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Crossing the Line

Chapter 5

"I've decided." Molly announced. Jade looked up from her book and gave a questioning look. Morgan nodded in agreement to Molly. Jade, on the other hand, had no idea what was going on. Actually, that was a lie. She had a slight idea on what Molly and Morgan were talking about, but she didn't know if her assumption was correct.

"I don't really care about your stupid school status," Molly said rolling her eyes. "It's not as if people really care about that stuff… right?"

Jade raised an eyebrow. So that's what Molly was getting at. The whole "outcast" deal. Jade shrugged in response. Actually, people did care about it, even though a lot denied that fact. Although, to be honest, the "outcast" thing was better than two years ago. Over time it just got too cliché for people to really care about.

Jade sighed to herself. It was nice that they didn't care, even after she had reluctantly told them "the story", but she didn't really want them to be shunned. They were new students. Why would they volunteer to be friends with socially shunned people?

"I don't think you understand," Jade said calmly. "The reason why people don't talk to us is because they care. They're afraid of Katrina's word. Too afraid to be caught talking to us. I doubt other people hate us, but Katrina and her friends do, and that's why people hardly talk to us during school hours. Some students literally treat us as outcasts though, for some reason."

Molly opened her mouth to retort, but Morgan shook her head at the chocolate brown-haired girl. Molly scowled inwardly. So what? Stay calm, girl, Molly told herself. She was normally very collected, but she hated it when people told her she didn't understand! What was she supposed to be? A psychic? Or course she didn't understand! That's why she wanted to. That was why she was dismissing the fact that her new roommates (except for Morgan) were "outcasts".

"I guess that means you're afraid of her too, huh?" Molly said in a mock casual manner. That struck Jade. Her forest green eyes widened slightly as she heard those words. A new realization dawned upon her. She had never thought of it that way. Of course other people were afraid, but it was her problem, not theirs.

"Ah," Morgan said smiling to Jade. "I don't think you're afraid. It's difficult to stand up to some one who has greater authority. After all, Katrina is the principal's daughter."

Jade nodded dumbly. No. Molly was right. She was afraid of Katrina. But she wouldn't stand for it anymore. As soon as Krystal and Madison came home, she would break the news to them. Although she had a good feeling Krystal already kne—wait. Home? Jade paused.

"You know what? You decide." Molly said coolly. This was a free place. That girl, Katrina or whatever, shouldn't just rule over the entire school. It wasn't right. In fact, it was downright weird. And stupid. Jade stood up and shut her book, placing it on the side table.

"You're right," Jade sighed. "I'm a coward for not sticking up for myself."

Morgan shot Molly a look and tried to give a little comfort to Jade. "You're not a coward. You were probably just unsure of the situation."

Jade smiled, her emerald green eyes warmed up slightly. But she knew the truth. She was a coward. She stifled a laugh. This was the kind of situation that only happens on TV shows and movies. The mean girl reigns and the protagonist wins in the end. The only catch was that this wasn't a show and there's absolutely no way to call the cuts. It was kind of exciting in a way too… I mean, can I win? Actually, Madison's more of the protagonist, but, hey, there's room for more than one in the spotlight… right?

"By the way, where are the other two girls?" Molly asked, trying to change the subject. "I mean, not that I forgot their names or anything…"

Molly trailed off. Morgan raised her eyebrow and Molly grinned sheepishly in return. Jade shrugged lightly, snapping out of her thoughts. "Madison's at the library, but I don't know where Krystal is."

"So that's their names," Molly said grinning. Morgan nodded with a smile, she had met the two other girls earlier and knew their faces, but they left the dorm before Molly's arrival so Molly didn't have a chance to meet them yet. The Mediterranean-skinned girl was slightly eager to meet the other two "outcasts". Or at least, she was more eager about meeting Madison, since Krystal was too… well, she was the only one Katrina truly disliked. Not because of her friendship with Madison and Jade, but more because most of the male population at school thought Krystal was hotter than her.

"Will they be back anytime soon? Are they coming home for dinner?" Morgan asked. She scolded herself mentally for referring to her knew living quarters as her home. I mean, I've only been here for what? Less than a day? Great. Now the others will think I'm some kind of homesick kid.

