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Shane, Tori, Cam and Dustin were already sparring in Ninja Ops when Blake walked in the next morning.

"Hey," he greeted them with a smile. He looked a bit tired.

"Where's Hunter?" Cam asked, glancing at the computer warily.

"He's outside. He said he wasn't going to come in – he'd just cause trouble," Blake replied, stifling a yawn.

"You ok?" Tori asked him, concern in her blue eyes.

He smiled at her, "I'm fine, just a little tired. We had an, uh, interesting night last night."

"What do you mean?" Shane asked.

"Well, we need a new microwave for starters, then all the power went, we finally got it back, and in the middle of the night the television blew up."

"In the middle of the night? All by itself?" Cam asked with raised eyebrows.

"Hunter couldn't sleep," Blake explained. "But why he had to wake me up as well..." Blake shrugged, then winced and put a hand to his forehead.

"What is it?" Tori asked.

"Just a headache," he muttered, "I think I'll sit training out guys. My brain feels like it's going to explode."

He went and sat in a corner while the others began training. Soon they paired up and started to spar: Shane with Cam and Dustin with Tori.

Suddenly Blake stood up, causing them all to pause. His face was pale and beaded with sweat. "Uh guys," he groaned, "I really don't feel too good." He pulled his morpher off his wrist and handed it to Tori, "Look after this for me will you?"

"Sure," she said, but there was worry on her face as Blake stumbled towards the exit.

"You ok dude?" Dustin asked, going to give Blake a hand.

Blake shrank away hurriedly, "Don't touch me," he said quickly.

They all stared at him in shock as a navy light began to creep across his eyes. Realisation dawned on the team like a flash of lightening in the dark.

"Ah, that problem," Shane said.

Dustin backed away from Blake as fast as he could, "No offence dude but I got blasted quite a few times by your bro and it hurts."

"S'ok," Blake muttered in acknowledgement and managed to walk out of Ninja Ops, only bouncing off the walls a couple of times. He made his way over to where Hunter sat, looking out over the forest. He turned his crimson eyes towards his brother as Blake approached.

"You've finally got yours then," he said lightly. It wasn't a question.

Blake groaned in response and sat down next to him, "I don't know how you've put up with this for a week. You're right – it's far worse than normal. No wonder you've been so grouchy."

Hunter smiled at his brother sympathetically, "Maybe you'll get off my back next time, huh?"

"Next time? Hunter let's just get this time over with before we even think of next time. You really know how to make me feel better don't you?"

Hunter laughed, but was cut off by a rumble of thunder in the distance. "Looks like we won't have to wait long," he remarked.

"You two ok?" a voice asked from behind them.

The two brothers turned to see the three Wind Ninjas standing back at a safe distance. "We will be soon," Hunter reassured them.

Tori suddenly gasped and Dustin and Shane stared at the two of them in amazement.

"What?" Hunter snapped, slightly sick at the way they were acting around him and Blake.

"Whoa, dudes, you're glowing!" Dustin exclaimed.

It was true – both of the Bradley's had begun to give off a crimson and navy glow in the fading light. It was clear from the looks on their faces that this had never happened before.

"Oh man," the crimson one whispered.

Clouds had already gathered overhead and even as Hunter spoke another rumble of thunder rolled across the sky, louder and closer. Rain began to fall, huge drops that left mini-craters in the dry dusty earth.

"You guys should go inside," Blake suggested as the sky darkened.

The three of them didn't need telling twice. Tori hung back slightly, "Will you be alright?" she asked.

Hunter didn't answer; he knew her question was mainly aimed at Blake.

"I'll be fine," he assured his girlfriend. She nodded and ran towards the entrance to Ninja Ops. No sooner was she inside than the heavens opened.

Blake turned to his brother with a grin, "Time to ride out the storm," he said.

The three Wind Ninjas with Cam and Sensei could only wait in the artificial light of Ninja Ops as the storm played out overhead. Finally the rumbles of thunder grew more distant and the beating of the rain eased.

"Do you think Hunter and Blake are ok?" Dustin asked.

"Speak of the devils…" Shane said as the two thunder brothers made their way down into Ninja Ops. They were dripping wet and covered in mud but grinning broadly. The others were relieved to see that both brothers' eyes – and skin – had returned to normal; one baby blue and the other a deep brown.

Hunter threw himself into a chair where he sat completely drained, while the brown-eyed one grabbed Tori in a wet hug.

"Hey, get off," she said, pulling out of his muddy embrace.

"You were worried about me," he said, sounding slightly breathless.

She punched him on the arm, "Of course I was you idiot."

"So everything's ok now?" Shane asked, glancing at Hunter who hadn't said anything.

He raised his head to look at the others, "Yeah," he swallowed. "I'm really sorry, about before. I didn't mean to snap at or hurt any of you."

"We know," Shane said.

"I'm sorry I've been horrible to you all this past week," Hunter felt like he had a lot of apologising to do. He'd caused a lot of trouble.

But his sorries were cut off by Dustin, "Dude it's really ok," he said, "We understand."

"You're forgiven," Shane added, "But remind me never to spar with you when a storm's coming."

Hunter smiled in acknowledgement and his head sank onto his chest as he fell asleep.

For now all was peaceful, with only the faintest rumble of thunder in the far distance.

The storm had passed, but who knew when it would hit again…

The End