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Crossing the Line

Chapter One
Madison Yagami sat alone in silence. She sat alone in the large cafeteria. Her silky, deep purple hair had soft lavender streaks and fell loosely in natural waves across her back, stopping at mid-back. Her hair was truely unique. Her hair was completely straight until her shoulders, where it fell in soft waves. No bangs. She never had bangs because it got in they way. Her sharp amethyst eyes scanned the crowd, looking for someone. The seventeen year old wore a the school uniform, which happened to be a solid white long sleeved blouse with a navy blue tie and matching blue skirt that came up halfway to her thighs. The blouse had the school logo on the upper left chest area and was tucked in neatly. On her left arm, at the top, she had a metallic pink tattoo of a plumeria, a Hawaiian flower that was about three inches in diameter. Her shoes were a pair of skateboarding shoes, Vans to be specific, that was light gray with the 'v' logo in a light pink color. Her skin was a light peach color and her body was slender, about 5'9". Her face was beautiful and often wore an impish smirk, never a smile.

A girl with straight, waist length light brown hair that was naturally highlighted from the sun, and worn in a loose braid down her back, walked up to Madison and gave her a kind smile. Her sun streaked bangs framed her face and went slightly past her chin in two strands parted in the middle. Her eyes were a sparkling emerald color with flecks of light gray. She wore the school uniform and dark gray Vans with the 'v' in a forest green color. She had long bangs that were parted in the middle reaching to her chin. And also had a small silver hoop earring at the top of her left ear with a small jade bead in the middle. Jade Ishida was also seventeen and slightly taller than 5'8". She had lightly tanned skin and a very nice figure. But unlike her friend, she often had a kind smile on her pretty face, but only around her best friend.

The two girls were the best of friends, but they were outcasts. Why? Because the school's elite clique said so. Typical. Every school has that one group that ranked as the most popular, pretty, and wealthy. A stereotypical school. It was a long story, but Madison didn't care. Neither did Jade. Yet, it was kind of lonely for the two girls. People did talk to them and they had a few other friends, but none were very close. There was nothing wrong with them, but if the head clique said they were outcasts, they were outcast. And that was that.

Why didn't anyone speak up to the high clique? Because the head girl was Katrina Campbell, the president's daughter. The president, or principal, was wealthy and had a lot of power. Which meant that his daughter did as well. She was very pretty and typically slutty, but she was a pretty decent student. Among her group were the hottest girls and boys of the school. Only a handful of people were in that top group, but that handful dominated over everyone else. And many people want to, and try to be part of that group. Girls craved and worshipped the top boys and vise versa with the top girls. But many people figured that being popular, also meant you were an asshole, bitch, slut, etc. Well. They're wrong.

His icy crystal blue eyes gazed at the violet haired girl. He had spiked flaming red hair and his skin was pale, but very slightly tanned. Tala Valkov was almost eighteen, was well built, and about 5'11". He wore the boy's uniform, which was a solid white long sleeved button-up shirt and long navy blue pants with the same logo on the shirt, and the same matching navy tie. He wore white and blue cross training shoes, since students were allowed to wear any kind of shoes they preferred, as long as it was covered footwear. He knew she was an "outcast", but he still couldn't pull himself away from her. He tore his eyes away, fighting off the urge to take another look at her. He had stopped denying the fact that he liked her, and almost a whole year has past since then. He didn't care that she was at the bottom, while he was at the top. He liked her, but knew that she probably didn't like him. But, she was addicting. He wanted to memorize her face. He gave into temptation and turned to look at her again.

A Chinese boy sitting next to him noticed the girl he was staring at and smiled sadly. Rei Kon was about 5'11" and was seventeen. He had long jet black hair and golden-brown eyes. His jet black hair was tied and wrapped up with a long white cloth. He wore the boy's uniform and black skateboarding shoes. His ethnicity was very clear due to his fair golden skin. He was very well built and usually wore a handsome smile on his face. He looked over at the brunette and her friend, and pitied them. They were truly nice and smart, not to mention both were very pretty. But, he couldn't bring himself to talk to them, especially Jade… Not after everything that happened in the past…

But Tala, Rei noticed, has had his eye on the purple haired girl for while already. Yet, it was kind of like Romeo and Juliet. He was from one side, and she was from another… But it was also different from Romeo and Juliet as well. She was an outcast, the people hated/disliked by the higher group, and the high clique itself. And Tala was probably the most wanted guy in the school. Rei wanted to encourage Tala, but he figured Tala would prefer to handle his own issues.

