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FINALLY! Here it is: the sequel to Beneath the Desert Sands! It's going to be AU, and will not follow the plot of Duelist Kingdom, Battle City, etc.


Tea Gardner – reincarnation of Anzu; she loves dancing and hanging with friends, and she has a crush on Yugi's darker side

Bakura – 5000-year-old spirit locked away in a necklace; now he's out for revenge on the one who killed him

Ryou Bakura – reincarnation of Bakura; shy and quiet, he has a crush on Anzu

Yami – 5000-year-old spirit locked away inside a puzzle; is trying to make up for his horrible past by apologizing to everyone he hurt and loves Ishizu

Yugi Muto – reincarnation of Yami; he's always energetic and happy

Marik Ishtar (the one with the spiky hair and creepish eyes) – reincarnation of Malik; evil gangster who finds the Millennium Rod and is then taken over by his good side

Malik – 5000-year-old spirit trapped in a rod; he takes over Marik's body, and soon he and Anzu are reacquainted; he wants revenge on the pharaoh

Seto Kaiba – reincarnation of Seth; hates Yugi

Ishizu Ishtar – reincarnation of Isis; Marik's sister

Joey Wheeler – reincarnation of Jonouchi; Tristan's best friend and has a crush on Mai

Serenity Wheeler – reincarnation of Shizuka; Joey's sister

Tristan Taylor – reincarnation of Honda; has a crush on Serenity

Mai Valentine – reincarnation of… Mai (lol)

Mokuba Kaiba – reincarnation of Mako, Seth's little brother

Miho Nozaka – a kind girl who is Tea's best friend

Shadi – legendary keeper of the Millennium Items

There may be a few more characters introduced later on in the story, but I don't want to ruin the surprise…

Summary: It's been 5000 years since the pharaoh's death in ancient Egypt. Now in modern day Japan, restless spirits have unfinished business to tend to. Yami feels horrible about his past, and he will do anything to make up for it. On the other hand, Bakura is out for revenge, seeking the one who ordered him dead. Malik finally gains control of a body and pursues to find his friend, Anzu. However, she and the others who died without Millennium Items have no recollection of the past incidents. How will the spirits ever discover each truth that awaits them individually?

Bakura x Tea centered; Yami x Ishizu and Malik x OC

also: Shadi x Mai x Joey, Serenity x Tristan

This fic is dedicated to everyone who enjoyed Beneath the Desert Sands. I hope this one is as good as the first!

Beneath the Desert Sands II

By: Chi Yagami


"You're too flat."

"What the hell? Bakura, you pervert! We're too young to think such things!"


"Every land must have a queen. In order to become Pharaoh, you must first marry."

"But Yami! I don't love you!"

"Are you still groveling over that thief?"

"Ugh, did you take a shower this morning. Phew! Anzu, you smell like rotten eggs! …Uh, I mean… Guess who…?"

"Hey! I've got an idea! If you'll help me with that girl, I'll help you escape the dumb Pharaoh-to-be!"

"These are Millennium Items, and those are eye of Ra… These items will also hold your soul after you've died, so that you can return in the next Millennia!"

"Jylie. That's a very pretty name."

"Malik, you're the best friend I've ever had, have, and will ever have. I'm going to miss you so much!"

"All three of you will be burnt at the stake."

"I say we wage war on the Pharaoh!"

"But not Bakura. He's got his fair Sun maiden."

"Well, she must have been pretty since you wanted to have sex with her!"

'That can't be… I thought I fell through the sand… Maybe I'm dreaming…'

"I'm… Anzu…"

"Seth, Malik, and I came up with a plan to get Anzu out of her marriage: I would take her place at the wedding; Seth would find some way to make it… fake; and Malik helped her escape."

"Shadi, I want you to guard the remaining Millennium Items: the Eye, the Key, and the Scale."

"Heh heh… Have you forgotten, Pharaoh? This tool will carry my soul! I'll be back! I'LL KILL YOU—"


"A sun person fell from the sun world! And it's a girl, too!"

"Yeah… But it can't be, can it? I mean, that was like four years ago or something! I don't even know if it's her… She doesn't seem to recognize me at all!"

"Hey! That's MY Millennium Ring! I stole it from Shadi!"

"Oh Anzu! It is you! It's really you!"

"Oh Bakura, I was hoping you were still alive! But…"

"Oh, Bakura, I'm sorry… but you broke my heart that day!"

"Well, mate, ye've come aboard the SS Menes, and ye're sailing with de finest cap'in dat ever lived, Cap'in K."

"You're not flat anymore."

"Anzu, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me! I would be nowhere without out. Anzu, I… I… I love you…"

"I love you, too."

"It's me, Kana! That girl you helped escape 3 years ago!"

"You mean there are other holes that lead to this place besides the one that I fell into?"

"It worked! I can feel the breeze! Ekk, and I just choked on some sand, too…"

'That was… weird. We climb out of the sky and onto the ground. Now I've seen everything.'

"Drop the girl or you're both dead."

"They've come all this way… and they don't even know what happened…"

"Anzu… they're going to… put me to death."

"I just am! I promise you, we will meet again."

"Anzu, I love you."

"I love you too, Bakura."

Ryou Bakura bolted upright in his bed, heaving with sweat. That had been some dream. What had it meant? He tried to sort it all out in his mind, but he couldn't seem to remember much. There had been a crying girl… some freak with a lot of spiky hair… and him!

"Wonder what made me think up that dream?" he asked aloud. He glanced over at his clock to see that it was five o'clock in the morning. Ryou started his first day of school in Domino today. He looked around his room at all of the boxes still waiting to be unpacked, and his eyes rested on the gold necklace lying atop the nightstand. It was a chain with a gold ring hanging off it. There was a triangle in the center of the ring, and five little diamonds dangled from the edge. An eye was carved into the middle. His dad had found it on an expedition to Egypt and had given it to him as a birthday present last week.

He sat back down on his bed, his body begging for more sleep. However, he was determined to stay awake. Ryou wanted to try to remember more about his dream, but he couldn't. He finally got up and started to get dressed.

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