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Prologue: In Dragon city, people from different crews join to enter in street races with their dragons or other creatures that they raised. A stable boy named Yugi respects the best of them, Yami Night and his black dragon Aqua. When they meet during a dragon street race, what will little Yugi do? And who is the mastermind behind the Demon Eye crew and what does he want with Aqua?


Street Racers

Chapter 1


Yugi was in one of the stables, brushing down a water sphinx. Her ocean blue eyes were closed and purring softly as he continued to brush her. He smiled as he finished. "All done, Sea Star." Yugi said and the sphinx looked back to him, the ghost of a smile lightening her face as she was let out and she walked back over to her rider, Mako Tsunami. "Thanks, Yugi." Mako said. "No problem, Mako. I know that she always wants to look her best before her races."

He climbed up onto her riding gear once it was placed on her back. "Well, I better get going, the dragon street race will be starting soon. I hope I can see you there." Mako said as they rode off to Mid City. Yugi sighed and went into the stable that held his own dragon. Wolfe looked up when Yugi came and he walked over to him. Yugi pat the blue dragon's snout. "Oh, I wish I can go and see that street race. I've been hearing that Yami was supposed to be in it this time." Yugi murmured.

Yugi was a big fan of Yami Night and his racing abilities. He and his dragon were known to be legendary racers of Dragon City. They were able to beat many crews including surviving the Track of Doom in Old City and masters of Dragball next to Quake. His grandfather came out from their small home and saw Yugi with Wolfe. "Yugi, can you come here for a moment." His grandfather called.

He looked up and left out the pen, Wolfe following behind him obediently. "Yes Jii-chan?" Yugi asked. "Well, I know you have been working hard and since the Mid City dragon race is about to start soon, I thought about letting you go." Sugoroku said. "Really?!" Yugi exclaimed and he nodded.

He ran over and hugged him. "Thank you, Jii-chan!" Yugi said happily before he went back into Wolfe's stall and grabbed his riding gear, placing it on the dragon's back before riding off to Mid City.


Yami sat on one of the benches that sat outside the track, Aqua looking at the competition with disinterest. Different crews were all readying themselves for the race. From sprinter dragons to martial arts dragons, most never caught Aqua's attention much. He growled lowly with boredom and Yami looked to him. "Bored already, Aqua?" Yami questioned and he nodded.

"Don't worry, the race should be starting soon." He replied as he got up and pat the side of Aqua's neck. "Come on, maybe there will be something more interesting outside the racetrack." he continued as they walked out.


Yugi made it up to Mid City racetrack and he spotted his friends standing by the entrance so that means the race hasn't started yet. Wolfe walked over to them and Jou looked up. "Hey, Yugi! Glad you can make it!" Jou cheered as he jumped off Kaiser's back, him being one out of a few gold sphinxes that were still around due to their low breeding rate. "Yeah. I almost thought I wasn't going to be able to come this time." Yugi replied as Wolfe let him off his back.

"Well, at least you're here now. I just saw Yami come in a while earlier so that means you are lucky to see him today." Ryou said, the proud tamer of a white sphinx that he named Diamond. Yugi smiled again, glad that he would be able to see his favorite racer today and yet it disappointed him that he would never get to meet the racer face to face.

He heard Malik groan in anger and that would only mean one thing. "Well, well. If it isn't the little brat." A voice sneered and they turned to see Anzu, the most annoying person to ever grace Dragon City with her presence and tamer of a demolition dragon. How she was able to raise one was beyond them but she used her to mess with them a lot.

"What do you want, Anzu?" Diamond mumbled. She next to Topaz and Kaiser could speak so others could understand them, making them a rare few among aficionados interested in special breeds. There were rumors that Aqua as well as Crimson, Toben and Ruby can do the same. They were sphinxes that belonged to other top racers that were in Yami's category but not on his level but one or two below in rank.

Those racers were Marik, Seto and Bakura and his friends were fans of them as well. "Well, I came here to see Yami race, what else." Anzu said as she shoved passed them and went inside. Yugi sighed. She always claimed that she could catch Yami's attention but he really didn't pay any mind to others around him except for his friends which happened to be the other top racers.