Madison felt like she was being watched. She looked up and her sharp amethyst eyes met a pair of crystal blue orbs. Tala Valkov. One of the hottest and most wanted guy in the school. She lifted a delicate eyebrow and could have sworn he was blushing — although, she really couldn't tell from where she was sitting. She watched as he gave her a very small and slightly shy smile before turning away. Huh! Why would he even look at her in the first place? After what happened between her and Katrina, the principal's daughter, she didn't think any one sitting at that table would even acknowledge her. But… the red head was kind of charming and sweet in a way… It was just an accident. Maybe he was looking at someone behind me? She turned to look behind her. Never mind. The people sitting behind her were all boys, and not just any boys, but the geeks – no offense to them – from the advanced chess club. There was a chess club, with people who enjoyed chess, and an advanced chess club, for those who worshipped the damn game. Madison decided he just pitied her. She didn't need his pity.

Her only friend was Jade. They've been friends ever since she first came to Campbell Boarding Academy, which was two years ago. Now she was a junior. Ninth grade had been hell, but after she met Jade, she felt very lucky and happy with her one best friend. They were roommates, sharing the same dorm this year and last year. She never bothered to find out who they neighbors were, but last year it was Queen Bitch herself. She and Jade were lucky that they didn't have a third roommate, since almost everyone shunned them. But, this year, they knew another girl would be joining them. Girls and boys both lived in the same building – which was a stupid idea to her – but boys and girls had separate rooms. There were never any co-ed roommates. But it was a co-ed building. Girls would be with girls in one room, and boys with boys in another room, but next door.

"Let's go," Jade said smiling. "What class do you have next?"

Madison pulled a black binder out of her light gray backpack. Jade peered over her shoulder. Not only were they roommates, but they also shared almost all of the same classes with each other. That was the only good thing. What a stupid school. I can't believe my dad even thought of sending me here. She memorized the rest of her classes for the day and put her binder away.

"Math." Madison replied in a quiet tone. Jade nodded. After that class, they were both on their own. Jade had biology and photography, while Madison had English and study hall. Jade gave her friend a warm smile.

"Then I'll meet you at the dorm after my class is finished, okay?"

Madison nodded and picked up her backpack. Jade tossed their lunches away and the two girls walked to their class in silence. It was only the first week of eleventh grade, and school was already boring. Madison tried not to fall asleep as her teacher droned on about linear equations. She decided that she could just take notes later from her textbook, and scanned the room. It's him again. She never noticed it before, but Tala Valkov was in her math class. And so were his two best friends Rei Kon and Kai Hiwatari.

Kai Hiwatari was the lone wolf of the school. He was extremely hot and very quiet, but has never gone out with any girl. And he refused every girl that had ever tried to ask him out. He even refused Katrina, who claims him and Tala for herself. Gay? Hell no. But rumor has it that he's just not into love. The seventeen year old was 5'11" and had lightly tanned skin. He had emotionless, but stunning, crimson eyes and messy two toned hair. Dark gray in the front and dark blue in the back. He wore the school uniform, but refused to wear the tie properly and left it undone. Luckily it wasn't bow ties… they were just formal ties. On weekends and holidays, students were allowed to wear what they wanted. He also had two blue triangle-like tattoos on each cheek. They school didn't dare say anything against it because Kai's grandfather was a very wealthy man.

Other than noticing a couple more people, math was pretty much the same for Madison. She said a quick goodbye to Jade and headed for her next class. Madison sighed inwardly as she took a seat in the back of the English classroom. It was her first English class of the year. Which meant introductions, class rule, expectation, grading system, etc. The same old crap. The teacher introduced herself as Mrs. Blair, and went through the class expectations.

"As I call your names, you will be grouped up in tables of four, and one table will have three. It will be in alphabetical order, so the first four will be a table and so on," Mrs. Blair explained. "This will be your seating for the rest of the school year, unless I decided to change it."

Madison glanced at the clock. Only half an hour more… She waited as the teacher called out name after name. She stifled a yawn and twirled a wavy lock around her index finger. She was used to being alone. That's how it was all her life. Until she met Jade. I'm so lucky I have Jade as my best friend…

"Tala Valkov. Clair Walker. Madison Yagami."

Madison held back a weary sigh and picked up her bag, walking towards the assigned table. She noticed that the red haired Russian boy was in a lot of her classes. But he was at the top of the ladder and she was at the bottom. Plus, the other girl in the group, Clair, was one of those girls who tried too hard to be popular and pretty. This was going to be one hell of a long year…

He stood in front of the table, trying to decide whether to sit across from her or next to her. He chose the seat across from her, since the tables were in groups of four, and the other girl sat next to him. Tala felt her emotionless stare on him, and felt his cheeks heat up slightly. He tried to force down his blush and turned to listen to the teacher.

