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Daichi let his blade spin onto the rough pavement as MingMing did the same. Venus and Strata Dragoon went at it much like they had in the finals. MingMing's larger, faster blade took an early lead, but was taken by surprise by an attack from Daichi.

"Aww! Go Strata Dragoon!" Daichi yelled as he called out his blue and yellow dragon.

"Come on Venus! Let's show this boy what we're made of!" MingMing called to her beautiful white bit beast.

MingMing had a bit of trouble fending off Daichi'dsattacks, more so than she had at the tournament. Daichi had gotten better. A lot better.

Daiichi had similar feelings towards MingMing, at the tournament he had trouble with her so there was no wonder he would now. He watched MingMing closely for her next move.

MingMing noticed subtle differences in her blading style, she was going more into defense than attack, she was just off of her target by the smallest margin. But even she could see that she was getting weaker. So she started to hum to herself.

The humming soon turned into MingMing rhythmically singing all of the words to her favorite song about Bey blading.

Daichi listened closely, she was singing again. Without all of the background music you could tell that she had a pretty nice voice. But she would still lose! Friends or not, he had to win! Daichi yelled his final attack and brought his arm down as his Strata Dragoon threw MingMing's Venus away making it stop spinning.

MingMing was in awe. How could he have beaten her? She looked over to her fallen Venus, and then down as her hair covered her eyes.

"Great battle MingMing!" Daichi yelled when she noticed that he was in front of her, smiling like crazy with his hand extended to shake. MingMing finally lifted her head, looking him strait in the eye with determination, smiling as she did so.

"Good job Daichi." She congratulated him, when she noticed that he was running away from her to a tree. She found this odd. When she realized that he was picking up her blade for her. Daichi came running back with Venus in tote, she was touched. He handed it to her smiling. "Here you go." He said simply.

"Thank you Daichi." MingMing smiled as she cupped his face in her hands, promptly kissing him lightly on the lips, hardly a brush, but enough to feel their cool lips come together and get a slight taste. Daichi's face turned as red as it would go while his eyes popped out of his head. Had she just kissed him? MingMing smiled as she pocketed her Venus, and walked away, turning to blow him a kiss goodbye.

"Later Daichi!" She called in her cute, almost childlike, voice.

"Bye!" He called to her as she smiled back, causing Daichi to let a stupid grin come over his face. His first kiss….

Upon going home, back to the Kinomiya dojo, it was dark. There was just a small touch of dark blue left in the sky as he hurried in.

"Hey Daichi my man! Where've you been!" Takao's grandfather asked as he got up from the table to get an extra plate. Takao waved him notice as he stuffed his face full of pasta and vegetables. Mr. Kinomiya handed a plate to Daichi and instructed him to dig in.

"Alright!" Daichi yelled as he seated himself and filled his plate as full as he could make it. It had been a nice day and would be followed by a nice dinner. And yet, he couldn't get his thoughts off of a certain blue haired bey blader.

MingMing sighed as she sat again by the window in her Hotel, that something that seemed to be missing was gone, and all she could think about was Daichi. He certainly wasn't the kind of guy she usually went after. But he was nice all the same and had a good heart. He also had an undying love for bey blade. She could respect that. She just wasn't quite sure how her fans would take it…

Three Weeks later…

"MingMing and I are going out." Daichi said proudly as he took the female blader's hand in his own. When he heard an unnaturally high pitched shriek. It seemed that everyone had heard it, turning to look, they found it to be poor Kenny who had fallen to the ground.

"Uhhh… You okay dude?" Takao asked as he scratched his nose, not looking terribly amused. Kenny sat sobbing by his laptop. "MingMing!" Was all he was able to say. Daichi wasn't amused either. "Uh, c'mon let's go." He said as he tugged at MingMing's arm, but she didn't budge. Instead she walked over to Kenny and extended her hand.

"Want some help up?" She offered as Kenny seemed to get stars in his eyes as he took her hand, whispering, "I'll never wash this hand again…

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