Chapter One: A Regular Day Gone Wrong

Seto Kaiba was a great businessman. He was rich and handsome, and appreciated the value of hard work. However, when you were a worker who didn't work hard, he could get quite nasty.

"HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU THIS, YOU ASSHOLE?" Kaiba raged as his newest employee, who was thirty years older than him, cowered in fear, "YOUR MODEL IS NOT ON SCALE! DO YOU EXPECT ALL MY CUSTOMERS TO BE SUMO-WRESTLERS? YOU'RE FIRED!"

Yes, Seto Kaiba was very scary when he was angry. He usually fired an employee every week; he was cold and seemed heartless at most times. Why, the only person who could look past the coldness was his little brother Mokuba, but not even Mokuba could get Kaiba out of the office and get him to have some fun.

That night Mokuba took his limo home from the nighttime school play he'd had to watch alone and entered the Kaiba mansion, empty and lonely as it always was.

'Seto's working late again…' he thought to himself.

Mokuba sighed as he dropped his backpack next to the coat tree and collapsed onto the couch.

He turned on the TV; he flipped through the channels uninterestedly.

'FOX news…Barney…Queer Eye for a Straight Guy…Trading Spaces…Fear Factor…Tim Russert…Spongebob marathon…Days of our Lives…'

Mokuba groaned as he turned off the TV.

'I wish Seto was here…' he thought, 'I always wish Seto was here…'

It was then that someone knocked on the door.

The butler went to get it, but Mokuba slid in front of him.

"Who is it?" he called.

"It's us!" two voices said together.

Mokuba opened it to see Yugi Mutou, Joey Wheeler and Ryou Bakura standing there. (Yugi and Joey had been the ones calling.)

Yugi Mutou (with help from his other side christened "Yami") had been the only person to ever beat Kaiba in a game of Duel Monsters. He was the King of Games, but neither Yugi nor his other side let it go to their heads. In fact, Mokuba and Yugi considered each other friends, and Yugi considered Kaiba one too, although Kaiba growled at a single mention of friendship.

Joey Wheeler was Yugi's best friend; he was a duelist too, but he'd never been able to beat neither Kaiba nor Yugi. He was about third-rank in all the world, though, and was right loyal too. However, he and Kaiba had a fiery rivalry between each other; one (usually Kaiba) would tease and mock the other to get his goat (usually Joey).

Ryou Bakura was right-old mysterious. He was a friend of Yugi's, but sometimes you could question that friendship as he had an abusive, heartless Yami who could care less about anyone or anything as long he got the seven Millennium Items. Luckily, since Ryou returned to Japan after going to Britain for a week, his Yami had not made another appearance.

"What's up, guys?" Mokuba asked curiously. Usually they only met in town or something; they never came to see him.

"Did you hear the news today?" a newly-appeared Yami asked worriedly as a gust of cold nighttime wind blew his tricolored hair all in his face.

"No…" Mokuba replied hesitantly.

"There's a really, really bad tornado coming," said Joey, "The weather reporter says it's unlike anything he's ever seen, particularly here in Japan…he told everyone to get home and barricade themselves in a basement or something…"

Mokuba's eyes widened. "Seto! He doesn't know! He's still working in the top-most office of KaibaCorp!"

Mokuba shoved past them and started running.

"Mokuba!" Ryou yelled, "Mokuba, wait! It's too dangerous!"

But Mokuba didn't even look back.

Mokuba sped up the stairs of the building, barely noticing that most of the workers had already left for the day.

All of a sudden the building jerked to the side, throwing Mokuba backwards into the wall. The windows shattered and the wind gusted around him. Mokuba held onto the railing of the staircase with everything in him, climbing up those last few steps with difficulty toward Kaiba's office.

He reached for the doorknob, but his arm wasn't long enough; then his grip on the railing slipped and he felt himself being blown out the window…

But a hand grabbed his in the nick of time.

Mokuba looked up in relief as Kaiba pulled his brother out of the gust of wind and into the office before shutting the door.

"Mokuba, what are you doing here?" Kaiba demanded, looking both worried and angry as he pulled him into a corner of the room.

"I was trying to warn you," Mokuba moaned quietly.

Kaiba shook his head. "Mokuba, you should've come-"

But right then the building jerked again, slamming Kaiba headfirst into the wall and all went black.

When Kaiba slowly regained consciousness, his head was throbbing like mad.

He groaned as he opened his eyes and blinked a few times.

"Mokuba…" he whispered, before getting up, "Mokuba?"

"Here, Seto," Mokuba got up next to him.

They both got to their feet, and realized the room was on its side. Kaiba's desk was overturned, and the door was on the roof.

Mokuba looked up broodingly at the door. "Well…I don't think that's our way out…"

Kaiba brushed past Mokuba and looked at the wall that would've been his ceiling. He kicked it hard, and it fell completely into ash.

"I knew the materials for this building were weak," he said crisply, "Who ever leads the company who built this are so fired when I get back."

Kaiba then stepped out of the new passageway with Mokuba right behind him, and into the strangest place he'd ever seen.

Everything around them was shiny and colorful; it was almost as if they'd gone to a town painted with every color imaginable, with flowers, trees and brush grown inside the rainbow itself.

"Dorothy, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore," Mokuba said breathlessly.

Even Kaiba was speechless for a minute. Then he got back into character and muttered, "Where in hell's name are we?"

Sadly, even if he had started listing off every geographical site known to man, Kaiba still wouldn't have gotten his answer.