"I'm pretty sure both will be home for dinner," Jade grinned, trying to make the two new girls feel more comfortable. "We can either go down to the cafeteria for dinner, go the kitchen at the end of the hallway, or eat out. But in order to eat out we have to show them our ID cards and our room key, so if you don't have your ID card then we can always go to the cafeteria and grab dinner. We can bring it back up here to eat too, if you want."

Molly whipped out her new school ID card with a grin. She covered her picture with her thumb and smirked proudly. Morgan dug through her wallet and took out her card, not bothering to cover up her picture. Molly took a look at Morgan's picture and scowled lightly.

"Why is it that I'm the only one who takes crappy pictures in this world?" Molly demanded. Jade snatched the ID card away from Molly and grinned. Molly scowled deeply and took her card back, stuffing it in her wallet.

"You're picture looks awesome!" Jade chuckled. "You should see mine! My smile is super lopsided."

Jade took out her ID card and faced it towards herself, frowning at her picture. Morgan tried to look over Jade's shoulder but Jade covered her picture swiftly with her thumb. Molly made a grab for it, but Jade jumped up and shoved it back in her backpack, which had been lying on the floor nearby.

Morgan's violet eyes locked onto the ocean blue backpack with a mischievous gleam in them. She pounced on the bag, her action made Molly smirk widely to the point where the other two girls knew she was trying her best not to laugh. Jade grabbed one of the straps of her backpack and tried to pry it away from Morgan, who had quite a strong grip.

Molly, seeking revenge for her revealed ID picture, grabbed the other strap and helped Morgan, all three girls fighting over one bag. Jade shouted as her grip began to loosen. Molly and Morgan shared looks of triumph and continued to tug on the bag, trying not to break the backpack at the same time.

"Hey!" Jade exclaimed. "Whoops!"

She let go of the bag, the slight pain in her hand from gripping the strap of the backpack finally got to her. Morgan's eyes widened as she and Molly flew backwards from the sudden release of the bag. Molly yelped as Morgan landed on top of her with Jade's backpack in her hands.

"Open it!" Molly exclaimed, ignoring the fact that Morgan was still sitting on her leg. Jade let out a grunt of protest and hurried forward for her backpack. The other two girls ran to another corner of the room to open the bag but Morgan tripped over a lamp cord, although she caught herself just in time, making Molly run into her back.



Both girls fell into a pile on the floor, still clutching Jade's bag tightly. Jade stopped trying to grab her bag and stared at the two in silence. A dull silence fell over the room and the three girls looked at each other, Morgan still clutching onto the bag with a tight grip.


Jade burst out in laugher, cutting through the silence and collapsed on the couch. Both new girls joined in on the laughter (Molly stealthily took the backpack from Morgan, who was too busy laughing) and laughter filled the room along with a new air of friendship. Too bad they were too busy laughing to notice the sound of the door opening and closing.

A voice startled all three girls, their laughter died down as the person who entered spoke up.

"What's going on?"

"A long time ago, there lived a beautiful young girl," Madison started in a typical storytelling manner. She honestly did not want to tell the story at all. It was a mushy and sweet story. It wasn't that she hated it. No, that wasn't the case. It was just… mushy. No action or adventure. It was kind of dramatic and definitely romance, though. So it would work in well with the project.

Tala listened, giving her his full attention. She seemed to ease up slightly around him, but the trust was no where close. I guess it can't be helped, Tala frowned.Madison searched her mind. How did the rest of the story go? Oh! Yeah. Now she remembered. A sudden though came to her mind as she remembered the rest of the story. And that certain thought was on the length of the story. It was a long story. Well, to her it was. She had no intention of telling it all to the Russian sitting next to her.

"Wait. It's a long story," She said to Tala, her voice had become slightly cold again. Tala frowned inwardly, but shrugged in reply to the girl. I guess she doesn't want to tell it to me, Tala thought slightly disappointed.

"You can shorten it then," Tala said. Madison nodded, putting an invisible barrier between them. She didn't want to trust him. He was… highly suspicious. Well, to her he was. She paused and hid a small frown. Damn. I'm… hungry. She shook her head and tried to concentrate. It was kind of odd that she'd think of food at a time like this.

