King of Evil

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Triforce of Power

When the three Goddesses had created Hyrule and all of its surrounding lands they departed but left behind a golden triangle. If one with a pure heart and with good intentions were to touch it then Hyrule would go into a golden age. When someone with an evil and corrupted heart would touch it then the world would become lost to Darkness.

The final Battle between Ganon and Link was fought on the ruins of the Dark castle. Link watched as the massive beast wielded two blades and had managed to knock the sword out of his hands. Zelda had cast some spell on the giant monster to keep him still while Link pelted the monsters thick hide with Light arrows which seemed to be ineffective against Ganon. Link cursed as he felt a blade hit him in his side.

He remembered the battle he had fought with the Mask of Majora very clearly and this reminded him of it. First he had fought the floating mask and then the stupid piece of wood had managed to gain legs and almost beat him with the fast movements. Luckily he had been smart and had packed a few fairies which would restore him to life. He had managed to stay alive until he defeated it and the final incarnation of Majora came out. He had managed to kill it and seal the power in the mask. He had looked at the mask and then had put it on to see if it worked.

When he had first felt the mask enclose his face he felt the Dark power contained within. While he had normally been ignorant of the world before now he saw all through a different perspective. While the mask tried to corrupt him he fought it and gained a new perspective. Ganondorf was only one of the incarnations of evil. He had a part of the holy triangle and that powered him. When Ganondorf would be sealed the triforce would be restored. But then it meant that Link would lose his power. The power that fuelled him made him strong and he craved more of it. Link felt the power of Majora's Mask in his body and he felt himself growing to stand around 7 feet. He gained markings on his feet and a wicked blade rested at his side. The sword that he had brought to Termina had been replaced with a Darker version of itself. He could feel the power spreading through him. No longer would he be a slave to fate or destiny. He would carve his own place in history. It didn't matter that he would have to kill Ganondorf just to get some power. In fact he craved more power to conquer.

Link swung the blade and a dark blade made of energy sprang forth. He remembered how he had beaten the monsters that guarded the temples and remembered how he had picked up the mask of the fierce deity. The power of the Mask seemed to have a positive effect on him and seemed to try and destroy Majora's mask. He recognised the manipulations now. The fairy called Tatl had somehow deceived him into trying to seal this mask. Why wouldn't he keep the mask and then give a fake mask to the mask salesman.

Link felt the dark power surge through him one last time before he pulled off the mask of Majora and placed it in his pack. He would now have to be very careful and let no one know of the Mask for its presence to be discovered was one thing he didn't want to do. He wanted the power it gave him and when he told the Mask salesman that he had the mask he pulled out a copy of Majora's mask made by the Mask to fool the salesman. It had a small amount of Majora's power in it and it glowed with Dark energy. Link laughed when he departed from Kafei and Anju's wedding. He had truly enjoyed himself at the wedding watching the Indigo-go's perform together with him.

Now he was fighting the beast ten years after he had gotten the Mask. He occasionally wore the mask during Ganon's reign of power and watched as humans fell to sickness only to rise as the undead. He watched as the poes started roaming the land and watched as the spirits of Darkness started infesting the temples scattered around the land.

When Ganon brought down a sword Link blocked it only to be smashed back as the second sword hit him in the stomach. Link shot a Light Arrow at the tail of the monster and watched as Ganon fell to the floor. The barrier weakened and link ran towards the Master sword. He didn't know why he could still wield it because it repelled all who felt evil enter their s0oul but paid it no heed as he pulled it out of the ground. A small jolt of energy went from the blade into his hands and he released it with a small cry of pain.

Link looked as the blade gave of a small aura of holiness and cringed away from it. Then he whipped out the Fierce Deity mask and hoped that it would work. He placed the mask on his face and felt himself slip into the form of the Fierce Deity. With the sword he started hacking at the stunned Gannon and watched with satisfaction as the beast was sliced in several places.

Ganon roared as he felt a holy sword slice into his flesh. But he couldn't move because something was holding him down. Then he sensed a darkness which rivalled his own. He reached out for it only to find it being covered with a veil of holiness and a familiar presence around it. He gazed further and came to the conclusion that the thing which was hacking into his skin was the one wielding the holy sword and slowly began to send energy to the person.

Link felt something enter his mind for a brief second and then he felt power slowly trickling into him from the beast he was currently trying to kill. He stopped for a moment wanting the feeling to stop but it only increased in power. Link knew that he would have to release the power or else they might get suspicious of what he was doing. Already they must have noticed that he couldn't pick up the Master Sword anymore and Link severed the head of Ganon just before the power increased too much so that he could resist the temptation.

Link felt the power increase momentarily and then he looked at the dead corpse of Ganondorf. The triforce of power was emblazoned on Ganondorf's hand and Link stared at the headless corpse and sighed and sunk to his knees. Then suddenly energy surrounded the corpse and went into Link. Link blacked out as the energy entered him.

Link saw a young man standing before him after the energy went in. He had red hair and wore a jewel on his forehead. Link stared at Ganondorf's younger version and said:

"What are you doing here? I don't recall having invited you here."

Ganondorf smiled and said:

"Well actually I sensed your evil and decided I should pay you a little visit. You have slain my body and thus I grant you my power if you will let me co-exist with you. No harm shall come to you by the Gerudo's as they are bound to obey you. The fact that Nabooru also offered you something before she became a Sage does stand for something."