"So introduce yourselves to your tables and then at the end of the period, you are free to go. Which gives you about 10 to 15 minutes," the teacher said in an overly cheerful tone. Madison wanted to scream. Introductions? She hated those. Besides, everyone knew her as the gothic loner. It's not like she neededmore introduction than "outcast". She wasn't Goth, but her silent and dark demeanor gave her that label.

"I guess I'll go first," Tala said breaking the awkward silence. Sure, he was the typical popular kid, but at least he tried hard in school and received almost all A's. Plus, he was finally getting closer to the pretty violet haired girl. "I'm Tala Valkov and I'm seventeen. I'm full Russian and was born in Russia. My favorite color is red. And some of my hobbies are watching horror movies, reading, playing my guitar, and soccer."

Clair giggled, while Madison just nodded. The orange haired girl that sat next to him was very different from the violet haired one sitting across from him. One wore heavy make up, and her uniform was "modified" so that it was tighter and more revealing. The other wore almost no make up, except for the light lip gloss and wore a well fitted uniform, not too tight and not too loose.

"My name's Clair Walker!" Clair said to Tala, ignoring the fact that there was one more person on the table. Madison couldn't have cared less. "I'm eighteen going on nineteen because I, like, had to do ninth grade all over again. I was born in Paris, and raised in France. I love hot pink, because it's the hottest color ever! And I love to go to the mall, go shopping, buy clothes, and shop at the mall!"

Madison resisted the urge to roll her eyes. The girl was an idiot. No wonder she flunked ninth grade! Madison looked over at Tala, who rolled his eyes and looked at her. She didn't really want to introduce herself, but something told her that the red haired Russian was actually expecting her to say something. His crystal sky blue eyes stared at her, waiting patiently, while the other girl tried to get his attention by batting her eyelashes and flipping her hair.

"I'm Madison Yagami. I'm seventeen. I'm full Japanese. My favorite color is light pink. And I like to read, sing, dance, and play soccer."

Tala smiled, ignoring Clair. He watched as her cold lavender eyes soften up for a split second, before changing beck to its original emotionless state. He studied her for a couple of seconds. Her wavy hair looked silky and soft. Her pale skin made her look delicate, and contrasted perfectly with her deep purple hair with lavender streaks. Her lips were full and a faded pink color. She had long eyelashes and slender fingers. He wondered why she was an "outcast" at all. She was prettier than Katrina Campbell herself! Maybe she said something or did something to Katrina, because if she wasn't such a loner and an outcast, she would have flocks of boys following her.

"Class is dismissed!" The teacher called out. Madison gathered her books and headed for the door. Until she bumped into someone and dropped all of her books. Tala's eyes widened slightly. Shit. I'm so clumsy… I can't even watch where I'm going! Now she's going to think I'm a klutz or something.

"Sorry." He said picking up her books. Madison gave him a slightly surprised look. Sorry! Wow. I haven't heard that in a long time… well, other than from Jade. She gave him a small smile in return.

"It's alright." she said taking her books from him. His hand brushed hers accidentally, causing him to blush lightly. Tala scowled inwardly. He definitely had a soft spot for her. He had a reputation as the most mischievous guy in the grade. He didn't do blushing. But… she smiled at him! And it was a small, but beautiful smile. Man. I got it bad for her. And I hardly even know her too…

"Bye." He said quietly, hoping that she heard him. His heart skipped a beat as she gave him a small smile as she walked out of the door.

"So, how was your day, Madi?" Jade asked. Madison lay on her stomach, on her bed reading a magazine. She looked up and grinned impishly. She always wore a mask at school, but when it was just her and Jade, she became a different person.

"Do you really have to ask?" Madison replied rolling her eyes. "Well, actually… it was okay…"

"Really?" Jade chuckled. "And why is that?"

Madison smirked and closed her magazine, then seated herself upright. She and Jade each had one room with their own bed, and there was one other empty room and bed for their third roommate. It was a very nice dorm because Campbell Boarding Academy was one of the top boarding schools in the world, and tuition was very expensive.

"You know who Tala Valkov is, right?"

Jade nodded and motioned for Madison to go on.