"Okay," Madison said, getting ready to continue her story. "In Korea, back then, the people were separated into different classes. There were the nobles, the merchants, the farmers, etc. The girl was a mix. Her mother was a… geisha."

Tala raised an eyebrow. "A geisha? You mean those Japanese dancers who serve men?"

Madison shrugged and gave him a short glare. "Well, the girl's mother was similar to that… you get what I mean. A Korean geisha. There are Korean geishas, you know."

Her amethyst eyes locked onto his icy-blue ones. Tala smirked and gave a half-shrug half-nod. Sure. He understood what she meant. The girl's mother was what could be called 'geisha' status. It wasn't a title to be proud of at the time, but it was a good way to bring money home to the family. He learned about this stuff last year.

"Her father was a noble," Madison continued. "So he was able to grant her a fairly normal life because normally if your mother was a Korean geisha, the daughter would follow the same suit. Well, one day, when the girl was around fourteen, there was a festival in her town."

"Wait," Tala interrupted. Madison glowered but stopped talking, nevertheless. Tala ignored her look. "Do these people have names? Just curious."

Madison stopped glaring and pressed her lips together in thought. "They have names… I just can't remember them."

Tala nodded and motioned for Madison to go on. Madison narrowed her eyes in a silent warning to not interrupt her anymore and only received a smirk in response. Madison opened her mouth slightly to speak but closed it. Tala glanced at her and raised an eyebrow at her slight pause. "Is something wrong?"

"Um," Madison replied blankly. "Yeah. I forgot where I was."

"Festival," Tala replied.

"Oh right," Madison said with a slight grin. "So the festival, which I'm pretty sure took place in May… although that's not important, and was full of people. It was a large festival and the governor attended bringing his family. The governor had a young son, the same age as the girl I suppose, and he was wandering around the festival with his servant. The girl, meanwhile, was swinging alone on a swing. You know, the kind that's attached to a tree with rope?"

Tala nodded. Madison gave him a small smile before continuing.

"Well, the girl was swinging with her servant watching her nearby, yes, she had a servant," Madison said fairly quickly before Tala could ask any questions. Tala grinned lightly and waited for her to continue.

"The boy passed by the girl and stopped when he saw her. It was love at first sight for him. He asked his servant to find out who the girl was by asking the girl's servant, and received an odd answer," Madison said swallowing. Her voice was growing tired and the story was only half way over. This was the shortened version too. Maybe I should have made it shorter…

"The boy's servant came back only to tell him about the girl's status. The servant also said that the girl was a bit of a snob, but an outcast at the same time," Madison said. The word "outcast" felt bitter as she said it. She refrained from making a face and continued on. "But the boy didn't care. In fact, he decided to visit her at her house. He though she was… erm… easy because her mother was a Korean geisha."

"Easy?" Tala snorted with a slight smirk. His ice blue eyes seemed to be smirking too. Or at least, to Madison it did. "As in, easy-to-get-in-her-bed, kind of easy?"

Madison's eyes widened for a split second with embarrassment and horror, but swiftly faded away as she regained her composure. Not a very good time to act immature, Madison, she scolded herself mentally. I should have used a better word. Now the heroine in the story seems like a slut. Good work, Madi. She gave him a look for the comment and searched her mind for where she left off. Oh. Right. The easy part.

"Sure, whatever. That kind of easy," Madison said rolling her eyes. "So he goes to her house and tries to see her, but finds out that she isn't that kind of girl. She refused to see him each time he came."

"Each time?" Tala verified, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, each time. The festival wasn't a one day event," Madison replied with a wave of her hand. "So anyways, the boy kept on coming and the girl kept on refusing, even when the boy realized she wasn't that kind of girl. The girl's mother, on the other hand, admired the way the boy didn't back down. And persuaded her daughter to give the boy a chance. After all, if she found the right guy to marry, she could get rid of her "frowned upon" status."

Tala nodded, it was practically the same for every country.

