Chapter 30: Christmas Disruption

"Whoa!" Angelina and Jeremy said as they walked through the huge glass doors and into the lobby of the Silver Conference main building, one Nurse Joy ran a mini-center. Boards were all over the walls of pictures of trainers. The lobby was full of people and Pokemon.

"Um…." Angelina was nervous as looked around; she made her way toward the counter.

"Angelina, Jeremy!" called out a voice from behind, it was April running toward them with a worried look on her face. "Thank goodness I found you!"

"What's wrong?" Angelina asked.

"Well, it's your mother," April said, trying to catch her breath. "She's in labor at the Viridian City Hospital, Marcus and the Swarovskis' are up there with her. I just flew in on his Dragonite. You have to come, it's an emergency!"

"Okay, I guess there will be time later to register," Angelina seemed disappointed, but a little happy to know her new sibling is coming. "Let's go, I wanna see if I have a baby brother or sister."

Angelina sat behind Jeremy on his Pidgeot, following April to Viridian City on her boyfriend's Dragonite. The flight was three hours, they didn't arrive at the hospital until after 3 o'clock. They rushed inside and into the waiting room where Marcus was sitting with Aunt Victoria and a middle-aged man with dark blue hair and light blue eyes, whom Angelina knew was her Uncle Anthony. She rarely saw him since he worked all the way in Saffron City at the Silph Company. Amber and Marina were playing on the floor with their stuffed Poke-Dolls.

"Is my mother all right?" Angelina asked.

"Angel dear," Victoria said, worry was also etched on her face. "Clarissa has been in labor since eleven this morning, and she just started having heart problems two hours ago. Marcus and I have been shooed out of the room by the doctors…. We just have to wait and hope for the best."

"What about my father?" Angelina added. "Doesn't Giovanni know what's going on?"

Victoria was in shock, due to Angelina mentioning the man that was rarely around for Clarissa except for holiday occasions. "We tried multiple times, but-" she was interrupted by her husband.

"That bloody man doesn't care two Tauros-craps for them, Victoria," Anthony said in anger, his face redder than a Tomato berry. "Its an outrage he puts that business first instead of his own family. I'm happy his daughter stopped his schemes in Johto."

Angelina was shocked how her uncle spoke about her father, yet she knew Giovanni probably had his reasons for not being around, and was also very concerned for her mother. She sat down beside April whom was to Marcus's right, and Jeremy sat next to Angelina's right. Seconds turned to minutes, and minutes to hours, and still no signs of any doctors. Anthony was pacing, Victoria was knitting, and the younger kids (except Angelina) were sleeping. Marcus, April, and Jeremy walked into the lobby carrying six white boxes.

"Angel, you hungry?" Jeremy sat down and placed a small white box near her backpack on the floor. "It's late dinner, since we missed it five hours ago."

Angelina did not answer, her face wore anxiousness and fear. She was staring dead ahead at the wall clock. The small hand was between the eleven and twelve while the big hand was on the eleven.

"Angel?" Jeremy shook her lightly.

Angelina blinked and turned to Jeremy, her expression hadn't changed and he felt it.

"Don't worry," Jeremy took her hands, rubbing them gently. "I'm here for you. Maybe she'll be all right and-" he stopped in mid-sentence and stared at something passed Angelina's shoulder.

Everyone was silent as they looked up and saw a nurse step into the waiting room with a blotchy face. Angelina knew something was wrong, but what? Her mother was having a baby.

"It's a girl," the nurse said, and paused cautiously, during the time Angelina tried to reflect on the expression on her face that made it obvious to her she was upset.

'Maybe more good news,' Angelina thought. 'So why is she looking like someone died?'

"But, um, the mother…. she died…. during labor."

Gasps fell around the room, except for Angelina. She had never expected the death in her thoughts to be in any manner real. She was sitting there, motionless, without a thought in her mind- and the rest of the world was spinning uncontrollably around her. She couldn't think, move, or cry. The only thing she felt was an acute pain in her chest, threatening to make her burst.

"You can go in and see the baby, if you wish." The nurse left silently.