"Well, he bumped into me and I dropped all my books, and he picked them up! He even apologized!" Madison said throwing her hands up in the air in an exasperated manner. "If Katrina saw him… She would—"

"Kill you, bring you back to life, and then kill you again." Jade finished with a grin. But, her grin quickly faded away. "But, really Madi. I like it how she totally hates our guts, but I don't want to be known as an "outcast" anymore. I guess it's kind of fun, but it gets old after a while. Then again, we don't really have a choice. Whatever Katrina says, goes."

"I know, I know." Madison said shrugging. "It's her fault for being such a bitch. I'll think of something…"

"Okay… Oh! By the way, we're getting a roommate tomorrow. She's a new student from Hawaii. Her name is Krystal Kamiya and she's seventeen." Jade said looking at a paper from the principal. Madison sighed.

"Oh well…" Madison sighed again before her lips curved up into an impish smirk. "I heard Rei's in your biology class…"

Jade scowled. "Yeah. And the idiot sits right next to me too. This is going to be the longest year ever!"

"You said it…"

A girl with chocolate brown hair that was a couple of inches shorter than mid back length with soft golden highlighted streaks, walked into the noisy classroom. She had two locks of bangs parted in the middle that reached mid cheek, framing her face. Her eyes were a gorgeous stormy blue-gray color, but were emotionless and icy cold. Her lightly tanned skin gave her an athletic look. She was about 5'9", and wore the required school uniform. She was gorgeous and had a perfect figure, but wore a uniform that fit her correctly. Not too tight and not too loose, unlike many of the other girls at school. She wore white Vans skateboarding shoes with the 'v' sign in light blue.

She walked up and handed to homeroom teacher a note. She could feel people staring at her, and heard whispers going around the room.

"Class! We have a new student in our homeroom!" Mr. Tanaka, the teacher cried out. Madison and Jade looked up at the new girl. That must be her, Madison thought looking at the emotionless girl. Her icy stare sent involuntary shivers up Madison's spine.

"This is Krystal Kamiya, and she's from Japan's finest school, but moved here due to personal matters," Mr. Tanaka explained. "So please make her feel welcomed. Miss Kamiya, please give a small introduction."

"Hn." The new girl said coldly. The homeroom teacher just smiled sheepishly and nodded.

"Please take a seat," Mr. Tanaka said scanning the room for an open seat. "Your seat is next to Rei's. Mr. Kon, please raise your hand for Miss Kamiya."

Rei raised his hand and watched as the emotionless girl sat down in the seat next to his. There were individual desks and wasn't put together in groups of four, unlike most classes. Rei looked at Kai, so sat behind her. Kai looked uninterested and bored. Typical. He stole a quick look at Jade, who was listening to music on her CD player. Rei smiled sadly to himself. He remembered her habits so well… She never seemed like she was studying or even paying attention in class, but looks were deceiving. She may not look like she's paying attention, but she actually is. And she gets good grades too. I hate to admit it, but I miss those fun times…

Madison practically bolted out of her chair when homeroom was dismissed. She stopped at Jade's desk and waited for Jade, who was sifting through her notebooks and putting her CD player away. Madison watched Krystal stand up silently and walk out of the door, only to be stopped by a boy standing in the doorway. That boy happened to be Katrina's ex-boyfriend, Jason Hampton. He was the biggest player in school, and also one of the hottest guys. He was tall, with hazel eyes and auburn hair.

"Hey, so you're the new girl… you want to sit with me and my friends later, during lunch?" Jason asked smoothly. "I could show you around and we could hang out at my place after school. It'll be fun."

Krystal raised delicate dark brown eyebrow. Who does this guy think he is! The least he could do was look at her in the eyes and quit staring at her chest. Idiot. Not like she'd want to eat lunch with a total stranger anyways, or go to his "place" for that matter. She didn't even know his name! Go to his "place"? No way in hell.

"I don't think so." She said sharply and pushed her way through the door. Madison's lips curled into a rare smirk. She hardly smirked during the school day, but that definitely deserved a smirk. Jade suppressed a chuckle and picked up her backpack as Jason stormed away. No one has ever refused Jason Hampton before… until now.

The two remaining girls headed out of the classroom, not noticing that there was still one student inside. Kai Hiwatari watched the scene with an emotionless and bored expression. Only after he was absolutely positive that he was alone, did an amused smirk appear on his handsome face. It wasn't every day where he saw the school's biggest jerk being shut down by a girl. That. He had to admit. Was a good one.