"The girl still refused to see the boy, so her mother let the boy in because she admired his persistence," Madison continued. Almost done… she thought, cheering mentally. "The boy finally gets to meet the girl and they talk with each other. They quickly fall in love, but soon after, the governor's son had to return with his father to the capital. So they secretly get married under the moonlight and take vows of love."

Madison sighed mentally. As mushy as it sounded, it was really romantic. She snapped out of her thoughts with an inward scowl. This was definitely not the time to be admiring some story-romantic event.

"So they took vows of love and the boy left shortly after," Madison said continuing smoothly. "Two years passed and the boy didn't return for the girl. There was also a new governor for the region. The new governor was cruel to the people and abused his power. He came into the girl's town, and saw the girl and her striking beauty. He asked her mother if he could see the girl, but the mother refused, so the man sent the girl and her mother to jail."

Tala nodded. Man… this is definitely an elaborate Korean romance. It has drama written all over it. He also got the feeling that Madison was whizzing by the story as fast as she could, judging by how all her sentences were brief and to the point. Ah well, it wasn't as if he really cared. The story was getting too long for him anyway.

"Then right before the girl is executed—"

"What?" Tala cut in, raising an eyebrow. "She's suddenly getting executed?"



"Because the bad guy said so."

Madison waited for his reply and when she got none, decided that it was alright for her to continue. Besides, she didn't know the entire story detail by detail. She just knew that the girl was sentenced to execution.

"As I was saying," Madison continued, giving the red-head an annoyed look. "Right before the girl is executed, a government official stops the execution, questioning the new governor and inspecting the case. To put things simply, the girl was found innocent and the governor was arrested."

Tala could feel the end coming near and refrained from sighing in relief. As much as he enjoyed being in her company, the story was a little to… girly for him. Claire would have enjoyed this immensely.

"The government official however," Madison said, glancing at the clock. "Noticed the beauty of the girl and asked her to marry him."

Tala groaned inwardly. Why was it that all the Korean officials were attracted to this one girl? Good heavens.

"The girl, being faithful to her husband from two years ago, said no and explained her situation," Madison paused, unsure if she got the last part of the story correct. She wasn't really sure if she remembered the ending either. Oh well, she thought sullenly. It's not as if he's really going to notice if I messed up a few areas.


"So the official replied that he did understand her," Madison said slowly. Uh… I think that's what the official said… Darn her memory. "Then the girl realized that the government official was her husband. He had returned for her. The end."

Tala stared.

"That's it? That's the ending?"

"That's it."

As lame and stupid as it might have sounded, Tala was somewhat disappointed. The ending was surprising but short and, to put it blunt, rather lame. If this were a movie at the theater in town, Tala would have requested the theater give him his money back.


Madison made a face. What? So she was a crummy story-teller, so what? Plus she was tired… and hungry. His ice-blue eyes gazed at her with slight curiosity. Something about his eyes made her breath hitch involuntarily. Maybe… she was wrong to prejudge him by his popularity. After all, if she could tolerate him for an hour, he couldn't be all that bad, right? After all, if anything, he should have been the wary one, not her.

"I have to leave now," she started, standing up and stretching her limbs. Tala, being a rather typical teenage male, couldn't help but discreetly marvel at her slender figure. She speaks like a boy at times but she definitely has a sense of elegance to her. He nodded and pulled himself up as well.

"So, I guess we'll meet again some other time," Tala suggested casually, earning a slight jump from the petite female. She blinked and turned to face him. Meet… again? Tala smirked inwardly at her expression, reading it right away. So she didn't hold any negative thoughts towards him after all. In fact, he himself was somewhat startled at her honest expression.

"You know," he drawled lightly at the silent female, still carefully picking his choice of words. "For the rest of our project?"

"O-oh. Right." Madison replied warily, mentally kicking herself for that one slip of control. She held back a scowl and looked up towards the ceiling, fixing a short glare at nothing in particular. She looked back at Tala, cursing him mentally with a colorful array of words, and picked up her backpack, ignoring him as he did the same.

"See you in class tomorrow."

"See ya."

She hastily made her exit, just barely missing the slight smirk that flitted across the handsome Russian's face.

