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Street Racers

Chapter 7


After getting the bone-marks from Reepyr, Varon made his way towards Mid City. He looked around, looking for any sign of Yami, his dragon or any of his friends. When he got close to his home did he see Aqua and the others. He snuck into a nearby alley and looked into the window, hearing voices.


"Ok, so what's the plan, Yami?"

"Since Bakura is still going to be here with Ryou, we may need your help. What we're going to do is that we want you, Yugi and Malik to lead away the wraith dragons. We'll sneak inside and look around and see if we can find Dartz anywhere to make sure he isn't planning anything else. Once we learn enough, we'll meet you back outside the compound." He explained and they nodded.

He then turned to Yugi. "Yugi, does Wolfe still have the gear I gave you from the last race we've been in?" he asked and he nodded. "Alright, I'll let you keep that gear just in case something happens. I want you to be safe. As for you two, Seto and Marik will give you new gear as well."

"Alright, let's get going before it's too late." Keara said as they got up and left out, Varon keeping himself hidden in the shadows until they came past. When they were gone, he got off Nihae's back and brought out his communicator. "Master Dartz, I have found out the names of the boys you wanted to know about. I believe the boy named Ryou is the white haired boy you wanted." Varon whispered.

/If that is true, then capture him. I want him back here now./ Dartz claimed. He nodded as he cut off the connection and told Nihae to boost him up to the second floor window. Once he was there, he pried the window open and went inside.


Bakura looked up when he heard something and got up, leaving out the room and looked around. When he saw someone that surely wasn't there before, he immediately made himself known. "Who are you and what are you doing here?" Bakura demanded.

Varon looked to him. "Why should I tell you, I'm here for one reason and one reason only."

"And what is that reason?"

"Fine, you want to know so much, my boss wants the boy named Ryou back and I came here to get him. You won't stop me."

"Yes I will. He's already gone through enough and I'm not letting Dartz get him back." Bakura growled. "Trying to stick up for him huh? Well how about this. We'll race and whoever wins gets the boy." Varon suggested and he nodded. "Fine with me." He replied as he left, Varon following behind him.


Once they got to the compound, Yugi, Malik and Jou headed inside, quickly catching the attention of the wraith dragons and they went after them, leaving Yami and the others open to getting inside without the wraith dragons knowing. "Alright, let's hurry this up before Dartz finds out we're here." Keara murmured as she dismounted off of Naurcorm's back and headed over to a large window and opened it, heading inside. The others followed her while Aqua and the other beasts looked for a spot to meet with Yugi and the others.


They came up to the track and stopped at the starting line. "Remember, whoever wins gets the boy." Varon stated and Bakura nodded. "Get ready," he started as Crimson growled towards Nihae. "Set," Nihae snarled as well, not planning to fail his rider. "Go!" he cried and they bolted from the starting line. Bakura was quickly ahead but Varon wasn't far behind.

Crimson set out a disruptor mine in front of Varon but he was able to dodge in the last second before it went off, Nihae used a round of fire bullets from his fireball gear but Crimson dodged them all before using his boosters and making the distance between them farther.

"Come on, Nihae, we need to get past them and quickly before they reached the finish line." Varon hissed and the dragon nodded as he started up his own boosters and followed behind them.


Yami and the others continued to venture through the compound, glad that not many people were watching the halls which kept them safe but for how long was his concern. "So, Yami, do you have any clue where Dartz may be after your last visit here?" Keara asked. "I don't know really. Yugi, Diamond and I were only able to get so far into the compound before Dartz sent wraith dragons through here so we helped Ryou instead of searching around more." He explained.

"Well, I suggest we split up. It shouldn't be too hard to get back out if something happens and if Dartz is watching, he won't know who is with who and maybe have a better chance of finding him." Seto suggested. They nodded and they split up at the next intersection of hallways.