Link looked at Ganondorf and said:

"Then you agree with the fact that your body will be sealed in the Sacred realm? There will be no going back to your own body if you really wish to stay with the hero who killed you."

Ganondorf looked at Link with an eyebrow raised:

"Would I even offer you this when I wasn't totally sure that you would accept? Listen to yourself talking. Are you really willing to give away power just for some foolish idea of justice? It is true that the war has torn Hyrule apart. You have been travelling through lands unknown to man for some time and have even braved my Generals. That is a feat not many can attest to."

Link looked at the red-haired man and then smiled cruelly.

"I think we can come to an agreement. Will I be sharing some of your traits? Like red hair or something?"

Ganondorf smirked his evil smirk and said:

"Well I guess a part of your hair will turn red. That is a thing I cannot change. Also the triforces of Courage and power will be yours. Do you accept?"

Link looked at the man and then said:

"Ganondorf we have a deal. I accept!"

Then Link knew no more as memories of learning black magic came hurling into his mind and he learned ways to corrupt people from Ganondorf's memories. He gained a deeper sense of understanding how the world worked and the laws that the Goddesses had made. He now got to know why there were Oracles for Time and Seasons. He had thought that Din and Nayru were just safeguarding their respective countries.

Link felt the presence of the King of Evil in the back of his mind. He opened his eyes to look into Zelda's blue ones which were staring at him with concern within them. He closed his eyes with a pained grunt and when he awoke again he was laying on a comfortable stretcher somewhere. He tried to get up but failed to do so. Then a door opened and link noticed he was in a room that seemed to be in Impa's house. Zelda, Impa, Datunia, Saria, Ruto, Rauru and Nabooru entered the room and all looked at Link with a worried expression on their faces.

Link looked at them and asked what was wrong. Zelda just handed him a moirror and Link looked in it to see himself with blonde hair with streaks of red running through it. Linki looked at Zewlda and said:

"Any idea how those got there? After I defeated Ganon I felt something strange in my stomach and then I blacked out. I don't know what happened other then that I had an enormous headache when I woke up."

Zelda looked at him with pity and said:

"We have managed to Seal Ganon in the Holy Realm but some of his energy tried to possess you. We guess that is where the red streaks in your hair come from. Tell me Link if there is something that happened while you were unconscious."

Link just looked at her and then acted like he remembered something:

"Aha. Well I remember hearing a cold male voice before I blacked out. The voice said something about taking over my body. But then I felt the Courage flow through me and I managed to get the voice out of my head. Then I felt sleepy and I drifted into unconsciousness I guess."

They took the story and then started worrying about his health and such but Link just shrugged and grabbed a healing potion. After drinking it he looked at the Sages and said:

"Did anything special happen while I was being out cold?"

They somehow managed to look uneasy and Zelda spoke up:

"Yes. You were awarded a medal for special services for Hyrule. That and you have a celebrity status which equals mine. I'd say that the amount of love letters you will receive will be astounding Link. Astounding indeed."

She mumbled something inaudibly and Link got up from the bed only to have the ladies blush and Link suddenly realised that he was lying there naked. He gulped once and quickly pulled up the covers.

That seemed to calm the ladies a little and Link sighed a sigh of relief. By now the ladies went out of the room saying that it wasn't proper to be in a room with a resting man. And that Link needed his rest. Link knew that they would cherish the image forever as he knew for sure that he was cute in a way. And the thing about love letters didn't make him worried. He would just deal with them when he got back from training. Well if anything still stood after his training.

Link got up and dressed himself and then said yto Darunie:

"Brother I'll be gone to the Haunted Wastelands to train. I must prepare for Ganon's return. I WILL NOT LET THAT BASTARD RETURN TO LIFE AND LET MYSELF BE UNPREPARED!"

Then Darunia said after that statement:

"Wise words spoken by a young man. I will relay your message Brother. Good luck on your journey."

Link nodded his thanks to the old Goron and then sneaked out of the room. The sneaking was quite complex as it would have to need his full concentration or else he would make sounds that would alert people to his leaving. Link sneaked out of kakariko village and stood on Hyrule field. Suddenly a new song came into his mind and he pulled out his Ocarina and played the Calling of Shadow.

A horse appeared on the far horizon and closed in on him. Link looked at the horse and saw that it was the same horse Ganondorf used all that time ago. The eyes seemed to burn with an inner spirit. Link mo9unted the horse and set off towards the Haunteds Wastelands. He used the horse to its full capacity which mean that he was riding it at tremendous speed through Hyrule field. When Link got to the Gerudo canyon he looked as the bridge had been destroyed once again. He just made the horse jump the gap and revelled in the feeling of the air that blew in his face. The horse landed on the other side of the gap and Link made it speed up and he rode through the Gerudo stronghold at an alarming pace only to pass through the gate leaving behind confused Gerudo Guards.

Link laughed maliciously as he stopped in a place in the Wastelands that Ganondorf had once discovered while roaming the Wasteland. He settled down there and started manipulating his magic to go and teach himself the Darker side of magic.

"They would rue the day he reappeared.

People I'm just trying this out so don't try to flame me too much. I had an idea of an Evil Link spinning in my head for some time now and I just want to know what you think of that idea. Another chapter will be posted soon. As for the pairing I'm going for Link/Nabooru. Nabooru is so cute with her nice red hair!