Krystal made her way to her dorm room, clutching the package tightly. I think lack of sleep makes me act like a stunned cat or something. I fell really uptight… I better just forget about this package. It's probably not all that bad anyways… I mean, what's the worst my mom can send in a small package? She pushed the thought aside as she reached the door of her "apartment".

She dug for her keys, shoving the package under her arm to open the door. She pushed open the door and paused as she heard a loud shout from the main room. The shout was followed by laughter and voices, making Krystal raise an eyebrow while she closed the door behind her.

She walked into the main room, stepping over a box of pizza on the floor. Ugh. Seriously. Somehow she got the feeling that she, Jade, and Madison were no better than a bunch of teen boys rooming together. Hopefully one of their new roommates would be neater and tidier. Of course, she was usually pretty tidy, but Campbell did have maid service once a week so what was the point?

Yes, she was a tad spoiled. Who could blame her?

She walked into the entrance and stared at the three girls laughing on the ground. Good thing she stopped. If she walked any further, she would have tripped right over Morgan. All three were too busy laughing to even notice her entrance (not that it bothered her). Krystal looked down, blue-gray eyes focusing on her roommates.

"What's going on?"

The laughter stopped, embarrassed looks appeared on each of their faces. Another click came from the doorway and seconds later, an annoyed Madison appeared next to Krystal. Madison scrunched her nose at the door jam.

"Hey, what's with the hold up?"

"I, err, I mean, we… we were just…" Jade stuttered, standing up slowly. Molly stood up and brushed herself off, shooting Krystal and Madison a cheeky grin. Sheesh. It's like they've never seen fun before. Morgan stood up, wearing a sheepish smile on her face.

"Hah!" Madison laughed. "You weird kids."

Krystal shook her head, a slight smile playing across her lips. She suddenly frowned, feeling hunger creep through her slowly. "I'm starving."

"Me too," Morgan nodded, feeling that she could trust these people. Something about them made it okay to be herself. And somehow, that feeling reassured her, even in this large and formidable school. "I'm Morgan, by the way. Morgan Moonstone."

"I'm Molly Brown," the other girl added, rich brown eyes holding no emotion. Jade smiled and pointed at Krystal and Madison.

"That's Krystal Kamiya and Madison Yagami," she said pointing to the respective girl. Madison raised an eyebrow and crossed her eyes playfully.

"Jade, didn't anyone ever tell you it's rude to point?"

"Shut up."

Molly smirked and sat down. Jade stood up hastily, eyes wide and mouth in an 'oh' shape.

"I have an idea!" Jade exclaimed, ignoring a few stunned faces. "Let's go out to eat an early dinner and come back, do our homework and sleep! I know it's kind of lunchtime, but it's pretty late for a lunch, you know. So instead, we can have an early dinner and then come back early."

"Hm…" Krystal murmured. "That's not a bad idea…"

"But where are we going to eat?" Morgan asked, bringing up a good point. "And how are we going to get there?"

"Let's eat at Dan's Diner," Molly suggested. Madison and Jade shared looks of horror. "I passed that place coming here and it looked pretty nice. I'm kind of curious to see how it is."

"Same here," Krystal nodded. She had noticed the small, but surprisingly appealing looking diner and wanted to take a look at the place. It was right down the street from the school, right before the larger part of the city. It looked rather quaint and the simplicity (but neatness) of the place had caught her attention.

"Katrina will be there," Madison sulked openly. "It's a popular diner."

"We'll just avoid her," Krystal suggested calmly. "If she has any friends, she won't notice us at all."

Morgan watched in silence. Krystal spoke true. If Katrina was really as popular as she made out to be, then they could slip in, eat in peace, and hurry back without being noticed. Jade didn't protest, but she didn't feel comfortable going either. Molly, either oblivious to this fact or uncaring, smiled.

"Well then," Molly spoke up. "It's settled then. We're going to Dan's Diner."

"Right," Krystal agreed slowly. "We can take my brother's car."

"You have a car?"

You have a brother?"

Molly and Madison looked at each other as they spoke at once. Krystal shot them a half-annoyed, half-confused look as she walked towards the door and picked up her purse. Jade followed reluctantly, trailed closely by Morgan.

"Yeah," Krystal replied with a light shrug. "He's probably not using his car so it'll be okay if we use it."