Back outside, Yugi, Jou and Malik met up with Aqua and the others and stayed with them just in case any wraith dragons find them so they wouldn't be outnumbered. "I really hope Yami and the others are alright in there. Dartz is unpredictable and he may capture them just to get us to come in there and after what happen to Ryou, I don't want to know what will happen to us."

'Especially me if he knows that Yami holds some feelings for me...' Yugi thought with a slight shudder. "Don't worry, Yugi, they'll get out of there unharmed. I just hoped that the blond guy you told us about when Anzu was still around was his only crony. The last thing we need is someone getting past Bakura and to him in his weakened state." Diamond replied, deciding to tag along.

"I hope so as well, when we saw him there, it seemed Dartz had something planned but he was stopped beforehand and I'm glad for that."

"Well, like I said, let's just hope nothing happens to Ryou before we get back." she murmured and they nodded as they went to find another place to stay since the wraith dragons were starting to search around for them again.


The race wasn't long and they were both neck in neck as they closed in on the finish line. Bakura was still ahead but slightly as Varon was right on Crimson's tail. "Give up, Bakura! You can't protect the boy forever! Master Dartz will find a way to get him again and there's no way you're stopping him!" Varon shouted as he got past him but just by a slim margin.

"I'm going to stay by his side for as long as I want. I'm not letting Dartz get his grimy hands on him again." Bakura said before leaning down towards Crimson's ear. "Put some more draconium energy into these boosters or else we'll lose and who knows what Dartz will plan if he gets his hands on Ryou, and possibly Diamond, again." He whispered and that caught his attention as he put more energy into the boosters just as they were reaching the finish line. Crimson made it past just before Nihae could slip past him once more.

He stopped and turned to them with a smirk. Nihae growled as Varon spat to the side. "Fine, as promised, you can still keep the boy but Master Dartz will still want him. If you don't keep a close eye on him, he may just slip right past you and I do believe he has big plans for him once he's back in his hands again." Varon muttered before Nihae ran off back to the crew hideout. Bakura growled before letting Crimson take him back to Yami's home.

'I will not let that man get his hands on Ryou again. I already felt bad after he and Diamond fell into that trap on the race track. If only I was able to veer them away from that trap, they would've never fallen in and got acquainted with Dartz. And most likely, he knows his name and he will never stop until he gets him again.' he thought with anger as they came up to the house and he dismounted off Crimson's back.

He walked inside and headed back to Ryou's room where he was sleeping peacefully. Bakura sat down in the chair he placed by the bed and ran a hand along his powder white hair lightly. 'I don't want to lose you again Ryou. Please, don't let any chance of fate make me lose you again.' he thought as he stayed by his side.


It didn't take long before Keara came past a door and heard voices. "What happened out there, Varon?!" Dartz demanded. "I was close to winning the boy for you but Bakura got away with it at the last second. He seemed really desperate to win the race for Ryou's safety." Varon explained and Keara gasped lightly. 'They're talking about Ryou. What does the madman still want with him?' she thought as she kept quiet.

"Hmm, he's very persistent about keeping Ryou out of harm's way but I know it won't last for long. After studying him, he doesn't stay with many he doesn't care about for long. He may care for the boy now but he'll slip up soon and leave him alone with no one watching him. At that point he will be mine once more and I'll make sure he is not taken away from me again." Dartz spoke.

There was a small opening and she moved to look inside quietly and was able to see Dartz and another man there with him. "Anyways, back to other matters. Since it would be a trial getting the boy in such a short passage of time, we'll get someone else to help us out a bit. Were you able to get the bone-marks from Reepyr or rather Propheci?" he asked and Varon nodded as he took out the case that held the two bone-marks.

"Good, good. Now all we need is our little victim and I think I know just who to pick."


Dartz opened the case and picked out the Blue bone mark. "Little Yugi. It seems the boy is always with Yami and if that's his weakness then pitting him against one another will surely break him." he claimed with a short chuckle and Keara backed away from the door before running, hoping to find Yami.

'I need to find him and tell him what Dartz is planning before Yugi is put into danger.' she thought as she continued to run.


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