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Jesse was sick and tired of Ash always beating them with Pikachu. So she had decided to try a different approach at getting Pikachu from the Pokemon trainer.

It was midnight. Ash couldn't sleep and decided to take a walk. Everyone else was asleep and Ash was alone. Or so he thought. Jesse was right behind him watching from a distance.

"Ok, now's my chance." she said quietly.

Jesse slowly crept up to Ash who was sitting on a rock. When she was right behind him she wrapped her hands around his waist and pulled him into a hug. Ash who was now surprised as heck pulled back and turned around.

"Jesse? What the heck are you doing here?" Ash asked surprised to see here.

"Do I need a reason to visit my favorite twerp?" Jesse asked innocently. She winked at Ash.

"When its midnight, you have no one else with you, and you hug me, you do need a reason." Ash stated confused.

"I was just showing my affection. You are always so nice to us." Jesse said smiling as she walked closer to Ash.

"Nice? We shock you and blast you into the sky. What is nice about that?" Ash asked wondering what Jesse was planning. He continued to walk back from her advances.

Eventually Ash walked back into a tree. This was the moment Jesse was waiting for. She walked up to Ash and pushed him against the tree. Ash had no where to go.

"You must get a lot of girls Ash. You're so strong." Jesse said seductively running her finger up and down Ash's chest.

"What? Jesse why are you doing this?" Ash asked scared.

Jesse didn't stop though. She put one hand behind Ash and pulled him into her. Ash could feel Jesse's breasts against his chest as she held him there staring at him smiling. Then before another word could be said Jesse made her move. She slowly leaned in and forcefully kissed Ash.

Ash tried with all his might to break out of the kiss but couldn't. As Jesse kissed Ash she sneakily took his Pokeballs off his belt and put them into a bag she was hiding on the ground.

After a while Ash broke free. He noticed the bag with his Pokeball's lying on the ground.

"Hey! Give me back my"

Ash was cut-off by Jesse swiftly punching Ash in the stomach knocking him out cold. She caught his chin in her hand.

"Thanks for the Pokemon twerp. You aren't that bad a kisser either." Jesse added smirking. She leaned down and kissed Ash again. Then pushed him into the ground where he laid out-cold.

Jesse put on rubber gloves and grabbed the bag with Ash's Pokeball's. Now that Ash was out of the way getting Pikachu would be easy.

I know this is short and not many people probably like the pairing. I'm coming off a major writing slump and I gotta start somewhere.

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