"We don't have to," Morgan suggested. "The diner looks really close. We could just walk there, in case, you know, your brother needs his car."

They had reached the parking structure, a moderately short walk from their dorm building, and were heading towards a sleek silver car. Madison admired the ride and noted that it looked fairly new. Krystal unlocked the car and settled herself in the driver's seat, the other girls seating themselves as well.

"It's no big deal," Krystal replied casually, turning on the engine. "He won't even notice it's gone."

And with that, she took off.

Kai sat on his bed and carelessly tore open the package. His crimson eyes gazed emotionlessly at the inner box. More specifically, the label of the inner box. Another camera. Great. The box read, "Eclipse X: Model E300" and had the picture of a sleek looking 35mm SLR camera on the cover. Kai was just about to dump the outside box (which was slightly bigger than the box that held the camera) away, but a small item dropped out before he reached the trashcan. Film. Great.

He automatically regretted ever being a part of the newspaper staff. It was hard work and consumed a lot of personal time. He would have dropped out this year, but his grandfather would probably murder him if he did. Another reason that prevented him from dropping out was that it looked good on collage applications. That was also the case for the other staffers as well. Being on the newspaper staff for Campbell Academy was a pretty big deal.

First of all, it was practically invite only. Only students with good grades and a talent in art or writing were invited. If you weren't invited, you could send in an application, but students that were invited had an automatic spot if they chose to accept. Fair? Probably not. But if you thought about it, it was fairly reasonable.

Good grades were a big factor. If you had low or mediocre grades, juggling the newspaper staff position and schoolwork would be difficult. Art and writing talent was pretty much self-explanatory, although slightly unfair. Art included digital talent, layout talent, and photography talent. Writing included writers that were recommended by teachers. The types of writers varied greatly. But that was basically it.

Positions or openings were pretty rare. If a senior graduates, their spot is up for the taking. If someone quits (which is rare too) then their spot is given to a new member. Also, if the vice principal recommended you because you filled the requirements, then you had a pretty sure chance of getting the open slot.

Kai was, unfortunately, fairly good at photography. Okay. So he was darn good. But how hard could it be to take a damn picture? Apparently, it was pretty hard if they thought he was good (in his opinion). There were only two photographers on the staff. One that used a digital camera and one that used a manual one. And, unfortunately… again, he was the manual photographer.

He didn't hate being photographer. Hate was such a strong word. It was tedious though. Being the manual-camera photographer meant self-developing his pictures. Occasionally, he used a camera with playback options, but he was usually instructed to use a simple SLR (not including all of the gadgets that could be attached to his camera). Why? Well, because usually although his pictures were used in the school newspaper, they were also used for other school-related media as well. If he managed to get a nice picture, they would occasionally blow up/enlarge the picture and frame it.

How… lucky.

Actually, he didn't give a damn. As long as they credited him, they could do whatever they want with the pictures he took.

The plus about being a photographer was that he didn't have to write anything. Or talk that much, for that matter. All he had to do was take pictures requested by the editors of the staff. Oh. And develop it. But he was accustomed to going into the dark room or processing lab.

Kai placed the film on his desk and opened the box containing the camera. He pulled out an impressive camera (complete with auto-focus) and the manual. Damn. Now I have to read the manual for it. He placed the camera back in the box it came from and place the entire thing on his desk beside the box of film. He skimmed through the manual, quickly noting the new things that came up. Good. There's not too much I need to learn. He knew that the Editor-In-Chief sent a request for a new camera. What a waste. The old camera was perfectly fine.

He honestly didn't not know anyone on the staff. He knew their names, well… most of their names, but he wasn't near close with any of them, unless you counted Katrina, who sat next to him every meeting. As annoying as she was, he chose to ignore her rather than make something of it. She was the only person he "knew" though.


A knock on the door startled the silence, although Kai, himself, remained unfazed. He placed tossed the camera manual on his desk and walked over to the door, slightly annoyed by the unknown guest. He opened the door calmly and gave an emotionless stare to the boy on the other side. Yoshimura.