Krystal held back a relived sigh. The day was finally over. It felt like the longest day of her life. The only personal time she had was lunch, and even then it wasn't very quiet. Random boys were constantly stalking her, and she had absolutely no idea why. A couple of girls were following her, which she found incredibly disturbing and weird. There was even a teacher, about in his mid twenties, who constantly talked to her and tried to "help" her. This is going to be one hell of a school year. Plus, I have to have roommates. Damn.

"Hey. You're Krystal Kamiya, right?" A girl with light brown hair asked walked towards her. Krystal nodded in response. She noticed another girl behind the brunette with violet hair and lavender streaks. She had seen both girls sit together in the cafeteria, alone. It was as if no one wanted to be near them… But, why?

"I'm Jade Ishida, and this is Madison Yagami," the brunette said, introducing her friend as well. "And. Well… you're our roommate."

Krystal stared emotionlessly for a second. "Okay."

Krystal followed the two girls back to her new room. Both girls were rather quiet, like her, and she found the silence slightly peaceful. Her bags and clothes were already up in the room, and she had two keys. One to carry and one spare. When they reached the room, the brunette pointed out her room and then both girls left her alone. She unpacked her items and clothes, which were many pairs of uniforms as well as casual attire. After she finished, she walked out and sat down on one of the couches in the living room. A short while after, the other two girls came out and sat down too.

"Why did you decide to come to this school?" Madison inquired. She didn't understand why anyone would come to this school! Krystal narrowed her eyes, but didn't reply. Jade sighed and force a small and sincere smile.

"I'm sorry, that was rude of us," Jade apologized. Madison glared at Jade. Jade shot a look back at her best friend. Krystal didn't say anything, and her eyes remained emotionless and cold. Is she trustworthy? Oh well, she's find out anyways…

"Look. There's one thing you should know about Madison and I," Jade said calmly. Krystal turned to face them, showing Jade that she had her attention. "We're outcasts, loners, shunned. So you might want to ask is you can change roommates. We're not just saying this to make you move out. We don't know each other that well, but I thought we should tell you that."

Krystal nodded. She had a feeling there was a reason for why the whole school avoided them. Her icy exterior softened. That really sucks. I wonder why they're shunned though… "Why are you outcasts?"

"None of your—" Madison started to say before Jade cut her off.

"We don't really want to say," Jade said quietly. "Sorry."

Krystal looked at both girls. No one deserved to be outcasts. These two girls were different from others… something about them made them trustworthy and… cool. They should have to be shunned by the fucking entire school. And they only had each other. Best friends. She admired their will to attend this school as outcasts…

"Don't be sorry," Krystal said giving a very small, but genuine smile. Jade grinned and even Madison smiled. Maybe a new roommate wasn't going to be so bad after all… but could they really trust her? Who would want to be friends with a pair of outcasts? "I should be sorry for being so rude. My name's Krystal Kamiya, but you can call me Krys."

"I'm Jade." Jade said smiling. Madison shot Krystal a short wary look.

"I'm Madison, but you can call me Madi," Madison said. Krystal nodded, sensing their uneasiness. So… that means they're probably debating whether I'm trustworthy or not.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to betray you in anyway. Do I really seem like that kind of a person?" Krystal smirked in a friendly way. "Besides, I'm new. And two is such a lonely number…"

"Is it really?" Madison gave a friendly smirk in return. Jade chuckled. "Maybe we should invite one more person… What do you think Jade?"

"That sounds like it might work. If that third person doesn't mind being shunned by the entire grade…" Jade replied in a slightly serious tone. Krystal smirked and shrugged.

"I don't mind at all," Krystal said in a soft voice. Her cold and serious expression changed into a friendly one. "But you gotta show me around and I call the seat in the cafeteria next to Madi."

The three girls grinned. Madison nodded and began telling Krystal about the cliques and the teachers, while Jade when into the kitchen and brought out snacks. Krystal smirked when Madison pointed out that she hadrefused one of the most popular boys in school, Jason Hampton. The icy girl they met in homeroom was way different from the person they were now friends with. Krystal's icy exterior was slowly opening up to the two girls, and there was no doubt that she would be trustworthy. Jade brought in a movie and Madison argued with Krystal on who got the last cookie. Madison used her sharp retorts, while Krystal just replied with a short and coldremark, cutting Madison off each time. In the end, Krystal managed to grab the cookie while Madison glared in defeat.

Jade laughed, this year might to be so bad after all…

The next chapter will be with Kai, Rei, and Tala, meeting Krystal, Jade, and Madison. Krystal will also meet Katrina, the queen of Campbell Academy. This first chapter was kind of boring, and I apologize for that, but it will get better as the story goes on.

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