Victoria was now weeping, and Anthony rushed over to console her. Marcus had tears leaking down his face while hugging his crying girlfriend. Amber and Marina were too young to understand what was going on, and luckily they were asleep.

Angelina stood up shakily, yet she wanted to walk into her mother's room in steady determination. She cried out at the sight of her mother laying on the bed with her eyes closed and her body was still as stone. Tears glistened her hazel eyes and down her face, she just couldn't believe that her mother was dead…. and on Christmas, too.

Angelina's new baby sister was still covered in blood, a tiny creature cradled softly in a soft pink blanket. She was asleep and looked so at ease, so placatory, which is how Angelina wanted to feel. Suddenly, the clock tolled and Angelina could hear it from inside the room.

"Midnight," a voice said from the doorway, Angelina looked up and saw it was Jeremy, and even he was crying. This was the first time in the six months that she's known him to show that kind of emotion. "Merry Christmas."

"Christmas," Angelina whispered. "Mother's death…. my sister's birth." she held out her arms and embraced her best friend, which he returned. "Jeremy…. this is my December."

"D-don't say that," Jeremy scolded and rubbed her back soothingly. "Something did turn out good, you have a baby sister."

"But without a mother," Angelina wiped her tears away as Togetic landed on her shoulder, buoying her up. "I'm the only person that my sister can look up to."

"Angel, no," Jeremy said, shaking his head. "Y-you have the Swarovskis', don't forget Marcus and April too. I r-really don't think you'd forget m-me."

"Jeremy, I'd never," Angelina cried, hugging him tighter. "You care so much; more than just a good friend would show in less than a year."

"Yes," Jeremy agreed, and he kissed Angelina's forehead. "I do more than you know."

Angelina smiled lightly, though she was still clearly upset. She turned to her baby sister. "I have to name her. I don't think the nurse mentioned that the baby was named yet."

"Give her a good one," Jeremy encouraged. "For you and your mother."

Angelina thought silently, staring at the baby. She smiled, "Okay, Seitansai Bara, it means Christmas Rose in Japanese. My mother loved Christmas, even if it never snowed in the Orange Islands, and she'd always wanted her next child named similarly to Christmas. Her grandmother was named Rose, and she'd want that for a name, too. So since the Japanese name might be difficult to pronounce, I'll name her Christina Rose."

"Yeah, it's perfect." Jeremy smiled. "Your mother would like that."

After a moment of silence, the two trainers broke off from the hug and blushed. Togetic let out a string of strangely musical chirps, squeaks, chimes and echoes, a tune which made Angelina feel full and warm inside.

"Well, um…." Angelina began. "I guess it's too late to register for the Johto League."

"We could always try next year," Jeremy said. "Now's not a good time to leave the family."

"I know," Angelina agreed. "Let's go tell everyone about the baby."

Angelina's journey came to an end about nine days after Christmas. She was no longer living in the huge mansion on the outskirts of Viridian City, but now with the Swarovskis' in Pallet Town. Jeremy had to leave for Goldenrod City since he promised his grandparents to help with their Day Care Center. Life for anyone isn't perfect, everyone gets their share of disappointments. One things for sure, Angelina will be taking on more responsibility in life; not only as a Pokemon, but as a good friend and a big sister.

§The End§

*Angelina and Jeremy arrive in Silver Town for the Silver League Conference, but April shows up saying Angelina's mother's in labor and they fly to the hospital in Viridian City.
*Angelina's father, Giovanni does not make an appearance; Clarissa has been in labor since 11 am, had heart problems, and died during labor, but the baby was born on Christmas Eve.
*Anthony Swarovski, Angelina's Uncle badmouth's Giovanni for not being there.
*Angelina names her baby sister Christina Rose.
*Angelina does not participate in the Silver League Conference and parts ways with Jeremy.

Well, this is the end of Angelina's Johto journey. What do you think will happen next? Will she continue her traveling to be a Pokemon Master and meet up with Jeremy again? All questions left in your reviews will be answered, ASAP! Thanks for reading! Love, RoseMasterD87!