"What?" Kai demanded. Andrew ignored the cold statement and shot Kai a wide (and pretty fake… in his point of view) smile. He looked behind Andrew and noticed that Tala had returned from the library. Tala looked tired, but gave a sharp nod of his head in acknowledgment to Kai before sitting himself down besides Rei. Kai narrowed his eyes at Andrew. That was it? Andrew wore a slightly smug look, making Kai's mood slightly sour (only a small bit though).

"So?" Kai replied shooting Andrew a look. His voice had a hint of boredom which was unnoticed by the blond boy in front of him. What unnerved Kai the most was that no one was stopping the moron in front of the door. Both Rei and Tala knew how much Kai disliked people bothering him. Andrew's face was already more than bothering him.

"Let's all go out and eat!" Andrew grinned. "I mean, since we're all here and I have my car."

"What?" Rei said, golden orbs flying towards the dirty blond. "You have a car? And it's here?"

Andrew turned his head, still standing in Kai's doorway, still standing in front of a very annoyed Kai. Andrew nodded slowly. What? Was it weird to have a car on campus? Lots of students have vehicles right? Well, he knew Tala owned a motorcycle but… same diff right?

"Rich, huh, Drew?" Tala smirked, shaking his head teasingly. "Way to make the rest of us feel poor."

"Shut up, you," Andrew said, making a face. "If we go out to eat, you're sitting in the trunk. And stop calling me Drew."

Kai glared at the back of Andrew's head, tempted to close the door of his room on Andrew's fingers. He hated eating out. Not because of the restaurants for anything… okay, maybe that was partially the reason. But it was mainly because of all the attention he got. If there was one thing he hated more than his grandfather, it was unwanted attention.

"I guess that settles it then," Tala replied lazily. "Since Drew has his car, we're all going out to Dan's Diner for dinner."

Dan's Diner? Hell no, Kai thought frowning inwardly. Too crowded. Dan's Diner wasn't just a restaurant, it was a teen hangout. The food was pretty good and set at affordable prices, but it was popular and always damn crowded. Save for when there were school homecomings and stuff.

"Why there?" Rei inquired warily, much to Kei's relief. Rei was certain both Kai and Tala avoided going to crowded places as much as possible (well, mainly Kai). Tala nodded towards Max. Ah. So the new guy needed a tour. But what about Andrew…? Tala answered as if he could read Rei's mind.

"Drew's too dumb to care."

Andrew scowled at Tala and, much to Kai's annoyance, continued to stand in his doorway. Any longer, Kai vowed, and he was going to shut the door. Fingers and all. Andrew stepped back, as if knowing Kai's intentions, and crossed his arms. He walked towards the door and grabbed his jacket and keys.

"I'm hungry," Andrew stated, keys jingling impatiently. "So what're we waiting for? Let's get going."

"Fine," Rei sighed, picking up his jacket and shoving his wallet in his pocket. In a few minutes they were all ready to leave, save for Kai, who had just been persuaded by Tala and was grabbing a few of his things. When the slightly scowling slate-haired Russian finally came out, the group made their way to the parking structure where Andrew had his car in.

Andrew stopped in front of an empty parking space. Max looked at the blue-eyed male questioningly, curious as to why they had suddenly stopped.

"Where's my car?" he muttered, a deep frown forming on his lips.

"What do you mean, where's your car?" Tala sighed exasperatedly. "Don't you remember where you parked it? I highly doubt anyone jacked it."

"Shut up," Andrew retorted. "It was here… I'm positive."

Andrew's blue-gray eyes widened as realization hit him. Oh hell no, he scowled inwardly. Of all the days she had to borrow his car, it just had to be today. Kai raised an eyebrow at the shock painted across Andrew's face.

"Dammit Krys," Andrew growled.

Krys? Kai found himself recognizing the name.

"Sorry guys, but I think we're going to have to walk," Andrew muttered, kicking the ground in embarrassment. Tala and Rei shared looks of confusion while Max merely shrugged, not at all bothered by the sudden lack of car. Walking a couple of blocks wasn't at all a big of a deal to Andrew, but it was still rather disappointing. If only his sister had bothered to tell him she took his car… but no, she just had to use it without him knowing.

"My sister borrowed my car."

Just his luck.

End of Chapter 5

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