It always made Yugi wonder if she was part of the Demon or Dragon Eye crew of Down City. The Dragon Eye crew wasn't much of a problem nowadays but the Demon Eye crew on the other hand was a mysterious crew that assembled out of nowhere. They have caused a lot of problems and the police still wasn't able to find out the person in charge.

"Well, we better head inside before the race starts." Topaz said and they nodded as they headed inside, never noticing the crimson eyes watching Yugi from afar.


Yami watched as Yugi walked inside the track with his friends. 'Now there's something you don't see every day.' he thought. "Well, I did say there might be something more interesting outside the track but I wasn't expecting this." Yami murmured. 'Very cute nonetheless.' he thought once more before he got an idea.

Aqua looked up and saw the look in his eye. "What devious idea do you have this time?" Aqua asked. "Well, as impossible as it may seem for a first look, I'm starting to like that kid. I want to know his name. After we win this race, let's meet with him." Aqua sighed and nodded as Yami climbed up onto his back and he went back inside.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the annual Mid City Dragon race! Today we have a special guest that will be racing and that's Yami Night!" The judge announced, getting a rise from the crowd on the sidelines. Aqua walked out and the cheers intensified for him and Yami. Yami waved to them all and spotted to small boy that has caught his attention from earlier. He smirked in his direction before heading over to get in line for the race.

Yugi blushed and Jou snickered. "Well Yugi, it seems you have caught his attention." Jou said smugly. "Nah, it couldn't be. He must have been smirking at someone else. I'm nothing but a stable boy." Yugi mumbled as he looked up to the light that signaled when they are to start. "You never know, Yugi. He may be interested in you compared to anyone else that isn't a racer." Diamond said as they heard the sound of the gong that started the race and they watched.


Aqua was already ahead of the other racers thanks to the helpful Lv 8 Blue Speed gear. 'This race will be over soon and I can meet the young boy with the beautiful eyes' Yami thought as he took out a disruptor mine and laid it on the field for an un-expecting racer.

"Come on Aqua. Let's finish this race." Yami said and Aqua nodded as he activates his Lv 9 Red Thruster gear and they were off just as quick as they left the starting line.


Yugi watched the race with rapt attention and when he saw Yami and Aqua passed the finish line, he cheered along with his friends. Yami smiled and Aqua walked over to where they were standing. Yugi blushed lightly when he saw him coming over, quickly trying to shy away into the back of the crowd but Kaiser kept him from doing so.

"Come on, Yugi. This is a rare opportunity for you." Kaiser whispered and Yugi, still blushing, nodded. "Well, hello there. Such a coincidence that I would find someone that looks like me." Yami murmured. "Well, I wouldn't know what to say either. I guess it really is a coincidence or something that may tell you something of the future." Yugi whispered just as soft.

"Aren't you just the shy type? Why don't we meet up later?" Yami asked and if it was possible, Yugi blushed even more. "Well, sure, that is if you don't have anything else to do. I don't want to take up your time."

"No need to worry about that. This was the only race we were going to do so we have all the time we want. Where do you live?" Yami asked, already feeling more for the boy then he would have thought possible.

"I live at the Motou Dragon stables in Sun City." He replied. "Good. I'll come to pick you up later." Yami said as he and Aqua walked off. Yugi felt like he was going to faint from happiness. He actually talked to Yami and was planning to see him later. What more could he ask for! "Way to go Yug'! I can't believe that he would ask you out!" Jou cheered as he patted his friend on his shoulder.

"Well, I don't know about that. It may be just a one-time thing but I'm happy that I will get to spend time with him today." Yugi said as he mounted on Wolfe's back along with his friends on their own mounts and left, not aware that Anzu was glaring daggers at Yugi's back. 'I can't believe him. I was supposed to make a good impression in front of Yami so I can go out with him but that squirt already beat me to it. Looks like a little demolition is in order.' Anzu thought as she climbed onto Lila's back and left.


In Down City, a turquoise haired man watched Yami's race with a wicked gleam in his dual colored eyes. 'I finally found the legendary Black Jewel Dragon. He will be mine and then I can start another war that will destroy Dragon City. This whole city will become my new empire.' The man thought as he got up from where he sat and left to conduct his plan to steal Aqua.


Zypher: Well, this is the end of Chapter one. I hope you readers will like this story.