansive marble halls of the old, Dairy King Castle, warily looking around for the occupants of the building as she snuck towards her destination, one particular room. She didn't like going through the mansion, but she found it safer than going around the grounds, in the open. Here she had walls she could pass through, things she could hide in or behind. Out there, there was just sunlight and open, rolling hills with low mountains in the distance.

Although she didn't have to take a breath, she did so to calm her nerves, and dove across the hall. With her back to the wall, she turned invisible, and floated towards the stairs and the roof. Then, taking one last look around, she quickly lifted herself through the ceiling and into the desired room. To her relief, she saw no one. Unfortunately for Alesha, someone did see her.

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