Void Disciple: Prologue

It was cold. Very cold. Not that that was much of a change for the man. It had been cold ever since he could recall. There had been something before. Power. He had sought it. Sought it through...it didn't matter. All that mattered now was the cold of the void... The Void! That was what he sought.

He twitched. Something was different now, as if a door had been opened somewhere. The Dark Gaol...had been opened, however slightly. He could hear a voice now. It was him. Mammon. He could only pick up part of what was said, but now that he could hear it, he could see what was happening. The view seemed distorted and small, as though he were looking through the wrong end of a telescope. Mammon had a guest it would seem.

"Ha ha ha ha! Good to see you, Master Brian! We've been waiting! ...shut up in this prison for a thousand years. My wait is now over. You're the one...Give me wings...My time has come again. You have released me from my prison. And just to show my gratitude I will not let you suffer..."

The scene exploded into action. But as Mammon began his battle against the intruder, the watcher's sight faded again. Only faint explosions and crashes could be heard. It seemed to go on forever. The watcher found himself not caring about the outcome of the fight. As far as he was concerned it made no difference.

Something had changed again. The world was growing warmer, no longer static. A howling wind surrounded the man, ripping and pulling him in every direction. He gave a soundless scream as he was sent spinning through the void. A light seemed to develop before his eyes. Was this life?

The world...

...stopped spinning.

He was curled up on a rooftop. His tattered black cloak, all that was left of his former fine garments, whipped around in the bitterly cold winds. His cheek rested on the cold mortar of the castle's roof. He struggled to his feet, taking in his surroundings. He stood in one tower at the top of a castle. Directly behind him was a strange stone circle with a rough monolith at the center. He recognized it immediately. A gateway. It was closed now, but the monolith still glowed with residual magic. He raised his hand, stretching out his fingers.

"I...live," he marveled. "What happened?"

Then he remembered.

"Of course," he snarled. "I remember now. I was this close to attaining that which I sought. The true enlightenment under Lord Mammon, and then..." he clutched his forehead painfully.

"Epona...that cursed witch. She ruined everything with her sealing spell. I must have been caught in the Dark Gaol, just like Mammon." His eyes widened. "What happened to Mammon?"

His lips curled. "Dead, I imagine. The guardian of the void, dead. He was killed by...Brian, was it?" He nodded to himself. "If this Brian was able to reach and kill Mammon, then he must have held the Book, and likely the elemental stones as well.

He laughed mirthlessly. "Ohhh. I've just had a lovely idea. Without Mammon to show me the path to mastery of Void magic, I shall make my own path. But in order to do that I will need the Eletale Book. It appears I may need to deal with this Brian. How interesting. He is strong. I wonder how strong."

He looked to his side, spotting a smooth metallic black staff. He reached out his hand and called it to him. He felt the spiritual power within him pulse at the return of his weapon.

"Soon, Brian the Spirit Tamer. You and I will have a meeting." He glanced at his tattered cloak. "But first, I have some things to do here in...good old Brannoch."